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Fun thumb & finger guards to help stop thumb sucking

Finger Sucking

Children can have many bad habits and finger sucking can be one of the habits that you are concerned about and would like your child to stop.

Many babies and children suck on their fingers during the first few years of their lives. Finger sucking can provide them a sense of security and happiness; it can be a source of a comfort to them. Some kids suck their fingers, hands, or their entire fists in addition to, or instead of their thumbs.

Finger sucking is a completely natural instinct and generally harmless for a child. According to medical experts most children will stop sucking their fingers naturally by the age of 4. However if not stopped it can cause harm to the teeth. Persistent finger sucking can cause problems, including dental issues (such as an overbite), finger infections, they can even be teased by other children.

I had found that finger and thumb sucking is quite an emotive subject amongst parents and everyone has their view. You must do what you think is right for your child. If you have been advised by your dentist or orthodontist that this habit is harming your child’s teeth then may be its time to get a Thumbsie® fabric finger guard to help them stop.

Fabric Finger Guards

I started making Thumbsie® fabric thumb guards for my daughter Isabel when she was struggling to stop thumb sucking. After a while of making fabric guards I got asked to help with finger suckers too so I adapted the design into a finger guard. The finger guards fit over two fingers, either the middle and index fingers or the middle and ring fingers. I am so glad that I did as they have helped lots of children stop the habit.

For other websites to read other people’s opinions on how to stop finger sucking, you could try reading the article on ChildrensMD.

Finger guards fit over any of the middle two fingers and come in five different sizes so make sure you measure to get the right fit.

If you need your questions answered as to whether a fabric guards work for the prevention of finger sucking you can read more on our FAQ page.