Fun thumb & finger guards to help stop thumb sucking

The Thumb Sucking Age! At what age are Thumbsies® suitable for?

We suggest that the Thumbsies® is suitable for children age 3 – 12 who want to give up and who need extra support to help them. Some children at the age of 15 have a small enough thumb to fit into our larger size so it’s worth measuring them.  We do however offer a bespoke service if you want a bigger guard or choose your own fabric. Some children need help both during the day and at night; others just wear them at bedtime.

We have even cured a 37 year old mum by making her a bespoke Thumbsie. She wanted to give up thumb sucking with her 7 year old son as it was difficult to get him to stop when she hadn’t!!

So, if your child has reached the difficult thumb sucking age, discover all you need to know in our FAQ below.

Should my child wear their Thumbsie® all day and night?

For best results we recommend that they wear their Thumbsie® all day and night from the very start. Like any habit that is difficult to break continuity is important from the start. Thumbsies® are made from 100% cotton and are comfortable to wear so they should not stop your child doing their normal activities. Please buy three guards for each thumb or finger they suck, you will probably need them and it saves on postage ordering twice.

Can Thumbsies® be washed?

Thumbsie® fabric thumb guards are made from 100% cotton so should be simple to wash by hand or in the washing machine at a low temperature. Flatten whilst damp. We suggest three guards per thumb or hand that they suck so that the child has always got a clean one to wear.

Can Thumbsies® be worn at school?

Thumbsies® are hand made from 100% cotton. Our products are designed to be comfortable to wear all day and not prohibit any activities that they may need to do at school, such as painting or writing. Bear in mind that they will get dirty so always good to have a couple of clean Thumbsies® ready for when they get out of school. It’s a good idea to tell the teachers that you are trying to get your child to stop sucking their thumb, we are sure they will be willing to help and encourage too. Thumbsies® can be removed by the child so that they can wash their hands without the help of an adult, this way they can feel independent wearing them.

My child is worried that other children will laugh if they wear Thumbsies® to school.

Try to get the teachers involved, ours were great and I have heard that lots of other schools have been very positive about Thumbsies® as they too want the children to stop sucking their thumbs. In our experience most children think they are really great and have been the envy of the class!! They have been described as ”cool” by other children.

Get your child to help choose which fabrics they would like. We have lots to choose from and that’s one of the fun bits, finding new fabrics. If we don’t have what you are looking for then let us know as we may be able to find something suitable. Be reassured by reading our success stories.

Can Thumbsies® be removed?

Thumbsies® are hand made from 100% cotton, they are fastened about the wrist with Velcro. They can be removed but this helps the child feel independent when wearing them at school and they’ll need to remove them when washing their hands. If your child has reached the thumb sucking age and you need help encouraging him/her to wear their guard, we offer reward charts to help make it a positive experience.