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Stop The Thumb Sucking Habit

At Thumbsie® we know that thumb sucking can be a difficult habit to break. But parents shouldn’t get too frustrated when they want to stop the thumb sucking habit. There are many, many success stories of children stopping this behaviour. We wanted to share one fantastic thumb sucking success story with you.

We recently heard from a very happy mum, who told us about her daughter, Anthea. For over four years, since she was just a few months old, Anthea had sucked her thumb. Her parents had tried many different tactics in an attempt to stop her thumb sucking. By the time Anthea had reached four and a half years old, her parents were out of ideas.

Then all changed when Anthea’s mum came across a Thumbsie® article online, and in her words, thought “let’s give this a try.” She was not disappointed. In fact, she said she would “100 per cent recommend it.”

Little girl wearing two Thumbsie thumb guards

Anthea wearing her Thumbsise®

In a wonderful testimonial, Anthea’s mum confirmed that Anthea had not sucked her thumb since trying on her first Thumbsie®.

So, why exactly did Thumbsie® work so well for Anthea? And how can you replicate this thumb sucking success?

There are two key reasons: buy in from the child and the use of all the appropriate Thumbsie® resources.

From the start of the Thumbsie® process, Anthea was excited and engaged. Best of all, her parents let her choose the pattern of her Thumbsie®. The reason we make so many different fabrics with such colourful designs is to make sure every child is catered for. Whether your child loves superheroes, animals, cars or flowers, there will be a pattern for them. If your child loves the design of their Thumbsie®, they are more likely to wear it!

The other reason for Anthea’s success was the use of all our different Thumbsie® resources. Anthea’s parents also purchased our Thumbs Up For Ted’s Thumbsie book and our funky reward chart.

Our special book, which can be purchased online tells the story of how Ted changed from an anxious chid to a happy, self-confident one, all with the help of his Dinosaur Thumbsie®. Meanwhile, our reward chart pack provides three A4 charts and over 150 stickers. This is typically used to set targets and tasks to reward your child as they progress in their habit-breaking journey. Who doesn’t like stickers!?

By using the book and reward chart together with her favourite Thumbsie® fabrics, Anthea was able to stop the thumb sucking habit. And, of course, that meant two very happy parents.

Anthea received her free success certificate too. She then decided to enter our #lovemythumbsie photo competition, and to her delight she was August’s winner. She was over the moon to be able to purchase this camera with her £25 voucher.

Little girl with her #lovemythumbise prize

Anthea with her #lovemythumbsie prize

You can read, the testimonial from Anthea’s mum below. Please do share your thumb sucking success stories with us. We love to hear them.

“My 4-and-a-half-year-old daughter has been sucking her thumb nonstop since she was 4 months! My husband and I have tried every trick to make her stop but nothing worked, and it only got worse……until one day while I was trying to find a new different method that we haven’t thought of, I stumbled upon an article that recommended Thumbsie so I thought well let’s give this a try, and I must say whoever came up with Thumbsie is simply a genius!!!! Believe it or not the last time my daughter sucked her thumb was before she put her Thumbsies on! She chose the patterns she liked and when we received them her dad read her the story and she got really excited about putting them on. The reward chart made this process a lot more fun too. She still puts them on at night just in case, but she doesn’t really need them anymore! I cannot thank you enough! I would 100% recommend it.”

Anthea’s mum

We’ve many more thumb sucking success stories to tell you about.


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