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The Thumbsie® Team

The Thumbsie® team share the same vision and values helping families to find a solution to help their child to stop thumb of finger sucking in a fun, effective and pain free way.

Jo Bates

Mum of former thumb sucker and Owner Thumbsie Ltd

I am a Mum to three girls and live in Wendover, Buckinghamshire with my husband. I was juggling a London based Sales Director job with my family life before I founded Thumbsie® over seven years ago.

My youngest daughter, Isabel, was the inspiration for my business as she struggled to give up sucking her thumb. When I made a thumb guard to help her to stop sucking her thumb, I realised that I wanted to help lots of other families who were struggling with the habit; and so Thumbsie® was born.

Isabel Bates

Daughter and former thumb sucker

I'm Izzy and I'm the reason mum started the business. I used to suck my thumb and didn't know how to stop, most of the time I didn't know I was doing it. I was just 5 and stopped thumb sucking in 5 weeks, mum always says that I was her inspiration!!

I enjoy helping mum, and often package up reward charts or search the internet looking for fabrics that will appeal to children.

Rachel Edwards

Author of Thumbs up for Teds Thumbsie and blog writer

I have worked for Thumbsie® since Jo began the business and we have been friends for 25 years. I write the Thumbsie® blogs, social media posts and am the author of our children’s book ‘Thumbs up for Ted’s Thumbsie®’.

The work is really meaningful and, in some cases, is life changing and I love feeling that I am helping children. I work on a freelance basis which allows me to work flexibly and around my other commitments, and it’s fun to be part of such a successful team.

Catherine Chapman

Thumbsie® Seamstress

Sewing Thumbsies® is ideal work for me - I can fit it around my other work, as a theatre costume designer and maker, plus my busy family life. I started working for Thumbsies® around 4 years ago when my daughter was around 9 months old.

I have always loved sewing and getting to do my favourite hobby everyday for a job is fantastic. I always look forward to seeing what fun and playful fabrics I get to sew into thumb guards.

Laura Findlay

Thumbsie® Seamstress

I’ve been working for Thumbsie® for over a year now. I’ve always been quite creative and worked in fashion retail for 10 years previously in styling and window dressing

I started working for Thumbsie® when my daughter River was just 8 weeks old. It’s just been ideal to fit into our new life style as I can choose exactly when I do the sewing, I see it as a bit of me time amongst the busyness of life.

Aimee Dupree

Thumbsie® fabric cutter

I first started working with Thumbsie® whilst I was on maternity leave with my second child, nearly two years ago. It has been a great way for me to earn an income without leaving my two children. It Thumbsie® has grown so much since I started, I still really enjoy it. I work around my current job, where I am a police officer.

I enjoy doing arts and crafts in my spare time, I find it really therapeutic and this way I’m working for a family business, around my family.

Katherine Edmund

Thumbsie® Seamstress

I learnt to sew as a child with my Nan, making dolls clothes from my dad’s old work shirts, and I have felt at home sewing ever since. I have a First Class Honours Degree in Fashion Design and have opened up my own bridal shop locally. I fit Thumbsie® work around my young children and my own business.

Thumbsie® has also helped my youngest stop sucking her thumb, so I can personally vouch for how successful they are!

Victoria Dicken

Thumbsie® fabric cutter

I work as a freelance graphic designer, from home, and have two busy children. My Thumbsie® work allows me to fill in time between work projects and gives me 'thinking time’ – sometimes for my design work or simply to escape and catch up on my favourite pod casts or music, which I love!

For me working for Thumbsie® Ltd allows me to craft but with a real sense of purpose, helping to produce a fun product that can really make a difference is both important and rewarding to me.

Guy Hodgson

Web development and marketing

I have known Jo since 2001 and worked for Thumbsie® for almost a year after redeveloping the website in 2019. Alongside the website, I support and advise on digital marketing and customer engagement.

As a Dad of two, working for an organisation like Thumbsie®, which puts families at the heart of what they do is very important to me. The role is not only meaningful but also gives me the flexibility to work around my family life and other work commitments.

National Awards

We are proud to have won Innovation of the Year at the Dental Industry Awards 2019, Best Consumer Business in the Best Business Women Awards 2019 and Best Product at Family Network National Awards 2020. Read More

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Google Rating
Based on 265 reviews

Multi-award winning Thumbsie® was created from a real need when Jo Bates’s, founder Thumbsie Ltd, third daughter Isabel needed help to stop thumb sucking!

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