Fun thumb & finger guards to help stop thumb sucking

How can I encourage my child to wear a Thumbsie®?

How can I encourage my child to wear a Thumbsie®?

For best results, your child needs to wear their Thumbsies® day and night from the very start, regardless of when the sucking takes place. If your child is reluctant at first, try using positive parenting methods. We offer reward charts which help encourage thumb sucking children to wear their Thumbsies® throughout the day. If you continue to struggle, you can purchase a book called Charlie’s Thumb (this does use slight scare tactics but does have a positive ending).

Do you offer reward charts?

It’s very important to encourage your child to wear their Thumbsie® fabric thumb guard on a day-to-day basis. To help you make it a positive experience as possible, we offer reward charts which come in packs of 3.

Do you offer a success certificate once they have stopped thumb sucking?

As well as providing thumb and finger guards for toddlers, we do also offer a success certificate once your child as stopped sucking their thumb or fingers.  The certificate is free. Click here to collect yours.

We are happy to feature your children in a story within the website. Simply write a review of your Thumbsie and provide us with your story and some photographs.