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thumbsie® Blog: Thumb Sucking

Keep up to date with our latest news and read our top tips to stop thumb and finger sucking

Grey stars thumb sucking guard for children

Should I Purchase a Thumb Sucking Guard for My Child?

A Thumbsie® thumb-sucking guard is a great way to help your child stop putting thumbs in their mouth, helping ensure teeth grow properly. When a child sucks their thumb, parents can experience a range of different emotions. There can be frustration, anxiety and worry. Above all, mums and dads are often concerned about how to break their child’s habit. While there[...]
Pink Stars Unicorn Thumbsie® Thumb sucking Guard

Is a thumb sucking guard needed?

A thumb guard to stop thumb sucking can work incredibly well and help prevent long-term issues. Many parents are concerned with their child's thumb sucking. But they are unsure how to deal with this problem. One solution is a thumb sucking guard which protects a child's thumb and helps to stop this frustrating habit. Despite the proven track record of[...]
Little boy asleep on the floor whilst thumb sucking

Top ten tips to stop thumb sucking

Why do children suck their thumbs? What problems can it cause? And how can it be stopped? These are questions which many parents grapple with. While breaking the habit can be difficult, there are many different ways to stop thumb sucking. We'd like to share our top ten tips to stop thumb sucking. Why do children thumb suck? Before we[...]
What is the cause of thumb sucking?

What is the cause of thumb sucking?

What is the cause of thumb sucking? Why do children suck their thumbs? These are questions that many parents have asked themselves over the years. While every child will have a slightly different reason for thumb sucking, there are common causes we see time and time again. One of the most common causes is thumb sucking as a source of[...]
Thumb stopping kits

Thumb stopping kits

Thumb sucking can be a tricky habit to break. Unfortunately, some children find it harder to break than others, which is why thumb stopping kits are so important. Sometimes the best approach is a holistic one. Thumb guards? Absolutely! But they need to be used alongside strategies such as a reward system, positive reinforcement and communication. That is where a[...]
Does thumb sucking damage teeth?

Does thumb sucking damage teeth?

Many parents are concerned about damage to a child’s teeth from thumb sucking. Even those who have helped their children stop thumb sucking remain worried about the long-term effects on oral health. The good news is that research shows, that damage to teeth can be stopped, and even reversed, but proactive action is needed. Read on to find out three[...]
sucking your thumb

Let’s Talk About Sucking Your Thumb

Sucking your thumb is a common habit. Talking to your child about it can help them find ways of reducing and preventing thumb sucking. For many parents discussing thumb sucking with their child can be a tricky task. There are often concerns about the side effects, as well as the psychology behind it. After all, our children’s wellbeing is so[...]
Little boy asleep whilst thumb sucking

Why Do Children Suck Their Thumbs?

Why do children suck their thumbs? It's a question many parents have asked over the years. Our blog explains that thumb sucking is a natural reflex with both physiological and physical factors and offers some suggestions on how to stop. We all know that parenting is a difficult job, and it is natural to have concerns about our child's development[...]
Thumb Sucking Glove

What is a thumb sucking glove?

Do you have a child that sucks their thumb? Do they want to stop but simply can’t? Have you heard of a thumb sucking glove? There are many other solutions to stopping sucking such as, nasty tasting nail polish, wrapping plasters around thumbs, shouting, cutting the fingers off gloves to wear and other creative ways – perhaps you have tried[...]
children playing wearing Thumb sucking guards

What is a Thumb Sucking Guard?

If your child sucks their thumb or finger you might have tried lots of different ways to help them to give up.  The habit is a stubborn one, and one that can cause dental and oral problems if it persists.  The Thumbsie® thumb guard is a highly effective, gentle solution to giving up sucking….see our happy customer reviews to find[...]
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