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Thumbsie® designs its own fabrics

Thumbsie® designs its own fabrics

We have some really exciting news: we have designed our very own fabrics. How cool is that? You may or may not know, but the fabric for our most popular designs has stopped being made, and we've struggled to find a replacement from a British-based supplier. Thumbsie is an ethical company and we're not keen to ship products from overseas[...]
Jo celebrating 11 years of Thumbsie

Celebrating 11 years

This month Thumbsie® celebrates our eleventh birthday – and what a year it has been. Over the last twelve months we've won six awards and been shortlisted for a number of others. One particular highlight was winning in the Maker and Creator Entrepreneur category at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards. We also picked up a number of wins at the[...]
Thumbsie Skin Balm

Thumbsie® launches a solution for sore thumbs

We are thrilled to announce that we are launching a new sustainably sourced product to help heal sore thumbs. (and fingers and lips) especially designed for Thumbsie®. For some time, we've heard from parents who are worried about the impact of thumb sucking on skin. We especially know that parents are concerned about thumbs becoming sore and cracked and not[...]
Jo celebration 10 years of thumb sucking success

10 years of thumb sucking success

2013 was a turning point in my life – and in the lives of lots of parents of children who suck their thumbs. A decade ago, my daughter, Isabel, was struggling with a thumb sucking habit. I tried and tried to find a suitable product to help her stop. But simply nothing worked. That's when I decided to take the[...]
Give up thumb sucking for New Year

Give up thumb sucking for New Year

2023 is around the corner – can you believe it! We're sure you will come up with a few resolutions or plans for the New Year. And perhaps the most important one for your child will be to give up thumb sucking for New Year. Of course, thumb sucking can be stopped at any point, with the right help, but[...]
Nine years of helping children to stop sucking

Nine years of helping children to stop sucking

By Jo Bates, our founder Time really does fly. It seems just like yesterday that Thumbsie was started at my daughter's school gates. But, incredibly, last month Thumbsie® celebrated its ninth birthday. Thats nine years of helping children to stop sucking their thumbs and fingers. Like all products, Thumbsie® started as an idea. My daughter, Izzy, was struggling with a[...]
help bring our bees back

Buy a Thumbsie® to help bring our bees back!

Say it quietly, but it seems like spring might finally be on the way. And to celebrate, Thumbsie® are running a special offer throughout the whole month of March. For every order of two or more Thumbsie® thumb or finger guards, you will receive a pack of wildflower seed bombs which you can plant, tend and watch grow with your[...]
Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh Awards, making a difference

by Jo Bates, our founder After an incredibly tough two years, many of us are now delighted to meet-up with friends, volunteer and even learn a new skill. Of course, things have been especially difficult for children, so many of whom have had their education and social development disrupted. At Thumbsie, we are always eager to promote all aspects of[...]
Thumbsie®: doing our bit for the environment

Thumbsie®: doing our bit for the environment

Thumbsie® is a family business with a conscience. Not only are we committed to helping children stop thumb sucking, but we also want to achieve that goal in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. That's why we are proud to announce that we have changed all our packaging for 2022. As a community-minded business, we have always been keen to "do[...]
Stop sucking your thumb for the New Year

Stop sucking your thumb for the New Year

So, it’s that time of year again: the time of reflecting on what’s gone and planning for what’s to come. Many mums and dads come to us because they want their child to give up thumb sucking for the New Year. Could 2022 be the year your child finally stops sucking their thumb? With the use of a Thumbsie®, the[...]
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