Fun thumb & finger guards to help stop thumb sucking


Over the past few years we have answered many queries about wearing Thumbsie® thumb and finger guards. So we thought is would make it easier if we put all the answers on our Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ).

We hope that this helps you decide if wearing a Thumbsie® is right for your thumb sucker but if you still have more questions then please emails us on and we will try to help. As previously said these are the my views, a mum of three children, not a thumb sucking expert.

Does wearing a Thumbsie® thumb guard really work?

How many fabric guards should I buy?

What is a thumb sucking glove

How does the Thumbsie® work?

How long will it take for my Thumbsie® thumb guard to work?

Do you reward success?

Do you have any thumb sucking success stories?

How long after they have stopped thumb sucking should we carry on with the Thumbsie® thumb guard?

Do Thumbsie® thumb guard help in a positive way?

What age are Thumbsie® thumb guards suitable for?

Should my child wear their Thumbsie® all day and night?

Can Thumbsie® thumb guards be washed?

Can Thumbsie® thumb guards be worn at school?

My child is worried that other children will laugh if they wear Thumbsie® thumb guard to school.

Can Thumbsie® be removed?

How can I encourage my child to wear a Thumbsie® thumb guard?

Do you offer reward charts?

Do you offer a success certificate once they have stopped thumb sucking?

Do you offer different sizes of Thumbsie® guards?

How do I measure for a Thumbsie® thumb guard?

Do Thumbsies® come in different fabrics?

Does a Thumbsie® thumb guard work on fingers?

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Do you ship Thumbsies® outside of the UK?

How many Thumbsies® should I order?

How can I pay?

Compare anti-thumb sucking devices

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