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How to Measure up a Finger Guard for Kids

It’s really easy to measure up for a finger guards for kids – we even offer five different sizes. Each Thumbsie® finger guard is handmade and designed to help stop finger sucking.

Our finger guards fit over two fingers either the middle and the index finger or the middle and the ring finger.

Please use the diagram below and measure from the middle finger to the bend in the wrist as shown. Please ensure that you take care when measuring to get a good fit.

how to measure for a finger guard for kids

Our finger guards are available in five different sizes. When ordering your fabric pattern please select one of the following:

Size Inches Centimetres
Extra Small 3.3 - 3.8 8.4 - 9.7
Small 3.8 - 4.3 9.7 - 11
Medium 4.3 - 4.8 11 - 12.3
Large 4.8 - 5.3 12.3 - 13.6
Extra Large 5.3 - 5.8 13.6 - 14.9

Get your child to choose from our fun selection of fabrics. We recommend buying three for each hand they suck.

If you need the finger guard to be a little bigger then please order a bespoke finger guard.

All finger guards are secured by Velcro® around the wrist which helps make the child feel more independent but also means that no matter the size of their wrist, they should feel comfortable as they can be adjusted.

When measuring for a Thumbsie® finger guard, please bear in mind that the product will fit either hand. We recommend your child wears the guard all the time, both day and night. For this reason, we suggest that you have three for each hand that they suck. We highly recommend our Stop Finger Sucking Bundles which will save money.

How to Measure For A Finger Guard

Watch our video to easily measure for a finger guard for your child

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