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thumbsie® Blog: Success Stories

Keep up to date with our latest news and read our top tips to stop thumb and finger sucking

Girl wearing her thumb sucking guard

2022: Thumbsie sucking success stories

One of the reasons we love receiving positive reviews from happy parents is that we can share them with others. Quitting thumb sucking can be tough, which makes it so lovely to have so many wonderful thumb sucking success stories. Community is important, and what could be better than the success of one child inspiring another. As we approach the New[...]
girl with her thumb sucking success certificate

Stop The Thumb Sucking Habit

At Thumbsie® we know that thumb sucking can be a difficult habit to break. But parents shouldn't get too frustrated when they want to stop the thumb sucking habit. There are many, many success stories of children stopping this behaviour. We wanted to share one fantastic thumb sucking success story with you. We recently heard from a very happy mum,[...]
Thumb sucking success: recent success stories

Thumb sucking success: recent success stories

The evidence is clear: Thumbsies® help children to stop thumb sucking. We love receiving feedback from happy mums and dads, and over the last few months we've read thumb sucking success stories from a number of delighted parents. Do feel free to share your stories with us. Here are some of the thumb sucking success stories we've received in recent[...]
stop sucking thumb

Scarlett stops sucking her thumb in weeks

‘Scarlett’s now free of thumb sucking; she managed to stop sucking her thumb in weeks! I accidentally stumbled upon a Thumbsie® and I’m delighted we did! We bought three Thumbsies® in November 2019. After only a few weeks she managed to stop sucking her thumb in the day.  The next stage, after Christmas, was night time sleep. Scarlett’s now waiting[...]

Thumbsie® transformed her smile

Daisy was born sucking her fingers and when her adult teeth came through at the age of 7, she was faced with dental intervention to correct an open bite. An open bite is formed when the front teeth don’t meet because of prolonged or vigorous thumb or finger sucking which creates a gap between the top and bottom teeth. Daisy’s mum[...]
Little girl wearing a blue flower thumb glove in bed

Connie is a Big Thumb Sucker for a Little Girl

‘Connie was a big thumb sucker until the age of 4. On her fourth birthday she stopped sucking her thumb during the day and we were so proud of her. However, she just couldn't stop her thumb sneaking back into her mouth at night when she was asleep – she had become a night time thumb sucker! We tried putting[...]
boy wearing a car thumb sucking guard

Two weeks to stop thumb sucking from birth

Oskar has been thumb sucking since birth. He normally sucked it when he was tired or going to sleep at night. I purchased a Thumbsie® as another mum recommended it to stop a child from sucking their thumb.  Our family dentist had also said that Oscar's sucking had started to affect his teeth. After a week of wearing his Thumbsie®[...]
Girl wearing a Navy unicorn Thumbsie thumb guard

Mama Mia! What a success story with Thumbsie®

We were so excited to hear about three-year-old Mia’s incredible success story that we just had to share it.  We really hope that it encourages even the most stubborn of suckers to give up, Mia has shown us how easy and painless it can be. Thumb sucking is all about habits and the Thumbsie® is a gentle and effective way[...]
Noah Evans 5 years stopped finger sucking #lovemythumbsie

New Year has brought success to so many former thumb suckers!

We have been overwhelmed (in a delighted way) by your success stories already in 2020 and just wanted to shout about your brilliant former thumb suckers so that everyone knows. We are so grateful to all those who have shared their success stories and we really hope that these brilliant children inspire yet more to stop sucking……as you all say, it[...]
Stop child thumb sucking

Thumb Shaped Teeth at 18 months!

I always thought I would be waiting until 4 or 5, but after her 3 and a half year old dental check Aurelia was really interested in stopping sucking. "My daughter, Aurelia, sucked her thumb from 10 weeks old. Even at her first dental check, at 18 months, her “thumb-shaped teeth” were pointed out to me. However, I wanted to[...]
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