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Connie is a Big Thumb Sucker for a Little Girl

‘Connie was a big thumb sucker until the age of 4. On her fourth birthday she stopped sucking her thumb during the day and we were so proud of her. However, she just couldn’t stop her thumb sneaking back into her mouth at night when she was asleep – she had become a night time thumb sucker!

We tried putting a plaster on her thumb which worked to stop her sucking her thumb for a while but then she started sucking that.  We wanted her to stop being a thumb sucker before her big teeth came through as the dentist had told us it was affecting her bite. We didn’t know what else to try and then I saw an article about Thumbsie®!

Connie loves her thumb guard and from the first night of wearing it she hasn’t been a day time thumb sucker or a night time thumb sucker. It’s a big part of our bedtime routine and she proudly took her Thumbsie® to her cousin’s house for a sleepover. We are so pleased we found the Thumbsie® and so are Connie’s teeth.’ Fran, Mum of 5 year old Connie.

It can be harder if they are a night-time thumb sucker

Many children find that they can easily give up sucking in the daytime with a Thumbsie® but many find it harder to give up at night when they are not conscious of what they are doing.  Thumb sucking is also a comforter for children who are tired and or need to suck to help them sleep.

Night-time sucker

For best results we recommend your thumb sucker wears their Thumbsie® thumb guards day and night. Buy Now

Keeping a Thumbsie® on at all times will help remind your child not to suck, so having three, one to wear, one to wash and one for night time is the most effective strategy.  Our advice is to stop sucking in the daytime and night time at the same time and although that might sound pretty tough right now, it does produce the best results.

Reduce the chances of infection

A finger sucker will help a virus get into the moist parts of the face (eyes, mouth, nose) which it needs to do to infect a person. A Thumbsie® can make giving up quick and easy, reducing the chances of infection. Buy Now

A bedtime routine is helpful for thumb suckers to stop sucking at night.  Winding down at the end of the day, having a bath, reading a story and then sticking to a set bedtime are all important factors in the routine.  Discussing this with your child helps to get them onboard with the idea and take ownership for parts of it, like choosing a story or their favourite pyjamas.  Read our tips on a bed time routine here.  Choosing which Thumbsie® to wear at night and perhaps reading our book, ‘Thumbs Up for Ted’s Thumbsie’ can help to reinforce confidence for a child that they will manage to stop sucking all night too.

Finally, don’t forget reward and recognition.  Thumbsie® is all about fun and making giving up thumb sucking easy.  Be encouraging, consistent and positive – celebrate your successes and you’ll soon be thumb sucking free!


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Stop thumb sucking

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Thumbsie® wins Innovation of the Year at the Dental Industry Awards

We are proud to have won Innovation of the Year in the National Dental Industry Awards, Best Business Women Awards for Best Consumer Business 2019 and Best Product in Family Network National Awards 2020.
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Reduce the chance of infection

Worried about your child putting their thumb or finger in their mouth and picking up infections during these worrying times. Thumbsie® can help your child to stop sucking, quickly, easily and cleanly. Buy Now
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