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Thumbsie®Launched First Thumb Sucking Dental Clinic in Harpenden

Thirty-seven children arrived at Pure Dentistry, Harpenden in July for the first Thumbsie® Thumb Sucking Clinic.  The clinic run in partnership between Thumbsie® and Pure Dentistry, welcomed children between 3 and 10 years of age, all desperate to give up sucking and determined to find a solution.

The families arrived for a morning session, where parents were able to discuss their problems and share experiences both with professionals and within the group, whilst their children had fun as well as learning more about their stubborn habit.

The sucking habit can create dental problems, such as overbite, protruding teeth and speech problems.  Thumbsie®is working in partnership with dentists to stop this happening by helping children to give up sucking before adult teeth grow in.

“Prolonged and vigorous thumb sucking can create problems with the mouth shape and how the teeth are formed.  We are delighted to work with Thumbsie® to try to help children to stop sucking and prevent expensive and uncomfortable dental intervention at a later stage.”

Dr Dan Shaffer, Pure Dentistry

Recommended by Dentists worldwide

“I love the Thumbsie® – it works every time I recommend it! The Thumbsie® provides a fun way for a dentist or parent to help the child stop sucking because after all, it’s a hard habit to kick." Dr. Kotecha of Glen Dental Buy Now

The clinic ran in 3 sessions; a chat with Dr Dan about caring for teeth, a discussion with Jo Bates from Thumbsie®about the stubborn sucking habit and then activities and games just for the children including face painting and word searches.  Whilst the children played, parents continued their discussion on the different methods to stop sucking, if sucking is hereditary, the benefits of thumb sucking for comfort and the damage it can cause to the teeth.

“It was great to do something constructive to help families who are finding it hard to give up thumb sucking.  The session was a really positive opportunity for people to share problems and look at solutions.”

Dr Dan Shaffer

“It was fantastic to be able to talk to the group and share my 5 years’ experience.  They were so pleased to understand that they are not alone in their quest and to get support from one another. I’m already looking forward to our next clinic and helping lots more families.”

Jo Bates, Thumbsie® founder and owner

Feedback from parents had been very positive who made the following comments:

“My daughter seemed enthusiastic and happy to meet fellow thumb suckers!”

“I think Sam realised he wasn’t alone. He wants to come back too”

“It definitely created the conversation and for my son he’s realised when he does it”

“I liked the Dentist/Thumbsie®mix, it wasn’t pressured at all, we didn’t feel obliged to use the dentist and we didn’t feel required to buy a Thumbsie®.  We liked that. I have just bought some though!”

“It was useful to hear other parents and children talk about thumb sucking too.”

All the children left with a balloon and goody bag and some positive ways to give up sucking.


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