Fun thumb & finger guards to help stop thumb sucking

Happy Customers

Take a look at these reviews from some of our Happy Customers. Their children have successfully beaten the thumb or finger sucking habit with the use of our fabric guards!

Thanks to all the parents who submitted a Thumbsie® review with us. This is a real indication that wearing a Thumbsie® really works, allowing families to feel confident in their attempts to stop the thumb sucking habit!

A sprinkle of Unicorn magic to help stop suckingNatalie has been an absolute Superstar, her willpower and strength of character amazes me every day. BUT I know that we couldn’t have done it without our gorgeous Unicorn Thumbsie. Natalie can’t wait to tell her Dentist the good news and show her the success certificateRead Natalie’s full story.

Suzanne, mum to Natalie aged 5

Cailtin finger suckingCaitlin thought that they were very comfy; she liked the choice of material and thought the superhero one was very cool and anything which involves unicorns is always a great choice. She didn’t mind wearing them to school at all and her friends thought they were colourful and fun. She said it’s been really easy to stop! And can’t believe she did in just over 2 weeks. Read Cailtin’s full story.

Laura, mum to Caitlin aged 8

Dentist says no more thumb suckingI recommend the Thumbsie because stopping thumb sucking is a difficult task for all kids. The Thumbsie provides a fun way for the dentist/parent to help the child stop sucking. I love all the different design, there is one for everyone. Kids get so excited to choose one and when they get I, they can’t wait to get started. It works every time I recommend it! Thank you Thumbsie

Lina Kotecha from Glen Dental, Leicester

Dentist and dad recommends ThumbsieAs a parent of 2 children that developed a thumb sucking habit, I have been looking for a solution for many years. A lot of the comforting a child associates with thumb sucking is to do with texture and the Thumbsie is a perfect solution to help any child break their habit. I have recommended Thumbsies to a lot of my child patients and parents have said that they were very impressed by how quickly the habit disappeared. Thumb sucking can cause many orthodontic problems which would need correction with braces in later life. Having a solution like the Thumbsie is much better than letting a situation develop where a brace is needed.

Dr Neil Harris, dentist and dad

“I stopped sucking my thumb!” – Lewis’s success storyLewis mainly sucked his thumb at night to go to sleep, he always woke up in the morning with his thumb in his mouth. We had tried the nasty tasting nail polish, but he told us after a week he just washed it off!   When I found your Thumbsies and suggested trying them Lewis agreed straight away. He chose the camouflage ones, and he couldn’t wait to wear them. When they arrived they fitted perfectly and he wore them straight away. The first night he wore the Thumbsies he didn’t suck his thumb at all and woke up without his thumb in his mouth. Day 2 and 3 were just the same. He used them continuously for three weeks and then we tried a nights sleep without them. We couldn’t believe it but he didn’t suck his thumb and when he woke it wasn’t in his mouth. He has now not sucked his thumb for a whole month. He says his thumb doesn’t taste nice now.

So thank you for a brilliant product. It worked perfectly and if it saved major dentistry work later on then all the better.

David (son Lewis)

Maia's Thumbsie reviewWe bought a couple of Thumbsies for my daughter before Christmas out of sheer desperation.  We’d tried everything:  bribery, blackmail, wearing gloves, plasters, bitter nail varnish, cajoling, you name it. In the end, after a serious chat with our dentist, I typed “help for thumbsuckers” into google and… voilà!  The Thumbsies seemed such a simple idea, and I wasn’t sure they would work with such an addict, but the comfort and friendly-looking designs really seemed to help Maia beat the habit at a psychological as well as practical level.

Within 3 weeks the habit was well and truly gone for ever!

Kate (Maia 9 1/2 years)

Girl jumping for joy over her Thumbsie reviewShe has been wearing her Thumbsie® thumb guards for ten days now and my husband and I are blown away with how successful they have been. I never thought it could be this easy. She hasn’t sucked her thumb since putting one on, despite being a prolific thumb sucker since she was 5 weeks old – she is now 5! I am so proud of her, especially as it took me until I was 11 to stop sucking mine! The transformation has been wonderful to watch, she is much more engaged in family life and seems much happier and more up for trying new things. We have a different child!

Hannha (Illiana aged 4)

Dan Shaffer Pure Dentistry Pure Density recommend Thumbsie®My team at Pure Dentistry recommend Thumbsie®. They are fun with funky designs and kids love them. The cloth acts as a reminder. The children can get involved in the process when they choose their own designs and feel that they are in control and take ownership of their Thumbsies®. We have had a lot of successes with our patients, we have about 4 children at the moment that are using Thumbsie®. It’s a positive way to help and it’s our “go to” solutionRead the interview with this Harpenden dentist.


Dan Shaffer, Pure Dentistry, Harpenden

stopped sucking thumb in one monthElla is will be turning 5 in August, and has been a thumb sucker for as long as I can remember when tired or when going to bed to get herself off to sleep! She happily chose the panda design and was excited when the parcel arrived.  That night we put the Thumbsie on with anticipation, and to my amazement the thumb never went near her mouth all night! I cannot believe how easy this has been, and am so happy I was recommended the Thumbsie! I have now recommended it to the mums at school!


Sophie (daughter Ella 4 years old)

Holly Walker Thumbsie reviewI just wanted to write to tell you how wonderful your product is. My daughter, Holly, has sucked her thumb since the day she was born and I didn’t think we’d ever be able to stop her – until we got a thumbsie. I really think the fact that she got to choose her own design, it was pink and girlie, soft and comfortable made all the difference. I bought Holly two thumbsies in March and she was really proud to wear them  Even her friends at school, who don’t suck their thumbs, wanted one! Since mid March Holly has worn a thumbsie every day and one at night. She has slowly stopped sucking her thumb and this week she isn’t wearing it at all. We are all very proud of her but she is the most proud of herself. It has only taken 2.5 months.

Clare Clarke (Holly aged 6 )

Thanks, we are so happy with how easy this was for everyone involved.  Having had my thumb painted, as a little girl, with nasty stuff which never worked, teeth out and then braces I am mightily relieved that my daughter doesn’t have to go through all that. Complete success, thank you!!

Holly’s mum (Holly 6 years)

Reuben Stops Thumb Sucking: Thumbsie ReviewReuben has now managed to stop sucking his thumb thanks to Thumbsie thumb guards. We have both the cars and sharks designs and can’t recommend them enough, they’re comfortable and wash very well. I even mentioned them to the dentist on a follow-up visit so she could suggest them to other parents! Thanks again.


I am delighted to report that Lucy has not sucked her thumb for 3 whole weeks, and remains very sure that she is not EVER going to suck her thumb again! I am convinced that she would not have accomplished this without the Thumbsie thumb guard so thanks for your great product… No more thumb sucking habit!!!

Steph (Lucy 6 years)

We bought 3 Thumbsie thumb guards for our son, William when he was 4 years old. Will helped to choose the designs and they arrived quickly. He wore them day and night for 4 weeks with no complaints at all. It helped that the designs were so child friendly – all his friends commented how ‘cool’ they were. At the end of 4 weeks he wore them only at night for another couple of weeks and hasn’t needed them since. He doesn’t suck his thumb at all anymore.

William's Mum (William 4 years)

We had tried to tackle this a number of times and we thought we had tried every trick in the book. We were rapidly running out of ideas. A big thank you for such a simple but effective idea that really engages children who want to give up thumb sucking but find it tricky. I would (and have) recommend you to friends without hesitation.


Harry stops the thumb sucking habit: Thumbsie reviewWell, we never thought we would be writing you this email, but we are so pleased to be doing so.  Our son Harry had been a thumb-sucker for as long as we can remember.  We had tried all the usual techniques to try and get him to stop: bribery (worked temporarily but thumb-sucking started again once we had given him whatever incentive we had agreed on); foul-tasting nail polish (he developed a taste for it!) and even other thumb-guards (chewed!).  Our dentist kept telling us not to worry, but he was developing an over-bite on his front teeth, even he seemed worried (and tried to scare him off with a long and convoluted tale about how painful it was to have braces fitted!).

Fred & Heather (Harry)

My daughter Sophie has not sucked her thumb for 29 days now and says that she never wants to suck her thumb again. Our dentist told us that her thumb sucking was preventing her teeth from coming through so we had to do something. Sophie loved choosing the designs and they have lasted so well with repeated washing! The reward chart was great and we will continue until we have filled the whole chart with stickers. Loads of friends, her teacher and extended family have commented on how great they are – I wish they had been around when I was young!

Katie (Sophie 6 years)

Thank you very much! My daughter Grace 7y.. Has stop sucking her thumb… She has done it all her life … We were not very convinced by these, we just gave it a go and ….. Ha, surprise surprise it worked.  We are so grateful!! What an amazing product!!

Angela, Preston, Lancashire (Grace age 6)

My daughter Sophie has not sucked her thumb for 29 days now and says that she never wants to suck her thumb again. Our dentist told us that her thumb sucking was preventing her teeth from coming through so we had to do something.

I wish they had been around when I was young!


Katie (Sophie 6 years old)

Our Thumbsie thumb guards are a huge success; she hasn’t taken them off since they arrived. Had the odd moment where she hasn’t wanted to wear them but when reminded that wearing them earns stickers and rewards she has happily put them straight on!! Thanks for a great product!

Rachel (daughter 6 years old)

Girl stops sucking both thumbs: Thumbsie reviewJosie has managed to quit both thumbs within 6 weeks which is brilliant! We are really proud of her and she’s pretty pleased about it too and was very chuffed to receive her certificate. She still chooses to wear her Thumbsies at bedtime, even though she no longer needs them as, “They feel like they’re giving my thumbs a cuddle.”

Rachel (Daughter Josie, 5 years old)

Absolutely the winning answer! My daughter loved her Thumbsies, such fun fabrics and a good comfortable fit. She had no problem wearing them and loved showing everyone. The chart is great too, we worked out the rewards and put the stickers on each day and within 5 weeks she’s done it! No more sucking her thumb! I couldn’t recommend it enough. I will definitely be buying them for my son next!

Rachel Cleverly

Great product that helped our daughter, who is 2.5 years, stop sucking her fingers within 1-2 weeks of use (which she has been doing practically since birth). Before finding the glove, she was only still finger sucking during sleeping but that made it the hardest time to give up as not fully aware of the habit so we were out of ideas and unfortunately already seeing the change to her teeth. We were so happy to find something like this that she could help choose and feel good about the change – rather than a bad tasting liquid or other alternative. Thank you Thumbsie, we would recommend to anyone!

Leigh-Anne Bojarski

Best trick for my daughter. She kept the thumbsie on for 1 week all day , then another week nights only. After that she didn’t suck her thumb anymore. She stopped sucking the thumb for the first time in 7 years. We bought the thumbsies together with best friend , they called each other the thumbsie sisters . The reward system help too . She knew that after having the first 5 lines filled with starts she would get a Lego as a present.

Elda Breuer

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