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Success Stories

Thumb sucking success: recent success stories

The evidence is clear: Thumbsies® help children to stop thumb sucking.

We love receiving feedback from happy mums and dads, and over the last few months we’ve read thumb sucking success stories from a number of delighted parents. Do feel free to share your stories with us.

Here are some of the thumb sucking success stories we’ve received in recent months.

Protecting teeth

We all know that thumb sucking can impact tooth alignment, so using a Thumbsie® can be a really important step in avoiding future dental problems.

Aimee’s mum, Kerry, told us that her teeth had “really suffered” because of thumb sucking.

Kerry said: “our new dentist suggested a Thumbsie® and I’m so glad she did. After eight weeks Aimee no longer sucks her thumb, and we are already seeing an improvement in her teeth. Thank you so much!

Meanwhile, a customer named Lindsay noted that her son, Oliver, regularly sucked his two middle fingers when sleeping and she was worried the finger sucking was “having an effect on his front teeth.” Lindsay was amazed at how quickly the use of a Thumbsie® made a difference.

In just two weeks, he has completely stopped sucking“, she told us.

Daisy’s family were worried she would have to wear a dental brace due to her thumb sucking, but with the help of a Thumbsie® there has been a huge improvement. Daisy’s mum, Liz, said: “I’m pleased to say she is no longer a thumb sucker!

We also heard recently from Debbie who told us a dentist had warned her daughter that her teeth were being impacted by thumb sucking. Debbie was very worried, saying that “we tried everything for many years.….but nothing worked till we got the Thumbsie. My daughter loved being involved in picking the designs and within no time she stopped sucking her thumb.”

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One common theme from our thumb sucking success stories is that it can often take just a few short weeks to beat the thumb sucking habit.

Alex’s mum told us that “he wore a Thumbsie for one week and stopped sucking his thumb completely. Before that he had needed to suck in order to go to sleep.”

Liz, Daisy’s mum, said that Daisy had stopped thumb sucking within just three weeks, while Eve’s mum, Sophie was delighted at how quickly things improved.

Sophie told us: “Eve’s thumb got infected and really quite hurt her. I put a Thumbsie on to help heal her thumb and since then, just 3 weeks ago, it seems to have worked. The first two weeks she wore it all the time. The third week it was off during the day and on at night. Now approaching the fourth week, we will try no Thumbsie at all and see how she goes.

Sophie believes that the use of a Thumbsie® has finally broken Eve’s thumb sucking habit.

Before using Thumbsie, her thumb was constantly in her mouth: in school, the car, on the sofa, walking to school. Everywhere and anywhere!” Sophie told us.

We are so pleased to hear that Thumbsie® has been the answer to this long-running problem.

Free success certificate

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Thumbsies® often work really well in conjunction with a reward system.

Typically, children who suck their thumbs do so for comfort, and they may need a lot of encouragement to stop. We were delighted to hear that many mums were using rewards and treats along with our trusted Thumbsies®.

Lindsay mentioned that “a Thumbsie plus a tiny piece of chocolate after breakfast” worked a treat in encouraging her son, Oliver, to stop thumb sucking.

While Sophie, Eve’s mum, said that a sticker chart had helped to show her daughter how much progress she was making.

And thumb sucking is not the only habit that Thumbsies® can help break. One mum told us how her daughter had not only quit thumb sucking but also stopped a lifelong habit of playing with the tags of her clothes and toys, thanks to wearing a Thumbsie®.

Thumbsie® is an award-winning business, and we are so proud of the work we do. But above all, we are proudest when we hear success stories from our customers. Our founder, Jo Bates, started Thumbsie®  eight years ago by selling products at her daughter’s school gates. To be in the position now, where thousands of children have stopped thumb sucking thanks to the use of a Thumbsie®, is a true privilege and really makes us smile.

Keep sharing your stories with us, and good luck!


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