Fun thumb & finger guards to help stop thumb sucking

What is a thumb sucking glove?

Do you have a child that sucks their thumb? Do they want to stop but don’t know how to? Many parents have tried painting nasty tasting nail polish, wrapping plasters, shouting, cutting the fingers off gloves and other creative ways – we are sure you have tried many of these too.

Thumbsie® have created a thumb sucking glove to prevent the habit and problems with thumb sucking.

So, what is it?

Shop online to prevent thumb suckingIt’s a fabric thumb guard that is handmade and fits over the thumb like a glove for the prevention of thumb sucking in children.

The glove is secured around the wrist using Velcro®. The glove comes in 5 different sizes, it has a simple measuring guide, which helps them to fit well (they fit on either hand). The product covers the thumb and acts as a constant reminder when they put their thumb in their mouth.

What’s the alternative?

Many parents have asked their doctors and dentists how to stop thumb sucking and the usual answer is that the child will stop eventually. If that doesn’t work, they may suggest using a plastic thumb guard but these can be expensive, uncomfortable and seem like a punishment. Some orthodontists can fit a metal mouth guard that has “spikes” or prongs in the middle, just behind the front teeth, intended to cause discomfort when the thumb is inserted.

Who would suit a thumb glove?

The thumb glove is suitable for boys and girls from the age of 3 years. Kids can wear them all day as they should not restrict them playing, writing or painting – they can even wear them to school. We have found that often the teachers are grateful, as it means they are more focused on their work. When children start sucking their thumb, their concentration on the school work can wane. Its worth involving your child’s teachers if you can, so that they help you continue the good work.

What are they made of?

The thumb sucking glove or guard is soft, fun and comfortable to wear – we have been told that it is a much kinder approach. The devices are made of cotton fabric that can be easily washed. There are over 40 different fabrics to chose from, such as small animal fabrics – horse, panda, unicorns, owl, sheep – flowers, butterflies, camouflage, little army men, cars and robots there really is something for everyone. Visit our shop to stop thumb sucking to explore our product range.

When should the thumb glove be worn?

Start Shopping: Measure a thumb guard for kidsWe have found that children wearing Thumbsies®, all the time, day and night, have stopped in as little as a few days whilst others have had to persevere for longer. Children should wear the device at all times, especially the times when they would normally suck their thumb – when they are tired, bored or in a stressful situation. Many parents often thank us for creating the thumb sucking glove. So, however long it takes your child and whatever method you use, it will be worth it when they beat the habit.
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Why buy a thumb sucking glove from Thumbsie®?

Thumbsie® is dedicated to helping children to stop thumb and finger sucking. We don’t do anything else! We have designed our thumb sucking gloves with the child in mind.