Fun thumb & finger guards to help stop thumb sucking

Help your child to stop thumb sucking before starting school

Is your child starting ‘big school’ for the first time this September, and if so, are you prepared? Never mind the shiny new shoes, bright book bag and colour co-ordinating hair accessories… have you stocked up on tissues, bought some good coffee and got a friend on speed dial in case you need support leaving the playground after drop-off?

Watching your tiny child wave goodbye with a sticky pink hand poking out of an oversized jumper can be a highly emotional moment.  They look far too small to be going into school, and anyway, it only seems like yesterday that they began walking, never mind learning to read in a huge alien place with lots of other enormous children marauding about (however nice the school!).

So what if being able to find their peg or remembering to eat their sandwiches is the least of their worries.  What about if they are still sucking their thumb or finger; worried about what their teacher or the older children will think of them, or worse still, say to them.

Although many children have given up sucking by the time that they start school, lots more face the additional fear of starting school with, what is perceived as a childish habit which they cannot break.  In addition to the social stigma that the habit can create, teachers also note that sucking a thumb or finger in the classroom can cause a child to ‘zone out’ or lose concentration, missing out on vital learning.

Thumsbie® is a gentle and effective solution to giving up thumb or finger sucking.  It covers the thumb or finger with a soft fabric glove to stop children putting their digit in their mouth.  Your child can choose their own fabrics which involves them in the process and gives them ownership of the solution.  Hundreds of children have given up easily and quickly – but don’t just take our word for it.

Thumbsie® also offers a colourful book to read with a child who is trying to give up sucking.  ‘Thumbs Up for Ted’s Thumbsie’has been written and designed especially for families who are struggling to give up sucking.  Ted, the hero of the book is desperate to give up sucking his thumb before his first day at big school.  The charming story tells the tale of his efforts to do just that and how he goes on to help other children who want to give up sucking too.

So if you would like your child to give up sucking as they begin school, there is still time to make a start.  Head over to our shopping page, stock up on Thumbsies®, a reward chart and our book to help your child get the gold star award for stopping sucking.