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Thanks to all the parents who submitted a Thumbsie® review on Google. This is a real indication that wearing a Thumbsie® really works, allowing families to feel confident in their attempts to stop the finger or thumb sucking habit!

Thumbsieu00ae thumb glove
Based on 389 reviews
Libby Bess
09:57 16 Jun 22
Bought for myself as an adult who struggles with biting my fingers, thumbs in particular.Really finding these useful so far. They aren't uncomfortable to wear for long periods and they stop me from unconsciously biting my thumbs. I work from home and just wear them through the working day.Had for a month now and holding up well so they seem very durable as well. Would recommend as an aid for others with similar habits
Anne Marie Andreu
20:19 11 Jun 22
Miracle workers! My little girl is 9 and could not break her thumb sucking habit, despite my best efforts. She chose the designs of her 3 thumbsies, which is a fab idea as it got her involved from the get go. It took a week for the habit to break! I was shocked it took such a short time. She still wears a thumbsie when she's really tired and she knows she might suck her thumb without thinking. I highly recommend thumbsies. Thank you xxxx
Madeleine Sheen Slings
10:02 10 Jun 22
Great choice of patterns, my daughter enjoyed picking and i feel that been key to her actually wearing them and so far so good, definitely seems to be helping break the habit.
Trilby Fox-Rumley
19:55 09 Jun 22
I bought these for my 6.5 year old son. He was really excited when i showed him all the different designs, and he got to pick one that really appealed to him. He wore them every night for a month, after which all urges to suck his thumb (even instinctively when he's sleeping) seem to have gone, as he's now been without them for 2 weeks, and hasn't gone back to thumb sucking. We also used a reward chart alongside it, which worked really well for us. I would highly recommend this product!
Taz Gal
19:30 09 Jun 22
Thumbsie worked after 2 days. My 5 year old had sucked her thumb since a baby and a dentist said the pressure on her mouth was changing the shape of her teeth and jawline.The habit was so entrenched but I think the Thumbsie gave her the confidence to stop and she hasn't gone back to it. I thought it was going to be a big battle but it was easy. I would def. recommend this way of tackling it -quick and simple.
Kelly Gilbert
17:29 09 Jun 22
My daughter chose her own Thumbsie and loves it, wears it every single night without being reminded! We left the first one in a restaurant, so had to order a second. Definitely recommend ordering more than one!
Paula Granger
16:21 09 Jun 22
My daughter was desperate to stop sucking her thumb and after finding these online, they have have been the only thing successful in stopping her!She loved the fact she could choose her design!!They are brilliant!
Emma Jones
14:02 09 Jun 22
I'm so pleased I found this product. My daughter is 6 years old and has sucked her thumb since she was a baby. A recent visit to the dentist highlighted the effects of her thumb sucking on her teeth and jaw. My daughter found it relatively easy to stop sucking her thumb during the day but she was really struggling to fall asleep and she would suck her thumb without realising during the night. I searched the Internet and came across this website and read all of the positive reviews. I showed my daughter and she selected a fabric. It arrived really quickly and I got her a reward chart which she is so proud of. We've never looked back. From day 1 of wearing her thumb guard at night, it's done the trick and she hasnt sucked her thumb for over 40 days now. I would highly recommend the Thumbsie thumb guard. Thank you for producing such a fabulous product for children and making the challenge of stopping thumb sucking a lot easier.
Rafael Solórzano
13:34 09 Jun 22
The thumb guards really helped our 2yo son to stop sucking his thumb at night. And without using it during the day the habit started transferring to daytime also, so we are really happy we found Thumbsie.
Andi Beer
13:28 09 Jun 22
Truly and excellent product. I bought the Thumbsie for my son, who has a bad habit of picking the skin on his thumbs! It worked like a dream and his habit was soon broken. Thank you Thumbsie!!!
Jonny Price
14:47 20 May 22
Great products and service, my son chose the design which helped him be a part of it and he stopped within 2 weeks. Would recommend to any others with the same issue.
Louise Marley
18:13 19 May 22
Great product and within 2 weeks of wearing the thumb guard my daughter (age 3) pretty much stopped sucking her thumb. Associated with thumb sucking was hair twiddling, that’s stopped too!! 2 months on now and no regression and just likes to wear it at night but I don’t think it is needed. Sizing guide was spot on. Thank you
Dana Leibler
13:23 17 May 22
I'm so happy to have found this product. It's clear that a lot of thought went into the development and manufacturing.The size chart advice is spot on.My son's dentist (who obviously wants him to stop sucking) was so impressed by the product, she asked for the link.
Louise Bates
11:01 17 May 22
Working well to stop thumb sucking. Useful to have so many designs to tempt them with!
Elena Badcock
00:44 17 May 22
We are now using our Thumbsie's a second time around! We bought them to help our first daughter stop sucking her thumb when she was around 4 years of age, and have just bought some more to help our 3 year old daughter stop sucking her thumb. Both girls have loved the designs and getting involved in choosing the fabrics they like. I have found that using the Thumbsie's in combination with a reward chart has been a winning combination for us.
James Bavington
21:35 16 May 22
Worked a treat, I only bought one and combined with a bribe of a hamster; my five year old daughter broke her habit in 2 week.One week of wearing the thumbsie then taking it off to go to sleep then one week of wearing it through the night - earning 7 stars to a hamster.Combined with a good strategy, and letting your child pick their fave design - highly effective!
Emma Thompson
19:48 16 May 22
Our son has suckled his thumbs from a very young age. Now nearly 4 we wanted to tackle this before school and our son had told us about a friend from nusery who was using Thumbsies. Our son was so excited and wanted to try them we jumped on it, even though they were not the cheapest option. We got our son to look at and pick which designs he liked and as he sucks both thumbs brought the bundle pack of 6. He wore them non stop for the first week and has made such great progress in such a short space of time and has completely stopped sucking his thumbs.Great product and would highly recommend, certainly seeing other children with them helped our little one and also made what I thought would be a very stressful and difficult transition easy. Thank you
Charlotte Atkinson
19:09 16 May 22
Really great product, definitely helping reduce the thumb sucking.
Lisa Henson
19:04 16 May 22
We bought the thumbsie after our attempts at discouraging thumb sucking had been unsuccessful- within a couple of weeks of wearing at night our daughter’s thumb almost completely healed up from being very sore and calloused. Only need to put it on occasionally now as a reminder. I love that it’s safe to wear at night and our daughter loved picking out her favourite design. Thanks thumbsie!
Claire Paphitis
18:03 16 May 22
I was dreading the trip to the dentist with my daughter, knowing we were going to be told again that her thumb sucking habit was causing issues with her teeth. I found Thumbsie online and thought it was worth a try…. It took just one night of wearing it and she stopped!!! Like magic!! We continued to put on every evening for about a month- but whenever I went to check on her - she was always sound asleep and without thumb in mouth! The bright colours and sticker chart meant my daughter was equally as excited to use the Thumbsie and she didn’t complain once. Thank you for this brilliant product and making quitting the habit so easy for my daughter!! Highly recommended!
Rebecca Mackinnon
19:17 03 May 22
The only thing to work! I tried Thumbsie after my dentist warned my 10 year old daughter’s teeth were protruding due to her nighttime thumb sucking habit. Thumbsie stopped this immediately after trying plasters, gloves and nail paint for years to no avail! I also bought one for her 4 year old sister who loved wearing it as it was so pretty and comfortable - another success before her adult teeth were affected. If only I had found Thumbsie sooner for her sister!!
17:37 02 May 22
We are delighted with how fast Thumbsie worked with our 9-year old daughter, Julia. Julia had been sucking her thumb since she was 2 years old and we tried anything to help her stop, but with no result. We came across Thumbsie by chance whilst surfing the internet for a solution. Julia read all the stories of other children and decided to go for it. Three weeks later she had completely stopped sucking her thumb! We would definitely recommend Thumbsie to other parents. Thank you so much. Fran
Heather Moir
11:29 29 Apr 22
We love thumbsie! Not only was delivery fast and free, but the products are incredible! So many cute and funky designs which made thr whole process even more fun!Having an almost 6 year old who has sucked her thumb since birth, I thought I would never break the habit, but 2 weeks of wearing the thumbsie, she hasn't sucked her thumb even once!Thank you so much!
Aimee Kerley
14:58 19 Apr 22
My daughter has been wearing her Thumbsie’s for just over a week and I am amazed with her progress, I was expecting meltdowns at bedtimes but she has fallen asleep and stayed asleep with no thumb sucking at all. Sheis 7 years old and has sucked her thumb her whole life, we are both worried about the damage thumb sucking will do now she has her adult teeth so she agreed to give them a go. She is now so excited to go back to school next week and show of all the lovely designs!
Laurence Vanden Hende
13:06 14 Apr 22
Mijn zoontje kon het niet laten... telkens hij tv keek of sliep was het sterker dan hemzelf.Hij wou echt stoppen met duimzuigen! We kozen een mooi piratendesign uit.De eerste nacht ging het inslapen nog wat moeilijk maar na een kleine week hebben we die duim niet meer nodig!Echt fantastisch!!
claire brindley
21:51 26 Mar 22
I have a daughter who only sucks for thumb when she is tired, after a visit to the denisit in which i was asked if she still sucks her thumb, which has caused her to have a gap between her front teeth. Which i had a look on line and found thumbsie which my daughter loves.
Amanda Nicolas
18:26 26 Mar 22
This thumbsie has helped my daughter stop sucking her thumb, thank you!
Anna Simpson
15:55 24 Mar 22
We love the Thumbsie! Our son is taking responsibility and wanting to wear it to stop sucking his thumb. He picked his own design which has helped a lot. Thank you!
Richard Hall
12:26 24 Mar 22
Our daughter loved them - she even renamed them 'thumbnozzles'!
Kate Wilkinson Earl
10:11 24 Mar 22
The only thing that has worked to help my daughter stop sucking her thumb. Very well made and she loves the fun designs.
Lenka Dookun
09:52 24 Mar 22
It was difficult in the beggining for my daughter to have it on. She is 4 years old and she know how to take it off. But with conversation about it, gentle persuasion we managed to keep it on for couple of hours every day. We have some success with it and we will keep going.
Nick Raper
09:44 24 Mar 22
Our kids love the designs and am instantaneous impact on them stopping sucking!
Lucy Maddin-Uden
10:49 10 Feb 22
My daughter is 5 & following a visit to the dentist we were advised that it was time for her to stop sucking her thumb to protect her teeth.She has sucked her thumb since birth & even in the womb & she was still sucking it to go to sleep.I was immediately worried about her teeth but the thumbsie has alleviated all my fears. We are 2 weeks in & there has been no thumb sucking at all. It's amazing!We picked the designs together, bought a star chart & off we went. The product is a winner for us, pure & simple genius that really does work.
Justyna Oakman
10:52 13 Jan 22
Our son started sucking his thumb to self- soothe when he was about 3 years old. He was also sucking his thumb when watching TV. Constant reminders, special bitter gel on his nails didn't make any difference. I was getting really worried that his teeth will be affected. And then when he was 4 years old, I came across Thumbsies. My son chose three different designs. We bought the reward chart too, but to be perfectly honest, we didn't need it all because from the moment we put thumbsies on, our son stopped sucking his thumbs. It was nearly like magic. He didn't need any additional rewards or incentives because he was very proud of himself for being a "big boy" and not sucking his thumbs any more. Initially he wore them all the time, but now he only needs them when watching TV and for bedtime. It is a really brilliant product and I can wholeheartedly recommend it.
Ruth Blunt
09:34 13 Jan 22
Great product. My daughter was sucking her thumb without realising while she was sleeping. She chose her own design of Thumbsie and loves it and it's working. Thank you!
Nikki Longhurst
19:36 12 Jan 22
Ordered 2 of these as our 3 year old son sucked his thumb at night subconsciously and started from since before he was born, so we thought the habit was impossible to break. After visiting the dentist and finding our he was already pushing his teeth out of line, we tried everything we could to break the habit, all with no joy until we found Thumbsie’s. He now won’t sleep without them, he loved the reward chart and stopped sucking straight away! Thank you so much, literally the best purchase we could have made.
Nilesh Gopal
19:29 11 Jan 22
We bought 2 X thumbsies for our 6 year old, they are a great product and it works really well.would recommend. Just wish we had found it in his earlier years.
Natalie Parker
17:23 11 Jan 22
I cannot believe how effective this was! In three days, my 4yo went from obsessively sucking her thumb to never doing it again thanks to thumbsie. It’s now been two months and I’m still a little in shock. What a wonderful product.
kirsty lees
17:23 11 Jan 22
Our son had decided he wanted to stop sucking his fingers (5.5yrs old). The finger guard worked perfectly for him. He wore it 24/7 for a few days, then just at night, then eventually decided he didn't need it at all. It worked perfectly for him! I think the main thing is making sure the child wants to do it and buys into wearing it to get the results quickly!Highly recommend.
Jacqueline Sibbald
17:57 26 Nov 21
I ordered 2 thumbsies for my daughter, who is 7. We tried absolutely everything to get her to stop sooking her fingers with no success. She sooked them from the day she was born and as a result they are now bent.After a number of weeks using her beautiful thumbsies, that she picked herself, she now doesn’t sook her fingers anymore. Even at night without it in, the fingers don’t automatically go in.Thank you so much. This has made such a massive different to us, as we were so worried about her bending fingers.
Rachael Watkins
22:29 19 Nov 21
My little one is 4.5 years when we tried thumbsie’s They’ve worked a treat and I think after about 8 weeks, we are almost ready to remove it at night.
Fran Bury
13:50 18 Nov 21
Great product. This is starting to make a huge difference for my son who has sucked his fingers when tired, since he was a baby. Hopefully soon we'll be able to break the habit.
Charlotte Rickard
07:49 18 Nov 21
Fantastic product. This has really helped my daughter stop sucking her thumb whilst at school. Would 100% recommend.
lee taylor
19:34 17 Nov 21
Great product. This has made a big difference to my daughter sucking her thumb whilst asleep and she actually likes wearing it. We ordered the wrong size so I got in touch with Jo who exchanged it for a different size with no issues. Brilliant customer service. Highly recommended.
Rhys Hayward
19:13 17 Nov 21
I was sceptical about the effectiveness of using a thumb guard - but it has been working! My son was constantly sucking his thumb and it was getting to be such a drain to keep asking him to stop. I was growing quite concerned about his teeth. Very pleased I gave it a try!
James Booth
19:35 20 Oct 21
Graeme Johnston
20:24 15 Oct 21
This worked a treat for our 8 year old son who couldn't stop sucking his thumb whilst sleeping. The Thumbsie helped him stop straight away.
Flo Ferreira
12:53 16 Sep 21
I have twins (boy girl) and a few weeks ago, before they turned 3, I bought 2 thumsies for my girl. I let her choose them online, she opened the packages when it arrived, and she will not go to bed without it. She loves it, which means we love it.She still sucks her thumb if for some reason she goes to bed without it. However she’s stopped sucking when she’s just chilling watching cartoons for example.She also does not need to suck to fall asleep anymore. She just does it in the middle of the night. (We can hear it - it’s as loud as Maggie Simpson)Anyway - the review. It’s a brilliant product, simple, cute, effective. I bought two, so we can wash one whilst she uses the other. The stars chart is useful too and she loves the idea of adding a new star every morning.Definitely recommend this approach and product. We’re all pleased about this and have passed on details to a couple friends who have kids same age, still sucking.Just buy this. You won’t regret it.
Loujan Sum
12:43 16 Sep 21
Great item, worked immediately for our son
lana fowles
08:55 12 Sep 21
Arrived quite quickly, nice design and my daughter loves it. It reminds her not to suck her thumb.
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