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thumbsie® Blog: Finger Sucking

Keep up to date with our latest news and read our top tips to stop thumb and finger sucking

Toddler keeps putting fingers in mouth

Help, my toddler keeps putting fingers in their mouth!

Toddlers like to put their fingers in their mouths. That's a fact – and unfortunately for some children, it seems to be almost constant. While thumb sucking is a well-known issue that many parents deal with, finger sucking is less often discussed. Many parents know the feeling of turning around and seeing their toddler with their fingers in their mouth.[...]
Cailtin finger sucking

Not just for Thumbs – stop finger sucking too!

Caitlin has been sucking her fingers since she was 4 months old. Now, approaching 9, Caitlin’s dentist had begun to warn her about the hazards of continuing to suck her digits and the effect that it might have on her teeth, which were in danger of growing out of shape. Despite nagging, bribing and cajoling over a 6-month period, Caitlin’s[...]
Finger sucking problem

How to stop children from finger sucking

Finger sucking is such an emotive subject and one that I can guarantee you everyone has an opinion on whether they have a child who sucks their fingers or not, even if they are not a parent themselves they will have an opinion. I met a mum the other day that said I wouldn’t let my daughter suck her fingers, she[...]
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