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Thanks to all the parents who submitted a Thumbsie® review on Google. This is a real indication that wearing a Thumbsie® really works, allowing families to feel confident in their attempts to stop the finger or thumb sucking habit!

Thumbsieu00ae thumb glove
Based on 418 reviews
Alison Marrs
13:52 02 Jan 24
My 6 year old daughter has sucked her thumb since she was a baby and I was beginning to think we would just have to accept this. Any other way we’d tried to get her to stop had failed. However she kept asking us to help her and I came across Thumbsie. The many designs helped as she loves cheetah print fabric and she took to wearing it straight away at night. After a couple of months of wearing it she asked to take it off and she now no longer sucks her thumb. I am proud of her for giving this a go and also over the moon this has worked. Thanks Thumbsie. I would recommend this - even if you feel doubtful.
Kate Ballard
08:32 13 Dec 23
Eva has sucked her thumb since she was born, at night, when tired, when anxious ie a lot! I never thought this would work but it's been over 4 weeks now and she's not sucked her thumb once! She enjoyed picking the fabric and Jo was really helpful with this. The only problem I have now is that she won't take the thumbsie off! Thanks Jo we're all so happy it's working and proud of Eva.
Marie Wallner
20:50 10 Dec 23
I was sceptical about how these would work as my daughter has sucked her thumb since she was a tiny baby. She showed absolutely no signs of stopping, and she’s now 5, and would need to suck her thumb to get to sleep and whenever she was in the car or watching TV. After just a week of wearing the thumbsie overnight she has totally stopped!! At all times of the day. Honestly so impressed!
Amadeus Stevenson
07:51 05 Dec 23
Thumbsies are really well made, come in an attractive range of prints, and most importantly, they work! We've battled a number of options before, but letting our son choose his thumbsies has really helped him adopt them.
Kitty Pennybacker
13:53 04 Dec 23
They work well
Fiona Winters
22:32 02 Dec 23
After 8 years of thumb sucking and many failed attempts to give up, my daughter finally stopped sucking her thumb after wearing her thumbsie for just 3-4 weeks in the evenings and at night time. Being able to pick her own fabric design was a real plus. A huge thank you!
Heidi Breitsprecher
20:16 02 Dec 23
Received quickly and my daughter loves it, it has made a real difference to her thumb sucking
Holly Scragg
19:22 02 Dec 23
Have used these for my son and daughter. Very successful for both and the different patterns meant they didn’t mind wearing them. Highly recommend
18:17 02 Dec 23
We love the thumbsies, they're really helping our little one to remember not to put that thumb in her mouth. She's never minded putting them on, thanks to all the fun prints and the special story that came with them. Thanks very much for a simpler solution!
Louise Bates
18:14 02 Dec 23
Has helped all 3 of my girls to stop sucking their thumbs. Lovely designs for them to choose from.
Harry Thuillier
11:09 19 Sep 23
My daughter sucked her thumb night and day. Having seen pictures of what it can do to your mouth as it grows, and being able to choose her favourite designs for a thumbsie (panda, fairy and love hearts), once the thumbsie was on she stopped sucking her thumb immediately, even at night. The reward chart enabled her to get something special after a week of not sucking, and the book enabled her to be proud of wearing it. The thumbsie was enough to remind her to not put it in her mouth without resorting to nasty chemicals. She is much more communicative now, and after wearing her thumbsies for 24 hours a day for a couple of weeks and then only at nights for a month or two, she now doesn't need to wear it at all and has completely stopped. Total success - thanks to thumbsie. We have recommended to several other parents.
richard gibb
09:40 03 Jul 23
Excellent product, amazed how easy it made our journey. Our 4 year old stopped sucking her thumb within 2-3 weeks and loved wearing her Thumbsie and the cool prints. Would 100% recommend!
Claire Thompson
20:50 02 Jul 23
My 6 year old daughter sucked two fingers from about three weeks old. Her dentist told her she must stop! We ordered a set of three Thumsies (for fingers) in March and initially used them in the day time at times when the fingers would go in. They were lovely quality and the pretty fabric meant my daughter liked to choose which one to put on. After a couple of weeks using the Thumsies and the star chart she broke the day time habit. Night time was definitely harder and there were a few nights when the Thumsie had to come off. It got easier and after 6 weeks or so the Thumsie was really just there as a reminder. It’s now July and we are Thumsie and finger-sucking free! A great result!
Jennifer Lake
19:08 13 Jun 23
I'm still shocked at how well this product worked for our 3 year old daughter, even after reading all the great reviews myself. I'll be honest, when they arrived I thought 'how will this work, she'll just undo the velcro?' But she didnt; she was excited about her thumbsie's and there was no fuss at not having her thumb at bedtime (shocker!). The reward chart helped too. It took about 2 weeks until she didnt need to wear them during the day. We've now removed them at bedtime also and her thumb does not appear to be creeping back into her mouth. Thank you Thumbsie!
Rob Hill
07:53 28 May 23
Amazing. My 4 year old son didn’t want to stop sucking his thumb and we tried everything before trying a Thumbsie. He engaged with his thumbsie straight away and was really proud of it, showing everyone and telling them why he had it. He hasn’t sucked his thumb now for over a month.
Siobhan Street
20:22 24 May 23
Absolutely fabulous! We purchased a thumbsie as a last ditch attempt to curve our son's thumb sucking after 8 years of trying everything else on the market with no luck...they are so soft, gorgeously designed and after only 3 weeks, completely stopped the thumb sucking! We just wish we'd purchased sooner - literally couldn't recommend any higher! Thank you so much team thumbsie!
Avi Lambez
21:29 23 May 23
Thank you so much! We tried everything. nothings worked. My 5 years old girl really really attached to her thumbs. Thanks to you, she is 6 months suck-free. we are so grateful!!!
Emma Barret
13:36 22 May 23
I decided to try Thumbsie to help my 5 year old stop sucking her thumb, following a recommendation from our dentist. She had sucked her thumb day and night from 3 months old. My daughter loved the Thumbsies, and enjoyed the attention they got at school. After just a few days of wearing them day and night I could see an improvement, and after 3 weeks we were amazed to find she had completely stopped sucking her thumb! It's now been several months and she has not sucked her thumb at all. This is an amazing and gentle product that really works, I can't recommend it highly enough. The service was also excellent.
Teach To Sleep Sarah Patel
06:10 22 May 23
My son loves his thumbies . Made a huge difference to him learning how to fall asleep without sucking his thumb
Joanne Thompson
00:31 20 May 23
My 4 year old son began wearing Thumbsies 2 months ago, after 6 weeks we moved to just wearing on a night, now we have even been able to stop that. He now does not even try to put his thumb near! Could not recommend this product enough.
Cátia Silva
17:26 19 May 23
Well, she stopped using her thumb! The glove really helped, along with her maturity on the subject. She understood and accepted well, and she sleeps wonderfully with them. We choose the bailarina design and she absolutely loved it.
Laura Wildman
15:55 19 May 23
A great product which was recommended by the dental hospital where my 13 year son is attending for his braces. He was told he couldn't have the treatment unless he stopped sucking his thumb which is something he has done since being a baby. This product has completely stopped him and even better for us, he is happy to wear it at night. Highly recommended 👌
Johanna Mack
13:55 19 May 23
Great product. Worked with my determined 7 year old when nothing else did!
emma castle
13:53 19 May 23
This has been an absolute hit, and the fact that our daughter proactively puts this on every night is testament to how comfortable it is! What a great solution - thank you so much!!
Kylie McIntyre
22:28 05 May 23
Amazing product! Our son stopped sucking his thumb immediately when we tried these and is so proud to show them off to his friends. Such a worthwhile investment but worth noting that he was very much ready to stop sucking.
Rebecca Freer
07:26 02 Apr 23
This method helped my little girl, we got to the stage were her teeth were being affected from thumb sucking, becoming inverted and wobbly. So we invested in a thumbsie. She picked her design was so excited when it arrived, putting it on straight away, which wasn’t long after we ordered it. The delivery time was excellent. We charted her success daily. She absolutely loved it. So proud of herself daily. We’re now thumbsie and thumb sucking free, we’re so thankful. 🥰😊. I would definitely recommend giving this a try if you’re having trouble. She absolutely loved receiving her certificate also, I had the happiest and proudest little girl ever! Thank you x
Esther Hann
15:37 25 Feb 23
Excellent customer service when getting the correct items to begin our journey.This product has worked where others have failed. Two children have stopped sucking their thumb as a result.They loved being able to pick their own pattern. Enjoyed using the reward chart stickers. Felt very grown up being able to choose when they needed to put it on. And the certificate at the end was a lovely touch.Great product and company.
stewart green
21:34 09 Dec 22
I would recommend these to everyone! We’ve tried everything with our daughter (4), even the bitter polish and she would just lick it off!! We tried Thumbsies and within a few days it was clear that sucking her thumb was no longer her ‘go to’ comfort. They are absolutely worth the money and she asks to put them on now. Great job! Thanks Ellen
Kamaljit Bhangal
22:01 27 Nov 22
My 10 year old daughter had been sucking her thumb since she was a baby and we had tried numerous ways to get her to stop to no avail. We thought we would try these and within a month she had stopped. Wish we had bought these sooner.
salma abid
20:07 15 Nov 22
Mohamed Dawoud
21:53 03 Nov 22
I am Diana and I love the thumbsie product, It had been like 10 days and I have completely stopped.
20:23 31 Oct 22
Can’t recommend thumbsies enough . My 6 1/2 year old has sucked her thumb for 6 years and within a few weeks of wearing this magic invention the habit has gone ! Super impressed . Thankyou
Toa Halafihi
18:33 11 Sep 22
Great product no hassle. Works for my kids
21:26 02 Sep 22
Thumbsies are very made, the concept is great. Our son really bought in to the idea and we think we’ve cracked the thumb sucking. Going to give it a little longer to be on the safe side. But after two weeks we move not noticed him trying to duck his thumb.
17:00 17 Aug 22
My 4 and a half year old daughter started sucking her thumb nonstop since she was 4 months!my husband and I have tried every trick to make her stop but nothing worked and it only got worse,,, until one day while I was trying to find any new different method that we haven’t thought of, I stumbled upon an article that recommended Thumbsie so I thought well let’s give this a try, and I must say whoever came up with Thumbsie is simply a genius!!!! Believe it or not the last time my daughter sucked her thumb was before she put her thumbsies on! She chose the patterns she liked and when we received them her dad read her the story and she got really excited about putting them on. The reward chart made this process a lot more fun too. She still puts them on at night just in case but she doesn’t really need them anymore! I cannot thank you enough ! I would 100% recommend it.
Libby Bess
09:57 16 Jun 22
Bought for myself as an adult who struggles with biting my fingers, thumbs in particular.Really finding these useful so far. They aren't uncomfortable to wear for long periods and they stop me from unconsciously biting my thumbs. I work from home and just wear them through the working day.Had for a month now and holding up well so they seem very durable as well. Would recommend as an aid for others with similar habits
Anne Marie Andreu
20:19 11 Jun 22
Miracle workers! My little girl is 9 and could not break her thumb sucking habit, despite my best efforts. She chose the designs of her 3 thumbsies, which is a fab idea as it got her involved from the get go. It took a week for the habit to break! I was shocked it took such a short time. She still wears a thumbsie when she's really tired and she knows she might suck her thumb without thinking. I highly recommend thumbsies. Thank you xxxx
Madeleine Sheen Slings
10:02 10 Jun 22
Great choice of patterns, my daughter enjoyed picking and i feel that been key to her actually wearing them and so far so good, definitely seems to be helping break the habit.
Trilby Fox-Rumley
19:55 09 Jun 22
I bought these for my 6.5 year old son. He was really excited when i showed him all the different designs, and he got to pick one that really appealed to him. He wore them every night for a month, after which all urges to suck his thumb (even instinctively when he's sleeping) seem to have gone, as he's now been without them for 2 weeks, and hasn't gone back to thumb sucking. We also used a reward chart alongside it, which worked really well for us. I would highly recommend this product!
Taz Gal
19:30 09 Jun 22
Thumbsie worked after 2 days. My 5 year old had sucked her thumb since a baby and a dentist said the pressure on her mouth was changing the shape of her teeth and jawline.The habit was so entrenched but I think the Thumbsie gave her the confidence to stop and she hasn't gone back to it. I thought it was going to be a big battle but it was easy. I would def. recommend this way of tackling it -quick and simple.
Kelly Gilbert
17:29 09 Jun 22
My daughter chose her own Thumbsie and loves it, wears it every single night without being reminded! We left the first one in a restaurant, so had to order a second. Definitely recommend ordering more than one!
Paula Granger
16:21 09 Jun 22
My daughter was desperate to stop sucking her thumb and after finding these online, they have have been the only thing successful in stopping her!She loved the fact she could choose her design!!They are brilliant!
Emma Jones
14:02 09 Jun 22
I'm so pleased I found this product. My daughter is 6 years old and has sucked her thumb since she was a baby. A recent visit to the dentist highlighted the effects of her thumb sucking on her teeth and jaw. My daughter found it relatively easy to stop sucking her thumb during the day but she was really struggling to fall asleep and she would suck her thumb without realising during the night. I searched the Internet and came across this website and read all of the positive reviews. I showed my daughter and she selected a fabric. It arrived really quickly and I got her a reward chart which she is so proud of. We've never looked back. From day 1 of wearing her thumb guard at night, it's done the trick and she hasnt sucked her thumb for over 40 days now. I would highly recommend the Thumbsie thumb guard. Thank you for producing such a fabulous product for children and making the challenge of stopping thumb sucking a lot easier.
Rafael Solórzano
13:34 09 Jun 22
The thumb guards really helped our 2yo son to stop sucking his thumb at night. And without using it during the day the habit started transferring to daytime also, so we are really happy we found Thumbsie.
Andi Beer
13:28 09 Jun 22
Truly and excellent product. I bought the Thumbsie for my son, who has a bad habit of picking the skin on his thumbs! It worked like a dream and his habit was soon broken. Thank you Thumbsie!!!
Jonny Price
14:47 20 May 22
Great products and service, my son chose the design which helped him be a part of it and he stopped within 2 weeks. Would recommend to any others with the same issue.
Louise Marley
18:13 19 May 22
Great product and within 2 weeks of wearing the thumb guard my daughter (age 3) pretty much stopped sucking her thumb. Associated with thumb sucking was hair twiddling, that’s stopped too!! 2 months on now and no regression and just likes to wear it at night but I don’t think it is needed. Sizing guide was spot on. Thank you
Dana Leibler
13:23 17 May 22
I'm so happy to have found this product. It's clear that a lot of thought went into the development and manufacturing.The size chart advice is spot on.My son's dentist (who obviously wants him to stop sucking) was so impressed by the product, she asked for the link.
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