Fun thumb & finger guards to help stop thumb sucking

Does wearing a Thumbsie® really work?

YES! We have had so many parents write and tell us that they do.

We want children to succeed. We want it to be as fun as possible for them. Thumbsie® is the only website in the UK dedicated to helping children to stop thumb and finger sucking. We don’t do anything else!

The Thumbsie® fabric thumb guard acts as a physical barrier and helps remind the child that they are about to put their thumb into their mouth. If worn constantly, over time they can help a child break the thumb sucking habit. For best result wear day and night, for hygiene reasons we suggest three guards for each thumb that they suck and offer a automatic discount at checkout.

Read more about what three dentists have to say about how thumb sucking effects the teeth and why they recommend Thumbsies®.

Success is not guaranteed and some children may take longer than others. Thumbsies® should be seen as an aid to help your child to stop sucking. It can help children at those difficult times such as in the car, in front of the television and when they are tired.

How many fabric guards should I buy?

We recommend that you child (or adult) wears their material thumb and finger guards day and night until the habit is broken. In order to always have a clean one to hand to pop on we suggest that you purchase three per thumb/hand that they suck. We apply a discount at checkout so you don’t need to remember a code.

How does the Thumbsie® work?

The Thumbsie® is comfortable to wear and is fitted around the wrist with Velcro. It can help remind a child that they are about to suck their thumb, we don’t usually find that the child wants to suck the Thumbsie®.  If worn day and night then eventually the habit will become less and the child will want to suck their thumb less.

How long will it take for my Thumbsie® to work?

As we know all children are different and therefore will take different amounts of time to stop any habit. We did hear from one parent who said that her child stopped after wearing the Thumbsie® for just one night, others have written to say that it took over 6 months. However long it takes its worth preserving with and remember whilst they are wearing at Thumbsie® they are not sucking their thumb.

Do you have any success stories?

We have helped many families who have a thumb or finger sucker. Some of the stories have been overwhelming. One family took a photograph of their daughter on holiday smiling for the first time in the photo without her thumb in her mouth. One mum wrote to say that her son had a voice – something they didn’t hear very often because he always had his thumb in his mouth. Lots of other parents have written to say it worked and thank you. See our success stories. We offer a free success certificate once they have cracked the habit!

How long after they have stopped sucking should we carry on with the Thumbsie®?

This is a tricky one, and taking the Thumbsie® away too early could result in the child regressing. As they are fun and comfortable to wear we suggest wearing them especially at night for a good period of time afterwards. Start by wearing them less during the day and then test those difficult times first such as in front of the telly or when they are tired. You know your child best, when you think they are ready then take the Thumbsie® away.

Make sure you keep the Thumbsies® in a drawer just incase you need a little top up at some time.

Do Thumbsies® help in a positive way?

The Thumbsie® is a kind and gentle way to stop your child from thumb sucking. Its fun to wear, its comfortable and won’t stop the child from doing their usual activities. It is designed to give your child independence as they can remove them themselves when they need to wash their hands unlike the fastened thumb guards or the plastic ones that are fitted to the hand. You can praise your child and reward them when they have worn the Thumbsie® for a whole day at school or on a car journey or for the first time all night. The whole family can get behind it and praise the child for a job well done. Once your child has stopped digit sucking we can send them a free personalised success certificate to display proudly on their bedroom wall.

We had tried to tackle this a number of times and we thought we had tried every trick in the book. We were rapidly running out of ideas. A big thank you for such a simple but effective idea that really engages children who want to give up thumb sucking but find it tricky. I would (and have) recommend you to friends without hesitation. Alison

I am delighted to report that Lucy has not sucked her thumb for 3 whole weeks, and remains very sure that she is not EVER going to suck her thumb again! I am convinced that she would not have accomplished this without the Thumbsie thumb guard so thanks for your great product… No more thumb sucking habit!!! Steph (Lucy 6 years)