Fun thumb & finger guards to help stop thumb sucking

Green Army Men Thumbsie® Thumb Guard


Green Army Men Thumbsie® Thumb Guard


How to measure


This Green Army Men Thumbsie® thumb guard reminds us of the little soldiers in Toy Story. We recommend three thumb guards for each thumb that your child sucks so why not buy this combined with our Camouflage Thumbsie® and Black Skull & Crossbones Thumbsie®.  Thumb guards fit both hands and are available in many different fabrics. This Green Army Thumbsie® is made to measure and adjustable, so make you sure you get the correct size.


Outside: Little Green Army Men on a off-white background, 100% cotton fabric.

Inside: Spotted fabric, 100% cotton.

We suggest washing by hand or in the washing machine at a low temperature.


These Thumbsies® thumb guards are available in small, medium, large and extra large. Please ensure that you take care when measuring to get the best fit.


We deliver Thumbsie® thumb guards all over the world except USA and Canada. Please select the correct shipping country on the checkout page for postage & packaging prices or see our delivery page.


We accept all major credit cards securely via WorldPay and PayPal. We apply a discount at the checkout page for purchases of more than one Thumbsie® thumb guard or finger guards.

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