Fun thumb & finger guards to help stop thumb sucking

Adult Thumb Sucking

Don’t worry if you are an adult still thumb sucking it seems that if you are not alone. Apparently 12% of adults are continuing with this childhood habit.

In 2011 the Daily mail reported that 10% of adults still suck their thumbs and now in March 2017 is reported 12%. So are more adults now finding comfort in their thumbs?

Its persistence, according to research, is partly due to the fact that sucking is the first reflex we learn when we are born.

This article in the Daily Mail features a lady Karen who soothes herself to sleep every night by sucking her thumb. She’s been known to let her thumb creep into her mouth whilst at her desk, whilst driving and even once in a job interview. Karen has been lucky and she hasn’t had any problems with open bite or jaw realignment. However she has noticed that her favourite thumb for sucking is shorter than the other one!!

In the Standard Digital Sunday Magazine a professional banker, Harry Oloo, in his late 30s is trying to quit the habit in vain. He says that he was embarrassed when he was trying to get to sleep and his wife saw him, but she has got used to it now. Another adult in this article is Hannah Maleche who is still sucking her thumb at the age of 18. She says that it was mostly through boredom or being tired.

Even Emma Stone, one of Hollywood’s leading ladies, with a smile that has charmed millions, admitted that she thumb sucked until the age of 11 and even after seven years of braces still finds comfort from time to time by putting her thumb in her mouth at the age of 28. Read more of her story here.

Great news however if you are an adult still sucking your thumb as Thumbsie® can now help. We are offering a bespoke design service so that you can tailor your thumb and finger guards to suit you. Just measure from the tip of the thumb to the break in the wrist and let us know what fabric you would like and then order here. Lets see if we can help you stop.

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