Fun thumb & finger guards to help stop thumb sucking

Scottish Dental Awards 2019

Scottish Dental Awards 2019

We are delighted that Thumbsie® has found recognition north of the border in Scotland and has been shortlisted in the Scottish Dental Awards 2019for Innovation Award. This award recognises those individuals, teams and organisations who are pushing the boundaries of the dental profession.

The Awards particularly focus on people who place their patients at the heart of everything they do and continuously inspire, innovate and lead to enhance and ultimately, to improve oral health in Scotland.  This ethos exactly reflects that of Thumbsie® which puts its customers at the centre of everything it does, offering a holistic and family-centred solution to an oftentimes stressful problem.

In being shortlisted for the Award, Thumbsie®was able demonstrate inspirational innovative thinking and outcomes that have made a real difference to patients, dentistry and oral health in Scotland, the UK or internationally.

Thumb guardsJo Bates, founder and owner of Thumbsie® said, “We are so pleased to have made a real difference to so many people who are struggling with giving up thumb or finger sucking all over the world.  It’s a brilliant added bonus to be recognised for that by such a prestigious organisation as The Scottish Dental Magazine.”

The 2019 Scottish Dental Awards Ceremony and Dinner will take in Glasgow on Friday April 26, 2019 and will be hosted by comedian Fred MacAulay.