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Win a Thumbsie® Book on World Book Day

We are so excited that Thumbsie® has launched its very own book ‘Thumbs Up for Ted’s Thumbsie’ that we are giving 5 away to help children to give up sucking.  The book is a gentle, positive tale which tells the story of Ted who wants to give up sucking his thumb before he starts school.  With the help of his Thumbsie®, he does just that and goes on to help other children who are struggling with sucking too.

The Thumbsie® brand offers support, reward and success not only for a child who is trying to stop sucking but the whole family through the information and help on our website.  Our child centred, colourful book written by a long-time friend of Jo Bates, founder of Thumbsie®, is a wonderful addition to that family offering.

Our website includes dozens of lovely success stories from our happy customers.  In fact, it has been so successful for so many families that we wanted to spread the Thumbsie®message as widely as possible. So, we hope you will want to read story book with your child, so you can both see that stopping sucking can be achieved quickly and easily.

In celebration of World Book Day we are giving away 5 books. To enter the competition simply share, tag and like our Instagram and/or Facebook post on the competition.

Thumb sucking book to stop thumb sucking

Thumb sucking book

Facebook – @Jo.Thumbsie

Instagram – @jothumbsie

….and the winners will be picked at random. Competition ends at midnight on Thursday 14th March 2019.

Good luck!



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