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Thanks to all the parents who submitted a Thumbsie® review on Google. This is a real indication that wearing a Thumbsie® really works, allowing families to feel confident in their attempts to stop the finger or thumb sucking habit!

Thumbsieu00ae thumb glove
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Paul McNaughton
18:33 09 Apr 21
From my daughter, aged 10. 'I really like the Thumbsies. We bought 3 and they were really pretty and comfortable. I had tried giving up sucking my thumb before, but the thumbsie helped me to remember, especially when I was tired or upset. After 4 weeks I stopped wearing the Thumbsies and I haven't sucked my thumb since.'
Andrew Bernstein
16:52 08 Apr 21
Working fantastically for my daughter and she loves the cool designs! Certainly helps with her wanting to put them on at night. Great customer service and quality. Highly recommend!
Vanesa Palacios
21:00 07 Apr 21
Great product!..Nice and good quality. Unfortunately, my five years old is a bit stubborn and she doesn't want to use it.It doesn't matter how many times I place the thumb guard on her hand, she keeps removing it and thrwon it away.But, I will definitely recommend it for younger children.
Lit Club with Miss Sam
08:56 05 Apr 21
I tried everything for my 4 year old to stop sucking his thumb. His teeth were already buck and sticking out and o was terrified he was in for a childhood of being teased. I did a lot of research and came across Thumbsie’s. My sons choose his favorite design. After 2 months of wearing them at night the difference is massive. A dentist told me that to the age of 6 that teeth can self correct and that’s exactly what they have done. It is amazing how the teeth have moved all thanks to thumbsies. I would highly recommend these. They are worth it 100%.
Heather Miles
20:53 24 Mar 21
My little girl sucked her thumb so much it would get sore and bitter nail varnish was not working. We’ve had the Thumbsie for about 4 weeks now and my little girl loved it from the beginning. She chose the pattern and so was very happy to wear it. It fitted perfectly and was a lovely soft material. So, four weeks on and she has completely stopped sucking her thumb!!! She stopped wearing it last weekend and so far so good! She’s so pleased with herself and her Thumbsie, which is now hanging next to her bed because she loves it so much and doesn’t want to get rid of it. Would definitely recommend this amazing brand!
Hannah Kellerd
08:09 23 Mar 21
We had tried everything to get our 3 year old to stop sucking her thumb. We ordered the thumbsie pack with 3 thumbsies, the book and the sticker chart. It was such a big success! The first couple of nights were a bit difficult but then our daughter just seemed to magically stop! She kept wearing the thumbsies for a couple of weeks and nothing since! Amazing!
Michelle Greenwood
07:56 19 Mar 21
Fantastic product which has stopped my 10 year old son stop sucking his thumbs in less than two weeks. Great blue camo design for older children too. Thank you!
Zac B
21:21 13 Mar 21
Really brilliant product. Daughter loves them. Good fit. Makes the challenge of trying to stop thumb sucking feel easier.
Laura Nurton
20:50 12 Mar 21
Bought the unicorn Thumbsie pack after lots of research. My 3yo had sucked both her thumbs from birth and whilst not concerned initially she did eventually stick to one side and had callous like suck bumps raise up front and back of mouth placement on her thumb. I didn’t want to put her off food with alternative measures so thought I’d try Thumbsie’s! I was not convinced but a week in of all day/all night with the only exception when eating and going to the toilet - the Thumbsie had broke her habit! I was worried after half term going back to nursery (change in daily schedule) she might regress which did happen but she was happy to show off her Thumbsie to everyone at nursery and eager to wear again and was needed by night also (overtiredness triggered her too) so although she doesn’t wear everyday she always has it in sight should she want it on or need it on just in case. Totally worth trying and a huge success for our daughter! Many thanks.
Kathleen Blagbrough
19:32 12 Mar 21
I purchased my daughter 2 of these as she suffers from anxiety she's 10 years old and picks skin around her thumb I've been trying to find a solution to keep them covered , thumbsie's has worked amazing she said they are very comfy the quality is amazing and delivery was very quick I would 100% recommend
Jasmin Clay-Joyce
20:36 10 Mar 21
The Thumbsie had an immediate impact on my child’s thumb sucking. She wears it with ease to school and around the house, it’s more discreet than I expected it to be.It’s easy to clean and the choice of patterns helps to promote my daughter wearing it.I’m so glad I found Thumbsie and would highly recommend it to anybody.My daughters teeth have improved so much as a result, I could genuinely tell a difference in her mouth & behaviour within 3 days of wearing the Thumbsie.Thank you!
Richard Bocock
20:26 10 Mar 21
This is my nine year old daughter’s opinion “This is amazing it has made me stop within two weeks! Also it is very comfy and I go to bed with it on too.” Thank you.
lisa lowe
13:20 10 Mar 21
Highly recommend Thumbsie - after almost 6 years of thumb sucking, my daughter stopped almost immediately! We had many previous attempts at trying to stop which caused us all stress and upset, but using Thumbsie's was so easy & fun! She chose the fabrics she wanted & loved seeing the stars add up on the chart. Amazing product, 10/10!
Stephanie Southward
13:00 10 Mar 21
Very happy with the Thumbsie's ordered. Dentist told us we needed to get my son's finger sucking under control. He appears to have stopped already. Wish I had ordered years ago!
21:58 27 Feb 21
I was sceptical but thought it would be worth a try. Daughter loved the look of them (we tried 2 with her as she sucked either thumb) and she successfully stopped within a few weeks. Very pleased.
Kellie Park
20:32 11 Feb 21
I have used Thumbsie before- this time my daughter choose the design she wanted ( a good selection to choose from) and was so excited to get it through the post. she completed stopped at night time over a year ago using thumbsie. it is a journey we took together but with the help of thumbsie - it had help although it was hard ,but I am proud of her for achieving this.About a week ago she decided to stop altogether and now long sucks her thumb. This has been due to using thumbsie.My daughter tells me it's comfortable. its easy to clean and looks stylish. She loves the fact she could choose the design she wanted.
Maria Thompson
19:17 09 Feb 21
What a shame i ordered 2 and loved them but now i want to order more sight trying to say 50 odd pounds for one i know it is an error all i want yo do is order a bulk order of 6 and the sight wont let me bulk orders should be easy to order gonna have to look at other sights a shame i loved these hope sight get in touch
Sheryl Capill
21:11 03 Feb 21
Simple but super effective! Our youngest son has sucked his fingers since the day he was born. We knew we needed to get him to stop but it was such a great comfort to him. Since trying the finger guard, he's not only stopped sucking his fingers in the day but in his sleep too. Why did we wait!
Hanna L
19:40 27 Jan 21
Fantastic product. I was hopeful but also sceptical and it proved me and my daughter to make wonders. After 4 weeks she doesnt really need it anymore, but we still keep our friend Thumbsie on watch at night time. My daughter really likes it and feels like it is her friend, she is also happy that her teeth will be wonderful as they are now.Initially she even kept it on while homeschooled.
13:29 05 Jan 21
Great quality and customer service. Bought first Thumbsie when my daughter was 3 and a half but even though she liked it and wanted to stop sucking she would just take it off once in bed because she couldn’t resist the thumb. A year later/older and she really got on board with the Thumbsie and it definitely helped her to stop (we’re 95% now and she’s just turned 5), she proudly wanted to wear it to school and wouldn’t go to bed without it because she didn’t want to suck her thumb. We couldn’t have got where we are now without the Thumbsie’s.
Bobbie Richens
14:34 16 Dec 20
Love these! Used on both daughter and son, the fabric print means that they are happy to wear them, and it also broke the habit. Brilliant product!!
Joanne Amos
12:41 30 Nov 20
Perfect for what is needed 🙂
Pippa Ball
09:12 28 Nov 20
I cannot recommend this wonderful product enough!In all previous conversations with my daughter about stopping thumb sucking there had been tears and desperation and worries that she would never sleep again. I feared that at 9 years old we had left it too late.We are now in week three of thumbsies and we have had no tears and just a couple of treat nights where we have allowed her not to wear it due to little worries or a yucky day at school.I can already see the difference in her front teeth and we have more beaming smiles!This product has brought a full smile to my daughter's life and I thank you with all my heart.
Katharine Mann
19:36 25 Nov 20
My 4 year old has managed to stop sucking her thumb within a few weeks of using the thumbsie! She’s sucked her thumb almost since birth and I thought it was going to be such a battle to get her to stop, but she took to it brilliantly. Can’t recommend the thumbsie enough! It’s great!
Amie Johns
09:42 22 Nov 20
I tried my 2.5 year-old son with the thumbsie with no great expectations of success as he’s still young and has been heavily dependent on sucking his thumb as a source of comfort ever since he first learned to sleep through the night as a baby. I wasn’t going to push it, but we talked about it beforehand and got him behind the idea, and used a reward chart, and only a month later he no longer sucks his thumb! The design is great and unobtrusive and he was proud of wearing it and showing it off to people. I am amazed and so delighted, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone else. Thank you!
Karen Williams
08:21 22 Nov 20
Can’t recommend highly enough! My son is 7 and we thought he’d never break the thumb sucking habit. We ordered 3 Thumbsies which he wore day and night for about four weeks and it worked... he is no longer a thumb sucker.
Christina Moss
14:49 20 Nov 20
We went through years and years of trying to stop our daughter sucking her thumbs and fingers. We tried everything from Dr Thumb, a fitted device in the roof of her mouth, plastering fingers, bribing - everything! the sucking was starting to change the shape of my daughters jaw and stopping her adult teeth coming through. It was a nightmare. The thumb and fingers guards helped us to finally crack it. Thank you
Gina Lawlor
09:40 20 Nov 20
Such a fantastic product. My 7 year olds big teeth were coming down and when she went to the dentist she could tell straight away that she sucks her thumb.The dentist said that she would need to stop sucking her thumb ASAP as teeth were already growing outwards. Since wearing the thumbsies there is a huge improvement and teeth have now grown down straight. She loves wearing her thumbsie every night.
Annette Shipton
22:51 19 Nov 20
Great selection of prints available, and after trying nail varnishes etc her thumsies seem to be working!
Susie Lingwood
21:02 19 Nov 20
Melanie Gillmore
20:25 19 Nov 20
This really works! Amazing, Pretty too.
Darren B
17:05 19 Nov 20
Great quality and a perfect fit for my daughter.
Victoria Bianchi
16:36 19 Nov 20
Thumbsie is really cute and my daughter loves it! I bought it as she's 6 and was concerned that her thumb sucking would affect her big teeth coming in, and it's made such a difference. Would highly recommend!
Andrew Perry
11:16 18 Nov 20
Very happy with the design and pattern of the Thumbsie. Has really made a huge difference to my 6 year old, already not thumb sucking in day, we just have nights to work on next! A much better option than locking alternatives.
Dawn Bryant
17:54 15 Nov 20
My daughter is 9 and has always sucked her thumb and twirled her hair, as she got older this had reduced to only when tired or at bedtime but still enough to be causing her teeth to grow forward. We had discussed stopping with her and talked about things we could try, we tried plasters etc but she would just struggle to settle and take them off. We saw the thumbsie advertised and discussed it with her as an option. She really wanted to stop as was aware of the damage she was doing to her teeth. She picked her own fabric and was excited for her thumbsie to arrive. Since it did, she hasn't looked back. Its been fantastic for us and would highly reccomend.
Michelle McKean
09:48 15 Nov 20
My daughter has sucked her thumb since birth and we knew it was time she needed to stop so it didn’t affect her ‘big’ teeth coming through. I ordered a Thumbsie back in early September and already my daughter has stopped sucking at all to go to sleep and only has the odd slip up during down time. This is a great product and really works. They have loads of lovely designs and they are hard wearing. I would highly recommend.
alex walker
15:55 14 Nov 20
rebecca miller
18:26 13 Nov 20
I sucked my thumb as a child and found it a v difficult habit to break, so was gutted when our youngest daughter started to suck her thumb, aged 2. At 6, she was keen to stop but was finding it very difficult especially at night. We chose her thumbsies together and she was very excited for them to arrive. I felt sceptical but she loved wearing them, didn’t seem to pull them off in her sleep and within a week she had all but stopped sucking her thumb - I was amazed. Thanks, Jo!
Iwona Ciernia
10:53 07 Nov 20
It best what we could do for our doughter i just regret that we don't find it early.It's so easy and she was happy to use one she choose. Thank you
Charlene Cardy
21:15 26 Oct 20
Great product! Our son was so excited to receive his Thumbsies in the post after having chosen the fabrics himself and took to wearing them day and night with ease. He has now stopped sucking his thumb during the day! He still wears his Thumbsie overnight but I expect it just takes a little longer to break the habbit at nighttime and have every confidence he will get there in the end. The addition of the reward chart and stickers certainly helped with compliance and motivation, and the book was perfect seeing as he just started school himself. Fab product and great service. Well done Thumbsie!
Richard Swanton
14:54 21 Oct 20
This product is fantastic. I was not dubious as the concept seemed so simple, just something we hadn’t thought of, for so many years. However I was simply astounded at how quickly it worked!!!
Rangitekohe Stark
19:24 20 Oct 20
A great idea which really works. We tried nail varnishes and rewards, but nothing worked, until Thumbsies. Our daughter really loved the selection of fabric that was available - something for everyone!
Julie Cassidy
16:58 19 Oct 20
Great product. My 8yr old has been using this for a month now. Night time only and the thumb sucking has completely stopped. We’re still wearing it up to now, as this habit is hard to kick.
Ann-Marie O'Brien
16:51 19 Oct 20
Ordered face masks from Jo at Thumbsie for our teenage twin girls in August 2020, prior to the return to school. Our senior school opted for face masks to be worn in communal areas right from the start of term. Thumbsie ticked all boxes: 1) Made in UK, 2)Reusable/Washable 3) Filter Pocket 4) Adjustable Toggle 5) Lovely Quality and Designs of Fabrics. 6) Quick Delivery. Well Done and Thanks Jo.
20:00 04 Oct 20
These things really work! I was curious (if not dubious) but hopeful after reading the reviews and I can now share that I am SO proud of how well my daughter has done. She wore the Thumbsies for 4 weeks permanently, and then just in the night, only recently taking it off. I could see how hard it was for her at the beginning but after lots of encouragement (and removal of ALL labels in the house!!), she was eventually regularly saying "Look mummy I'm not sucking my thumb!", and now we never notice her doing it or even being tempted. Initially she wanted to suck her finger but I think it felt so odd to her that she didn't do that for long either. Very proud and absolutely worth the money we spent. Off to the Toy Shop this week so she can choose her special reward for stopping sucking her thumb. Thanks Thumbsies!
Katie Woodhall
18:50 29 Sep 20
Brilliant idea that really works. We were able to give our daughter a really good choice of fabric and she loves wearing her thumbsie which prevents thumb sucking perfectly 😊
Helen Gilhespy
17:05 29 Sep 20
Simple but effective! The lovely materials made my daughter (who is 7 and still sucks her fingers) want to wear it. We still have a little finger sucking at bedtime but the daytime sucking stopped within 2 weeks of the Thumbsie being delivered. Top marks Thumbsie!
Zoe Stec
15:43 29 Sep 20
We really love the face mask designs, both the original ones and the school ones. They are very comfortable to wear, especially since they are so easily adjustable, and wash easily. The extra pocket for a third layer is a good idea too.
Petra Bamber
13:41 29 Sep 20
Great design. Brilliant tool in helping your little one to stop sucking thumbs. Definitely recommend.
Tania Jesney
17:14 02 Sep 20
Someone get the creator of Thumbsie a trophy! Oh right, they have!I can't believe how easy it has been to get our daughter off thumb sucking! She was so pleased to put it on and show her friends at nursery and to my amazement has kept it on all day long. She went to sleep and for the first time ever did it without sucking her thumb. We bought the pack with the book and reward chart but I think she'd do it just as easily without it. We're only 24 hours in but I'm 100% confident we've cracked it. Our friends recommended it to us as they're daughter did it in just 3 days!Thanks thumbsie!!
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