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Thumb Sucking

Should I Purchase a Thumb Sucking Guard for My Child?

A Thumbsie® thumb-sucking guard is a great way to help your child stop putting thumbs in their mouth, helping ensure teeth grow properly.

When a child sucks their thumb, parents can experience a range of different emotions. There can be frustration, anxiety and worry. Above all, mums and dads are often concerned about how to break their child’s habit. While there are a number of options for stopping thumb sucking, they can be ineffective and sometimes costly. Parents want an easy to use, cost-effective and successful means of ending their child’s thumb sucking.

The NHS states that only children under twelve months should use a dummy, so this is not an option for older children. One option, although often a last resort, is to seek help from a dental professional. Some children get fixed tongue cribs which will make sucking impossible and are typically removed after a few months. Others pursue longer-term treatment to correct jaw and teeth alignment problems. Of course, encouragement and rewards are hugely effective. It is important to show your child that you are not angry with them and that you want to find a long-term solution.

So, what exactly is the solution? For many families, it’s a Thumbsie®. 

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Thumb guards

We produce a fabric thumb guard which helps to easily break the habit and tries to ensure that dental problems are avoided. In fact, our award-winning product has a proven track record of helping children stop thumb sucking for good.

A thumb sucking guard is a fabric thumb protector which fits over a child’s thumb like a glove and helps prevent thumb sucking. The guard is secured around the wrist with Velcro, comes in five different sizes, over 40 possible fabrics and has a simple measuring guide. The guard is suitable for boys and girls from three years and older and is designed to be totally unrestrictive.

Thumbsies® come in a range of fashionable, child friendly designs. So, whatever your child’s interests are, we’ll have a Thumbsie® for them. Mermaids? Cars? Rabbits? Robots? Butterflies? We have them all.

Best of all, Thumbsies® are cost-effective and have a demonstrable record of success. Not only do parents and kids love us, but we are also officially accredited by the Oral Health Foundation.

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Our thumb stopping kits, or bundles, are fun, cost-effective and can be personalised to suit each child.

The kits include three or six Thumbsies®– with fabrics and sizes chosen by your child – our “Thumbs up for Ted’s Thumbsie” book, a reward chart and a stylish cotton bag to make sure your Thumbsies® stay safe. We also offer free first-class postage, so there’s no waiting around. When you need a Thumbsie®, it’ll be there in no time.

We recommend three Thumbsies® thumb guards for each thumb your child sucks. Remember, it is important that they wear their thumb guard all the time to ensure the best possible results – day and night. No matter how active your child is or how dirty one Thumbsie® gets, you will always have a clean thumb glove to pop on.

Once your child has successfully stopped thumb sucking, we’ll also provide a free “Success Certificate.” We believe in rewarding hard work!

We also believe in making sure children love their Thumbsie®, which is why all bundles can be tailored to fit each child’s circumstances.

Finger Guards

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Finger guard for toddlers and children

Of course, digit sucking can also affect fingers. But don’t worry, Thumbsie® have that covered, too.

Our finger guards fit over two fingers, either the middle and index fingers or the middle and ring finger. As with thumb guards, these should be worn day and night. We offer a range of patterns and styles to suit the individual likes and passions of your child.

Our fabric finger guards are suitable for children aged between three and twelve and come in five different sizes, so make sure you take a look at our measuring guide before ordering to ensure you get the perfect fit.

The evidence suggests that when looking for a cost-effective, easy to use, child friendly product, Thumbsie® is the clear winner.

We have over nine years of experience in helping children stop thumb sucking, and no matter what your child’s interests we will have a thumb guard that appeals to them, if not we offer a bespoke service.

So, should you purchase a thumb guard for your child? Absolutely! And why stop at one? We typically recommend buying at least three to ensure your child can play, draw and write, safe in the knowledge that no matter how messy they get, they’ll have a replacement Thumbsie® at the ready.


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Problems with Thumb Sucking

You may be concerned if it is harmful, at what age should they stop or what could be the long-term effects if they don’t stop.

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