Fun thumb & finger guards to help stop thumb sucking

Bespoke thumb guards


Bespoke thumb guards


Thumb and finger guards can be made bigger than extra large for older children or adults.

We can make our thumb guards larger so that they fit older children or an adult.

If your child doesn’t like any of the fabrics on offer and has their heart set on something (such as the cats in the photo) then we will try and buy the fabric of their choice for them, after all if your child has chosen it then you are well on your way to getting them to stop. Plain fabrics are available too in colours to suit your school. Shown here in black and red.

Please get in touch before ordering on so we can let you know if your request is possible. If you order a bespoke guard then we cannot offer a refund or exchange as they will have been made especially for you. Please make sure you take time when measuring.

When you place your order please put any special request such as size and fabric in the notes section at checkout stage.

Once we have agreed on the size and fabric please choose how many you wish to order.

Please allow a little longer for these to be made.


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