Fun thumb & finger guards to help stop thumb sucking

Do you offer different sizes of Thumbsie®?

Do you offer different sizes of Thumbsie®?

Its important for your child to wear their Thumbsies® day and night if possible. They are made on 100% cotton and are comfortable to wear, they have been designed so that the child can carry on with their normal activities.  With that in mind we have 5 different sizes for you to choose from. Please use the simple measuring guide to get the best fit. We recommend 3 for each thumb that they suck so that you can always have a clean on to put on, for best results wear all day and night. Please visit our how to measure page to get the right fit.

How do I measure for a Thumbsie®?

It is important to get a good fit, Thumbsies® are made from 100% cotton and are comfortable to wear so they should not stop your child doing their normal activities. Please take care when measuring to get a good fit. They come in five different sizes. There are no left and right, a Thumbsies® thumb guard can fit either hand, make sure you order guards for each hand that they suck. Don’t forget to measure your child’s thumb to get a good fit

Do Thumbsies® come in different fabrics?

We currently have just over 30 different fabrics to choose from so we hope that you find something you like. We really enjoy searching for new fabrics and your feedback on our designs is always welcome. We have tried to select patterns that will appeal to children but are careful to make sure that the pattern is small so that it can be seen well on the Thumbsie®. We also usually choose fabrics with a dark background so they don’t show up the dirt so quickly! If you have a specific request then please email us on and we will try and help.

Does a Thumbsie® thumb guard work on fingers?

Thumbsie® makes both a thumb guard and finger guard. Finger guards are designed to fit over two fingers to help reduce finger sucking. They will fit either the middle and index fingers or the middle and ring fingers. They are available in five different sizes and in a variety of fun fabrics. Don’t forget to measure your child’s thumb to get a good fit