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Jo Bates Thumbsie on BBC Radio Three counties

Thumbsie® thumb guards on the radio

On Saturday 27th May 2017 Nana Akua, presenter of the Saturday afternoon show on BBC Three Counties Radio, posted on the St Albans Business Facebook page “ I am looking for people to interview on my BBC Three Counties Radio show. Are you a local business that has been created out of adversity?” A kind lady of St Albans suggested[...]
children bad habits

Its not just thumb sucking that can be a bad habit

You’re not alone if you find your children's bad habits and behaviors worrying and somewhat annoying. It seems there are many that our children can choose from! When you decide you want to change an unwanted behavior or habit, it best to try and understand why your child is doing it in the first place. Often children's bad habits are just[...]
Thumb Sucking And Nail Biting

So thumb sucking and nail biting is OK!

According to the recent press, experts have revealed that thumb sucking and nail biting in young children may mean that they are less likely to develop allergies later in childhood, according to a new study that spanned three decades. It's a dilemma that I once faced and is faced by millions of parents worldwide – how do you stop your[...]
Stop thumb sucking

Nothing else worked to help her stop thumb sucking!

It was coming up for Aurora’s 5th birthday and we really wanted to help her stop sucking her thumb. We had tried in the past to get her to stop sucking including different types of nail polish, nagging and even bribery – nothing else worked! She had been sucking her thumb since she stopped breastfeeding at 9 months and at[...]
How clean are your child's thumbs?

How clean are your child’s thumbs?

I was watching Operation Ouch (as you do!) with the lovely twins Dr Chris and Dr Xand when they were discussing the importance of hand washing. They explained that most people don’t wash their hands properly and that when they do they neglect their thumbs. This means that the thumb carriers lots of bacteria. Which made me worry even more[...]
stopped sucking thumb in one month

Ella stopped sucking her thumb in just one month!

Ella is will be turning 5 in August, and has been a thumb sucker for as long as I can remember when tired or when going to bed to get herself off to sleep! She happily chose the Panda design thumb guard and was excited when the parcel arrived.  That night we put the Thumbsie on with anticipation, and to[...]
girl stopped sucking both thumbs

Josie stopped sucking both thumbs!

Josie's mum Rachel dropped me a line to explain how her daughter had given up sucking both her thumbs in just 6 weeks and how delighted she was that she had found Thumbsie® on the internet when looking for a solution. In Josie's situation, being a thumb sucking day and night we would recommend 3 Thumbsies® for both thumbs. We have some great[...]
“I stopped sucking my thumb!” – Lewis’s success story

“I stopped sucking my thumb!” – Lewis’s success story

Here's a lovely success story about a little boy named Lewis who stopped sucking with the help of a Thumbsie® thumb guard. His dad, David tells us his story. Lewis mainly sucked his thumb at night to go to sleep, he always woke up in the morning with his thumb in his mouth. We had tried the nasty tasting nail polish,[...]
Crying child - is thumb or dummy better for pacifying?

Thumb or Dummy – Which is Better?

Everyone, whether they have children or not probably has an opinion on thumb sucking. Many people have their own views whether they have experienced it with their own child or not. But thumb or dummy  - which is better? Once they have started sucking on a dummy how can you stop your toddler from popping their thumb in their mouth[...]
Union Jack thumb guard to stop thumb sucking

Oliver Gives up Thumb Sucking!

"Hi Jo In September we bought 3 Thumbsie® thumb guards in an attempt to stop my 5 yr old sons thumb sucking habit. He loved the designs, Union Jack Thumbsie® and  Football Thumbsie®, which he chose himself. We put the Thumbsie® on straight away (23 Sept) day and night and thanks to the trendy designs he was happy to wear them for school[...]
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