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Thumbsie® launches a solution for sore thumbs

We are thrilled to announce that we are launching a new sustainably sourced product to help heal sore thumbs. (and fingers and lips) especially designed for Thumbsie®.

For some time, we’ve heard from parents who are worried about the impact of thumb sucking on skin. We especially know that parents are concerned about thumbs becoming sore and cracked and not having time to heal.

It’s not just thumb sucking, we know that skin picking, known as dermatillomania, can also damage the skin on thumbs and fingers and make them sore. Other causes of cracked or sore skin can include cold weather, hot water or sensitivity to particular ingredients in products such as soap.

That’s why we are launching our very own 100% vegan Skin Balm for little thumbs, fingers and lips made from shea butter.

This product has been created in partnership with our friend Akua Wood from Sheabutter Cottage and is designed to work in conjunction with a Thumbsie® thumb or finger guard.

Who is the product for?

One of the big side effects of thumb and finger sucking is dry, cracked and vulnerable skin. Thumbs that are repeatedly sucked can become very sore. In many cases, thumbs that become sore just need a bit of TLC. Shea butter is especially helpful for very dry, sensitive skin and those who may be prone to conditions such as eczema.

While there are many other products designed to soothe and protect skin, very few are made with the same ethical policy, which is why we are so proud of this skin balm. Sheabutter Cottage take great pride in ethically sourcing high-quality ingredients directly from farmers/producers or through community projects. They believe in ethical trading and supporting communities with a fair price being paid for all ingredients and no child labour in any part of the supply chain.

sore thumb from thumb sucking

How does it work?

The skin balm is made from natural products from traceable sources using sustainable farming bought directly by Akua Wood, a Ghanaian native and owner of Sheabutter Cottage, from farmers in Ghana. So not only should this product help soothe your child’s skin, but by buying it you will also supporting a local community.

Our skin balm is multi-use and can be used on lips as well as thumbs and fingers. It’s also unscented, so your child won’t be put off by any strong smells. No chemical additives are used ensuring that you are using wholly natural products to the benefit of your child’s skin. Our skin balm is suitable for babies and children.

Warm a small amount of skin balm into your palm and massage into the skin paying particular attention to the dry areas, two to three times a day. It’s designed for dry to very dry skin, comes in 45g portions and is 100% vegan and unscented.

If you’re not aware of Sheabutter Cottage, we definitely recommend you check out their website. We love their ethical practices and ethos. They create and sell a wide range of face and body care products, natural shampoos, natural soap and many more, all ethically and sustainably sourced. And all products are made with love – just like Thumbsie®.



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