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Keep up to date with our latest news and read our top tips to stop thumb and finger sucking

Thumb sucking success: recent success stories

Thumb sucking success: recent success stories

The evidence is clear: Thumbsies® help children to stop thumb sucking. We love receiving feedback from happy mums and dads, and over the last few months we've read thumb sucking success stories from a number of delighted parents. Do feel free to share your stories with us. Here are some of the thumb sucking success stories we've received in recent[...]
Travel Sickness Blog

Travel sickness: How to help

2021 will be the summer of the staycation. But before you can enjoy your UK holiday, you have to get there first! After 18 months of travel restrictions, many of us will be enjoying a well-deserved summer holiday in the UK this year. Most children, however, will not have travelled long distances for some time. How should we help our[...]
Adult Thumb Sucking

Do adults suck their thumbs?

Do adults suck their thumbs? Are there any celebrity thumb suckers? These are questions we are often asked. The answer to both, is yes. A 2017 survey showed that 12 per cent of adults are thumb suckers. Other estimates are that around one in ten grownups suck their thumbs. Around two-thirds of these are women. Famous thumb suckers There are[...]
Skincare for thumb suckers

Skincare for thumb suckers: healing cracked or split thumbs

One of the most frustrating side-effects of thumb sucking is damaged skin. Here we offer our top tips on how to care for skin which may be cracked or split. Many of the most common side-effects of thumb sucking, such as teeth alignment issues, are well known. But one potential complication of thumb sucking that is less often discussed is[...]
hair twirling

How a Thumbsie® helped one girl stop hair twirling

At Thumbsie® we love receiving your feedback and hearing about how our products have helped children stop thumb sucking. But recently, we received a lovely bit of extra feedback – and we just had to share it with you. Many young children can develop issues with hair twirling – and one happy customer has reported that a Thumbsie® helped her[...]

The results are in….and Thumbsie® won!

We are delighted that Thumbsie® has won silver at this year's MadeForMums awards. Our award, which came in the Innovation of the Year category, was announced this morning and we couldn't be happier. The best thing about these MadeForMums Awards is that all products are tested by children and parents themselves – meaning this is a big seal of approval from[...]
sucking your thumb

Let’s Talk About Sucking Your Thumb

Sucking your thumb is a common habit. Talking to your child about it can help them find ways of reducing and preventing thumb sucking. For many parents discussing thumb sucking with their child can be a tricky task. There are often concerns about the side effects, as well as the psychology behind it. After all, our children’s wellbeing is so[...]
how to measure a thumb guard for kids

How to choose the correct thumb guard for your child

Choosing the correct Thumbsie® can be difficult. Our "how to" guide will help you make the perfect thumb guard choice. At Thumbsie®, we are proud to provide a wide range of thumb guard choices in different sizes and materials. While choice can be a great thing, we know it can also be overwhelming! So, how to choose the perfect thumb[...]
silver Winner BBWA copy

Thumbsie® wins Double Silver at the Best Business Women Awards

We've won two awards – and it feels great! All of us at Thumbsie® are delighted to have won Silver at this year's Best Business Women Awards in two categories. At an exciting – and virtual – award ceremony on Friday 19th March, we were proud to receive awards in two categories: Made in the UK and Best Overall Business.[...]
Problems with thumb sucking

How To Look After Your Teeth During Lockdown

One of the key challenges facing children during lockdown has been how to take care of their teeth while many dentists have been closed. It's been a tough year for all of us in different ways. And although there are green shoots of hope springing up with positive news about children returning to school, many people are still struggling to[...]
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