Fun thumb & finger guards to help stop thumb sucking


Over the past few years, we have answered many queries about wearing Thumbsie® thumb and finger guards. So we thought it would make it easier if we put all the answers on our Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ).

We hope that this helps you decide if wearing a Thumbsie® is right for your digit sucker but if you still have more questions then please emails us on and we will try to help.

Does wearing a Thumbsie® really work?

YES! Thumbsie® is recommended by dentists and orthodontists all over the world and we have had so many parents write and tell us that they do.

Thumbsie® is the only UK website that is dedicated to helping children to stop thumb and finger sucking habit.

Find out more about why and how it works.

At what age are Thumbsies® suitable for?

We suggest that the Thumbsies® is suitable for children over the age of 3 who want to give up and who need extra support to help them. Some children at the age of 14 have a small enough thumb to fit into our larger size so it’s worth measuring them.  We do however offer a bespoke service if you want a bigger guard or choose your own fabric.

Does a Thumbsie® thumb guard work on fingers?

Thumbsie® makes both a thumb guard and finger guard. Finger guards are designed to fit over two fingers to help reduce finger sucking. They will fit either the middle and index fingers or the middle and ring fingers. They are available in five different sizes and in a variety of fun fabrics. Don’t forget to measure your child’s fingers to get a good fit

We also offer a bespoke service and have made guards to fit little fingers, single fingers and all four fingers.

Do Thumbsies® help in a positive way?

The Thumbsie® is a kind and gentle way to stop your child from thumb sucking. Its fun to wear, its comfortable and won’t stop the child from doing their usual activities. It is designed to give your child independence as they can remove them themselves when they need to wash their hands unlike the fastened thumb guards or the plastic ones that are fitted to the hand. You can praise your child and reward them when they have worn the Thumbsie® for a whole day at school or on a car journey or for the first time all night. The whole family can get behind it and praise the child for a job well done. Parents will need to encourage and be committed to helping stop thumb sucking. Once your child has stopped digit sucking we can send them a free personalised success certificate to display proudly on their bedroom wall.

Can Thumbsies® be removed?

Thumbsies® are handmade from 100% cotton, they are fastened about the wrist with Velcro. They can be removed but this helps the child feel independent when wearing them at school and they’ll need to remove them when washing their hands

Do you offer different sizes of Thumbsie®?

Its important for your child to wear their Thumbsies® day and night if possible. They are made of 100% cotton and are comfortable to wear; they have been designed so that the child can carry on with their normal activities.  With that in mind, we have 5 different sizes for you to choose from.

How do I measure for a Thumbsie®?

It is important to get a good fitso please take care when measuring. There are no left and right, a Thumbsies® thumb guard can fit either hand, make sure you order guards for each hand that they suck.

Do Thumbsies® come in different fabrics?

We currently have over 30 different fabrics to choose from so we hope that you find something you like. We really enjoy searching for new fabrics and your feedback on our designs is always welcome. We have tried to select patterns that will appeal to children but are careful to make sure that the pattern is small so that it can be seen well on the Thumbsie®. We also usually choose fabrics with a dark background so they don’t show up the dirt so quickly! If you would like a specific fabric we offer a bespoke service.

How can I encourage my child to wear a Thumbsie®?

For best results, your child needs to wear their Thumbsies® day and night from the very start, regardless of when the sucking takes place. If your child is reluctant at first, try using positive parenting methods. We offer reward charts which help encourage thumb sucking children to wear their Thumbsies® throughout the day. If you continue to struggle, you can purchase a book called Charlie’s Thumb (this does use slight scare tactics but does have a positive ending).

How many fabric guards should I buy?

For best results, we recommend that your child wear their material thumb and finger guards day and night until the habit is broken. In order to always have a clean one to pop on we suggest that you purchase three per thumb/hand that they suck. The price shown is per fabric guard. We apply a discount at checkout so you don’t need to remember a code.

How long will it take for my Thumbsie® to work?

As we know all children are different and therefore will take different amounts of time to stop any habit. We did hear from one parent who said that her child stopped after wearing the Thumbsie® for just one night, others have written to say that it took over 3 months. However long it takes it’s worth preserving with and remember whilst they are wearing a Thumbsie® they are not sucking their thumb. After an upset or injury children can regress so it’s worth holding on to your fabric guards even after they stop sucking, just in case.

Do you offer reward charts?

Yes, we offer reward charts. These come in a pack of three with bright, colourful stickers.

Should my child wear their Thumbsie® all day and night?

For best results, we recommend that they wear their Thumbsie® all-day and night from the very start. Like any habit that is difficult to break continuity is important from the start. Thumbsies® are made from 100% cotton and are comfortable to wear so they should not stop your child doing their normal activities. If you can please buy three guards for each thumb or finger they suck.

Can Thumbsies® be washed?

Thumbsie® fabric thumb guards are made from 100% cotton so are simple to wash by hand or in the washing machine at a low temperature. Make sure you do the velcro up to protect other clothing and the effectiveness of the velcro. Flatten whilst damp. We suggest three guards per thumb or hand that they suck so that the child has always got a clean one to wear. We also recommned replacing your thumb or finger guards every 8 weeks or so.

Can Thumbsies® be worn at school?

Our products are designed to be comfortable to wear all day and not prohibit any activities that they may need to do at school, such as painting or writing. It’s a good idea to tell the teachers that you are trying to get your child to stop sucking their thumb, we are sure they will be willing to help and encourage too. We offer Thumbsies® in most coloured gingham fabrics to match their school uniform.

My child is worried that other children will laugh if they wear Thumbsies® to school.

Try to get the teachers involved, ours were great and I have heard that lots of other schools have been very positive about Thumbsies® as they too want the children to stop sucking their thumbs. In our experience, most children think they are really great and have been the envy of the class!! They have been described as ”cool” by other children.

Do you have any success stories?

We have helped many families who have a thumb or finger sucker. Some of the stories have been overwhelming. One family took a photograph of their daughter on holiday smiling for the first time in the photo without her thumb in her mouth. One mum wrote to say that her son had a voice – something they didn’t hear very often because he always had his thumb in his mouth. Lots of other parents have written to say it worked and thank you. See our success stories. We offer a free success certificate once they have cracked the habit!

How long after they have stopped sucking should we carry on with the Thumbsie®?

This is a tricky one, and taking the Thumbsie® away too early could result in the child regressing. As they are fun and comfortable to wear we suggest wearing them, especially at night, for a good period of time afterward. Start by wearing them less during the day and then test those difficult times first such as in front of the telly or when they are tired. You know your child best, when you think they are ready then take the Thumbsie® away.

After an upset or injury children can regress so its worth holding on to your fabric guards even after they stop sucking,  just in case they need a little top up at some time.

Do you offer a success certificate once they have stopped thumb sucking?

Yes, once your child has stopped sucking their thumb or fingers we offer a success certificate.  The certificate is free. Click here to collect yours.

How many Thumbsies® should I order?

We strongly recommend that your child wears a Thumbsies® at all times. They are made of 100% cotton and can be washed at a low temperature. We recommend that you buy 3 Thumbsies® for each thumb that they suck. This way you can always have a clean one ready to put on when one is dirty. We have carefully chosen the fabric so that they are not too light and won’t show the dirt so much. We offer a discount for purchases of more than one Thumbsie®, this will be applied at the checkout page.

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit cards securely via WorldPay and PayPal. Free UK delivery on orders of over £40.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Thumbsie® fabric thumb guards are made by hand, whilst we carry a considerable amount of stock some Thumbsies® are made to order. We endeavor to get your order in the post within a couple of days of ordering. Please allow 1-5 working days for delivery from receipt of payment for your order to arrive. Please note deliveries outside the UK will take a little longer. If you need your Thumbsie(s)® in a hurry then please email us on and we might be able to get them to you sooner. Free UK delivery on orders of over £40.

Do you ship Thumbsies® outside the UK?

Thumbsies® are shipped worldwide except USA and Canada. Orders are sent first class by Royal Mail. Please note deliveries outside the UK will take a little longer.

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