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Give up thumb sucking for New Year

2023 is around the corner – can you believe it! We’re sure you will come up with a few resolutions or plans for the New Year.

And perhaps the most important one for your child will be to give up thumb sucking for New Year.

Of course, thumb sucking can be stopped at any point, with the right help, but it is always useful to have a milestone like New Year to help focus a child’s mind.

Here is how your child can make 2023 the year they finally break the thumb sucking habit.

Why is my child thumb sucking?

Thumb sucking is a natural reflex which starts in the womb. A child will suck their thumb for comfort and security. This is by no means a bad thing. Thumb sucking only becomes a worry if it is persistent, vigorous and continues beyond the early years of a child’s life.

If your son or daughter is still thumb sucking after the age of five, then bigger problems can occur. The most notable of these are problems with jaw alignment and various teeth-related issues: overbites or serious misalignment for example.

Once a child has associated thumb sucking with comfort, it can be difficult to stop. In moments of anxiety, such as the birth of a new sibling, a house move or a new school, the thumb sucking can increase.

It is important to remember that while it can be concerning if a child sucks their thumb, it is a habit that can be broken. At Thumbsie®, we’ve had many, many success stories.

What other problems are caused by thumb sucking?

Along with misalignment of teeth and jaw development issues, there are a number of other problems caused by thumb sucking. In some cases, a child can develop speech and language problems.

Thumb and finger sucking habit?

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They could have general hygiene problems and sore skin on both their thumb and around their mouth.

There is some evidence that thumb sucking is connected to hair twirling, which can damage the roots of a child’s hair.

And, unfortunately, we know that other children can be cruel in the school playground. It can be awful if classmates pick on a child’s thumb sucking habit.

How to stop in 2023?

You have probably tried all kinds of measures to stop your child thumb sucking. But have you tried a Thumbsie?

Thumbsies® are thumb guards designed to fit over a child’s thumb like a glove. We also have finger guards which serve the same purpose.

They are comfy – and they’re fun! We have over 40 different designs, so your child can choose their favourite. We also have a measuring guide, so there is no doubt a Thumbsie® will be the perfect fit for your child. Thumbsies® can be worn at school and at play, whether a child is running, writing, reading, doing artwork – there’s no difference.

By wearing a Thumbsie®, a child is reminded that thumbs should not be sucked, and in many cases, they stop very quickly.

Rewards help too, of course. We offer a fantastic reward chart, complete with stickers, to help parents and children agree on their goals. Perhaps a new sticker for every day or week without thumb sucking?

And we love to read so much that we’ve produced our own book: Thumbs Up for Ted’s Thumbsie. It has proved a real hit. Children love to hear about kids who have bring through similar experiences. Indeed, one customer review said:

when she received her Thumbsie bundle, her dad read her the story and she got really excited about putting them on. The reward chart made this process a lot more fun too.” 

We recommend getting three Thumbsies® to ensure your child always has one to hand. You’ll probably be needing a bag to storethem in. Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too! You can also buy all these items in one, cost-effective bundle.

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Make 2023 your child’s year

Thumbsie® is an award-winning brand and are recommended by dentists and other oral health professionals, but the best reviews we ever receive are those of our happy customers: parents and children. Some very happy parents told us this year about their daughter Scarlet:

“She has stopped just like that. Thumbsies are just like magic. I honestly didn’t think it would work after a 6 year habit but they’ve worked wonders. Thank you so very very much!”

While Evelyn’s parents said that:

“Over the last 6 weeks holiday she has completely stopped sucking her thumb and won her prize. It’s been a long road but we cannot thank your Thumbsies enough as we literally tried everything!”

At Thumbsie®, we are really excited about the New Year. Will there be challenges ahead? Yes. But with the help of a Thumbsie® we truly believe 2023 can be the year that more and more children stop thumb sucking. And we want you to be part of that.

So, do purchase a Thumbsie®. And don’t forget the rewards chart, book and cotton bag. Remember, above all, to send us photos of your child in their Thumbsie®. You can win a £25 voucher of your choice.

Why not give up thumb sucking for 2023!

Happy New Year from all of us at Thumbsie®!


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