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Oral Health Foundation Approved Product

We are really excited to announce that we have received official Product Accreditation from the Oral Health Foundation.  Official accreditation from the Oral Health Foundation means that a product has been independently endorsed by experts following rigorous scrutiny and testing on each item, so people buying Thumbsies® can be confident of its quality and efficacy.

The Oral Health Foundation (OHF) is the leading independent dental health charity based in the UK which aims to improve national standards of oral health.  As Thumbsie® works alongside dentists to help to stop children thumb sucking which can create dental problems such as overbite, misaligned teeth and even a malformed palette, we are particularly pleased to have been endorsed by the Foundation.

The OHF panel welcomed this innovative product designed to tackle to the problem of damage from occlusion (the way that teeth bite together) which can be caused by thumb or finger sucking and were impressed by the evidence submitted to demonstrate the damage of occlusion associated with thumb sucking.

Fabric Thumb Guards

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Jo Bates, owner and founder of Thumbsie® said, ‘To be accredited by the Oral Health Foundation is amazing, I am absolutely thrilled to be recognised in this way by the dental profession.  We know that Thumbsie® is a great product as we have so many lovely success stories and happy customers, but to have approval from such a prestigious national oral health body will give customers assurance and confidence when buying from us.’

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Multi-award winning Thumbsie® was created from a real need when Jo Bates’s, founder Thumbsie Ltd, third daughter Isabel needed help to stop thumb sucking!

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