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Thanks to all the parents who submitted a Thumbsie® review on Google. This is a real indication that wearing a Thumbsie® really works, allowing families to feel confident in their attempts to stop the finger or thumb sucking habit!

Thumbsieu00ae thumb glove
Based on 246 reviews
Tamzin Marsh
19:48 12 May 20
When my daughter's dentist suggested a thumbsie, I was a bit skeptical, knowing willpower was key. However, my daughter has been trying to give up thumb-sucking since she turned three years old and has just turned nine! There have been times when she's shown more restraint during the day, but often sucked her thumb when she was tired and always at night to get to sleep. Since lock-down and being at home rather than school, she seemed to suck her thumb more. So we thought we’d try it a Thumbsie. The choice of designs is great and the product itself is very well made and washes well. In a short few weeks, my daughter has broken the habit of a lifetime and can finally get to sleep without sucking her thumb.It is clear that Jo Bates and the Thumbsie team really care, with quick delivery, a well-made product and personal after-sales service. I would definitely recommend Thumbsie to other skeptical parents.
Miss Windsor-Hey
17:49 11 May 20
This product is amazing!! We used it for our 7 year old daughter, she has sucked her two middle fingers her whole life, she did it almost all day and her teeth/fingers were beginning to become deformed. After a month of using this she snapped out of the habbit and now just 2 months later its a thing of the past! Thanks so much💖💖
Bridget Garrard
01:40 10 May 20
The Thumbsie has been amazing for our 9 year old. Wish we’d done it sooner but it’s finally the thing that has stopped the finger sucking. Thanks so much.
Rachel Muldoon
14:21 01 May 20
Thank you so much for creating such a brilliant product. Our daughter who is 20 months wore the guard for two weeks and we thought we would check how she was doing one day and we have never needed to use it again. Incredible, we were so worried as her teeth were moving but Thumbsie worked perfectly and it seems she has completely forgotten that she used her thumb for comfort before. Thank you from two very grateful parents.
Katie Mason
01:34 24 Apr 20
Sadie’s thumb sucking habit was a real challenge but within a few weeks of wearing Thumbsie she just completely stopped. She would never suck her thumb now but sometimes still wears her Thumbsie to bed for comfort. Super proud of her as I really thought this was something she would do forever. Thank you Thumbsie!
Phoenix T
16:15 23 Apr 20
We bought the thumbsie for my daugther who turned three. She has been sucking her fingers since she was a baby. For 2 weeks of use during the day esp at times when she was relaxing or upset the finger gaurd was brilliant. Although we haven't tackled her finger sucking at night yet, during the day she doesn't feel the need....would highly reccomend as she choose her patterns and loved the digger and dump truck designs!!!!
Tom Snook
12:51 18 Apr 20
Paul Durrans
09:08 18 Apr 20
We used the thumbsies for my son 3 years ago and then my daughter recently. Both times they have worked within 2 weeks. They loved choosing the fabric and were excited to wear them. They wash well too. Would highly recommend.
Joanne Coates
18:18 17 Apr 20
She has finally stopped sucking her finger! These really do work. After trying different methods over a long period of time this is the one thing that has finally stopped her. I wish I had come across these 2 years ago!
Sridhar Dhanapalan
12:48 17 Apr 20
Incredible! We involved our 5-year-old right from the start, explaining why he shouldn't suck his thumb and letting him choose his own Thumbsie patterns. He was so excited to wear them and he loved the story book! In less than two weeks, he had found other ways to soothe himself to sleep.
Jenny Woodhouse
12:12 17 Apr 20
My 4 year old is at school and it was time to break the thumb sucking habit. I showed him pictures of the thumbsies and he picked 2: the wagon one (his favourite thing in the world) and the dinosaur one. He was so excited to try them. Success was instant!
Satyam Juneja
18:33 10 Apr 20
Bought this product for my daughter and it worked like magic. My daughter outgrew her thumbsucking habit in less than 4 weeks. Incredible!!!
Sarah Lamb
07:57 10 Apr 20
These Thumbsies are a great product! My 5 year old daughter sucked both thumbs interchangeably, since being a six-week old baby. Our dentist advised us that it was time for her to stop this, so we tried the Thumbsies and she stopped her habit in about 3 weeks. The Thumbsies are easy to put on and are comfortable (so I'm told!) to wear. The designs are very sweet, and having the little book to accompany them was an added bit of fun. I think my daughter was quite proud to be wearing them at school, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone else who is looking for help with breaking the thumb-sucking habit.
William Tallis
13:02 09 Apr 20
We empowered our 6 year old to choose the fabric as we felt that the more control he would have over stopping to suck his thumb the better. He chose the army / soldier fabric and he was very excited when the parcel arrive. Since wearing his Thumbsie for a couple of consecutive nights he now has stopped completely - he no longer wears it and it’s been since early March ! We are so proud of our son and also very grateful for the Thumbsie which kick started the process!
Clau Forero
19:14 08 Apr 20
A great product. It does what it says on the tin! I got two thumb guards and my daughter chose the fabric. She loved it! And stopped sucking her thumb in four weeks. I only gave 4 stars because it's a bit pricey, but its worth it!
Ceri Jay
18:19 08 Apr 20
My 7 year old daughter asked me to purchase a thumbsie and loved it as soon as she got it. She has worn it every night for the past few weeks and it's really worked. She no longer sucks her thumb or uses her comfort blanket. I would fully recommend.
Maria Carruthers
18:01 08 Apr 20
We have had these for my daughter when she was 5 and she just chew through them unfortunately. As they are not cheap, we left it be. Now that she is 8, she is more sensible and leaves them on and it really is making a difference. She still chews on them here and there, but is much better at controlling it and remembering to put them on. Also, from first night she was able to sleep without sucking. A bit unbelievable if I’m honest, but so pleased. I supposed the child needs to want to stop sucking for the thumbsies to help. Highly recommended.
Lina R. J.
08:03 12 Mar 20
Great product. It worked for my 5 year old daughter. She still wear it everytime and she like it.
Claudia Pocai
19:56 10 Mar 20
This product seems to have done the trick for us. Our daughter had stopped also in the past but always fell back into the temptation and bad habit. We bought the Thumbsie and book a month ago and she has now stopped completely for 26 days and nights in a raw. Few days ago she told us that she never thinks about it anymore, so we are confident! this is the end! Our daughter already wanted to stop and this was a nice way to help her and support her.
Inge Mitchell
18:03 10 Mar 20
So pleased we bought a 'finger' thumbsie for our grandson. He was completely hooked on sucking his fingers, to the extent that he was displacing his teeth. His parents, dentist and us had tried everything to get him to stop.I was really sceptical about it working because his habit was so strong but within 2 weeks he has completely stopped. Amazing. There are so many patterns to choose from for boys and girls, our grandson was very happy to wear it, even at school.We will be buying one soon for our granddaughter!
Claire North
17:43 10 Mar 20
My 5 year old daughter was in the habit of sucking her thumb vigorously all throughout the day and within 2 weeks she no longer sucked at her thumb. Even though she only wears her Thumbsie at night she has stopped completely. I will continue to purchase another Thumbsie once she grows out of it as even though consciously she doesn’t do it, subconsciously at night she could.Thank you this has made such a massive difference in so many ways and just at the right time!
Emily Salmassian
16:38 10 Mar 20
The finger guard fitted perfectly and my three year old has worn it every night for a month without complaint. So far this has completely stopped her finger sucking habit and I'm really hopeful this will be the end of the habit! Being able to choose the fabric really helped her feel committed to wearing it! Many thanks!
Sean van Zyl
22:03 27 Feb 20
The service was excellent and they are the best thing we have come across to stop our daughter sucking her thumb. Basically she went from sucking her thumb constantly morning and night even with foul tasting stuff on her nail and band aids to not sucking her thumb at all. I would highly recommend these for anyone having this issue.
Daniel Chapman
22:21 26 Feb 20
My 4yr old daughter was very happy to chose her thumbsie and wear it. It lost its shine a little when she realised she now couldn't suck her thumb but she has worn one every day and night( lots of moaning at night)for over 3 weeks and hasn't taken them off once. A brilliant sucess. Thanks to a friend for suggesting.
Alison Stewart
09:24 26 Feb 20
I bought some finger guards for my 3 year old son and they have really worked to remind him not to suck on his fingers. It's been about a month and I can already see a big difference! Thanks Thumbsie!
Alison Shawcroft
19:32 25 Feb 20
I bought one of these for my 8 year old. Works really well and washes really well too! Lots of patterns to choose from and very quick delivery to France.
Sergio R
15:02 24 Feb 20
Gran descubrimiento, nos ha ayudado mucho. Tras probar muchos métodos ya casi le hemos quitado la manía. Actualizo reseña: solo sirve para cuando son muy pequeñitos. Al final de mayores se lo quitan y el instinto les vuelve a repetir.
karen gosling
12:02 12 Feb 20
My daughter is 13, she needs orthodontic work and desperately needs to stop sucking her thumb, I have tried everything, this actually works! I was amazed!
JF Zachopoulos
11:51 12 Feb 20
Little one wasn't sucking thumb exactly, but having it in his mouth all the time led to the skin being cracked and sore. 16 months old. No problem wearing it and small size has plenty to grow. Worked well, skin is getting much better.
Julia McEvoy
17:53 11 Feb 20
Purchased Thumbsie’s for our 8 year old son after many years of trying to get him to stop sucking his thumb. It was really having an affect on his teeth and the nail of his thumb. He has been wearing them for a month now. It has dramatically reduced the amount of times his sucks his thumb during the day and sleeping. He isn’t quite at the point of stopping wearing the Thumbsie but I’m hoping it will be in the next month. He got to pick his own design (camouflage) and his school teacher has been very supportive about him wearing it in school. I would recommend buying three so you always have a clean one ready each day.
Dan Perry
17:05 11 Feb 20
Brilliant invention. So good we came back and bought more! Has really helped our son kick the habit.
S Assi
14:46 11 Feb 20
Thumbs up for Thumbsie! Great choice of prints, nice snug fit and excellent customer service. My daughter doesn't mind wearing it and has no urge to suck her thumb at all now even when she is not wearing it! Must be because of the unicorns 🦄😍
S Patel
00:52 30 Jan 20
Excellent customer service! Delivered very quickly but I had ordered a size too big. After contacting thumbsie it was sorted out swiftly and now my 3year old wears them all night on both hands with no thumb sucking😃She loves the designs and they are comfortable too.
Sharon Harrod
00:43 27 Jan 20
Thumbsie has been great. Fast delivery and super cute patterns to choose from. My 4 year old daughter loves wearing hers and is proud she doesn't suck her thumb while she is wearing it.
Amelia Baker
13:47 23 Jan 20
Well made, very quick service, arrived quickly.
Victoria Mealing
15:50 22 Jan 20
This product did work for my 3/4 year old. Daytime habit was gone in weeks, nighttime took a few months as she did it unconsciously in her sleep. We achieved this purchasing only 2 of the guards even though the company recommended 6 (which I thought sounded excessive as they are approximately £10 each). As she quickly broke the habit during the day and greatly preferred her right thumb, we got away with only the 2 which she wore at night and I washed during the daytime. This was £20 well spent, and I particularly liked this method because my daughter was perfectly capable of removing the guards, but chose (with encouragement) to wear them and felt pride when she had freed herself of the habit. Overall, great product although I would tend to purchase just a few and order more if you decide it is necessary.
Abby Hemming
11:40 22 Jan 20
Absolutely genius!! We ordered a Thumbsie for our 6 year old who decided now was the time to stop. We let him choose the fabric (footballs!) and he had no hesitation in wearing it as soon as it arrived. He happily wore it to school too! After a few weeks we were down to just wearing it at night. Such peace of mind during the night that the thumb wont subconsciously find its way back in! My advice buy more than one as if your children are like mine then it will get dirty and need washing!! I must say it washes perfectly too!
Rebecca Spencer
10:49 22 Jan 20
Fantastic product! After years of thumb sucking and literally trying everything to try and get my daughter to stop, she has now stopped. The thumbsie worked within days and I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you thumbsie!
Hannah Evans
10:03 22 Jan 20
What an amazing product! My little boy has sucked his 2 middle fingers on his right hand since he was 8 weeks old. We have tried everything over the last year or so to get him to stop.Enter thumbsie for the Christmas holiday in just a few days he had stopped both day and night!!!! On his return to school he absolutely beamed with pride telling his teacher that he had stopped 😍Thank you!
Lucy Ellwood
19:55 14 Jan 20
Cannot recommend this product highly enough, a friend told me about Thumbsie's back in October and within 6 weeks both my 6 year old and 8 year old have managed to crack the habit, quite unbelievable especially with the 6 year old as she sucked thumb day AND night. Thumbsie you worked a treat, thank you!
Gabriel Vladarean
21:59 08 Jan 20
Matei is only 2 years old, so under the age recommended by the producer (from 3 years old). In just 3 weeks of wearing a thumbsie he gave up sucking his finger. I had to sew "hook and eye" because he was able to unwrap the glove. Many thanks to Jo, who sent two packages of which I paid only one (first package lost on the way).Matei are doar 2 ani, deci sub varsta recomandata de producator (de la 3 ani).In doar 3 saptamani de purtat thumbsie a renuntat la suptul degetului.Am fost nevoit sa cos "mos si baba" pentru ca reusea sa desfaca manusa.Multe multumiri lui Jo, care a trimis doua pachete din care am platit unul singur (prima oara s-a ratacit coletul pe drum).
Amy Kumar
14:36 08 Jan 20
Lovely product! Brought this for my son who thought it was 'really cool', the fit is great and worked a treat! Hes stopped sucking his thumb but he still keeps it on at night just in case ! Defintiely would recommend this product. Also loved the packaging when we recieved it, so cute! x
Jim Bull
13:30 08 Jan 20
These definitely helped my son move towards sucking his thumb less, he's almost there now and only uses the Thumbsie on the odd occasion. He loved the different designs and they're well made if a bit pricy for what they are (but a small price to pay if he really does quit), and could do with being a bit more grime resistant for a 7 year old boy!
Beverley Dobbs
22:48 05 Jan 20
My 11 year old daughter had sucked her thumb for years & we'd tried all the usual remedies to stop without success. Orthodontist recommended we tried Thumbsie & to our amazement it was a total success - habit broken within 6 weeks! Thank you so much Thumbsie!!
Maher Ahmadieh
14:58 03 Jan 20
Leia loves her thunbsies. She was 2 when I bought them for her. It took us a while to get going but once she saw them as a cure to her poor struggling thumbs, she wears them every night. I think her getting involved in choosing her favourite patterns / themes helps a lot. 2 months after she got fully convinced that she should try them on, and thumb sucking has become a thing of the past. Recommended for kids over 3 to get full benefits.
Scott J
14:02 03 Jan 20
Took a little bit of getting used to but seem to be making a big difference now as thumb sucking has stopped.
Ania Oliveira
08:15 03 Jan 20
After many years of trying the usual remedies to stop thumb sucking our orthodontist recommended a cotton glove on the thumb... I thought it was odd. But then I found Thumbsie! My daughter loved choosing her patterns and hasn’t complained once. After using them for a month i am confident the habit will be gone for good. Fingers crossed for the next orthodontist appointment!
18:36 02 Jan 20
Our 7 year old went from sucking her thumb all the time, day and night, to only needing the thumbsie during the night after about a week and not needing at all after about 3 weeks! Can’t recommend enough
My girly things
15:11 02 Jan 20
Jo Pickin
08:58 18 Dec 19
My daughter has found the product amazing she was cured in a couple of weeks!! Fantastic product
Scott Mason
22:49 17 Dec 19
My 10 year old daughter found the Thumbsie and asked if she could get one. Worked great! Great quality and price. Wish I found the Thumbsie years ago!
Clare O'brien
20:21 17 Dec 19
Good product, good delivery time. Genuinely has helped with 3yo night time thumb sucking. Highly recommend!
Sarah Payne
18:19 17 Dec 19
Great product, really easy to use website and arrived quickly. Has worked a treat to stop thumb sucking. It was recommended by our dentist and I’d recommend to anyone.
Lisa Gunter
17:17 17 Dec 19
This is the second thumbsie I have purchased & I am really happy with it, no immediate results as yet but we are hopeful. Jo was brilliant in remaking one in a large size, when I mistakenly ordered a small size, her correspondence was fast & efficient & I was able to return the small one & order a large one, with no fuss, and no hassle. Totally recommended 😊
Razwana Ali
12:17 17 Dec 19
Really happy! The thumbsie is really helping my 5 year old with his thumb sucking habit. I found the website easy to use and they have a lovely collection of prints to choose from.
Susannah Reynolds
12:36 11 Dec 19
My 6 year old daughter sucked her thumb a lot when tired. Within a week we saw a difference and within 2-3 weeks she had stopped. Amazing result!
23:13 12 Nov 19
Absolutely brilliant idea and product! My 6yo son is into 4th week of using Thumbsies. He loves the colours and patterns (we have 4 of these!). Thumbsies don't restrict any hand or finger movement at all. Can't recommend this product enough! It turned out much easier to give up thumb sucking than I imagined!
Matt Walker
20:07 11 Nov 19
Well priced, prompt delivery. Would buy again.
Katie Ashdown
18:58 11 Nov 19
My 7 year old son very much liked sucking his thumb. So much so it was starting to affect is two front teeth. By wearing a Thumbsie it has significantly reduced the thumb sucking and although not cheap to buy it'll be worth it once he has kicked the habit completely.
Anni Conn
23:43 07 Nov 19
I recently bought two Thumbsies for my thumb sucking daughters aged 5 and 8. My 8 year old has been struggling to give up her thumb for a long time and having the Thumbsie was like flicking a switch. It helped her gain control and she completely stopped sucking her thumb from the day she put it on - almost 4 weeks ago. After two weeks she didn't need to rely on the Thumbsie and now she doesn't even think about her thumb! Miraculous! My 5 year old is not quite there with being ready to stop but we will keep her Thumbsie for when she decides it is time. What a great idea these are - plus they fit brilliantly and the fabrics are super cute!
Amandip Kaur
22:12 07 Nov 19
Didn't think that this was going to work. However, my thumb sucking 5 year old now wears this without me even having to ask. Good product with good designs.
Rachel Saunders
21:34 07 Nov 19
Great quality and really working
Kelly Jordan
21:22 07 Nov 19
We think the thumbsie! It has helped significantly reduce the amount our son sucks his thumb. Hes confident wearing it to school and loves he can remove it independently.
Bill Mortimer
19:47 07 Nov 19
Great product, great idea. A positive way to encourage your child to stop finger sucking.
Rachel Gesua
14:13 07 Nov 19
Such a great idea and has really helped with my son's thumb-sucking. I've bought him a couple of different patterns, which makes it a bit of fun for him. They're well made, easy to wash, and most importantly, they really do stop kids from constantly sucking their thumbs. Highly recommended.
Joanna Everard
15:55 22 Oct 19
Great service and great product - really well made, soft cotton, pretty fabric and comfortable to wear. I ordered the wrong size and it was efficiently exchanged. Thank you.
katy wood
20:31 17 Oct 19
Brilliant idea and they really work. Highly recommend,
Joanna Frisken
21:55 16 Oct 19
Really good customer service
Katie Smith
19:54 16 Oct 19
This is the second time I have purchased Thumbsie’s for my daughter and I can not recommend enough!! They have made a massive difference to my daughter who is now confidently smiling more and more as her teeth are straightening out!! They are brilliant!!
Lorna Harris
19:44 16 Oct 19
Lovely soft fabric, good quality product. My daughter loves the panda design! She is happy to wear the thumbsie and has noticeably reduced her thumb sucking since having it.
Sophie Hurford
19:27 16 Oct 19
Highly recommend. Worth every penny. My 6 year old daughter had sucked her thumb since the age of 1 ( I thought this would be a tricky habit to stop) she really didn't mind putting the gloves on and stopped sucking her thumb only after wearing them for 2 weeks. They are still being worn at night just incase she has any temptation.They are great quality and a fit perfect. Customer service was great .Quick delivery and reasonably priced. 10/10 for me 🙂
Caroline D
19:09 16 Oct 19
The Thumbsie worked brilliantly. It only took 4 days for my daughter to stop sucking her thumb completely, even at night. It was just what she needed to break the habit. Thanks!
Alice Lister
18:34 16 Oct 19
The thumb guards have been really helpful. My son loved the choice of fabrics and I think he actually thinks of them as an accessory.
Amelie Pearce
18:18 16 Oct 19
Absolutely brilliant product and really helping my girl to stop sucking her thumb. Amazing .
Chloe Butterfield
16:43 16 Oct 19
A really gentle approach. Our 3 year old sucked her thumb for at least 15/16 hours a day and we were told that she was damaging her teeth she had to stop. We didn’t want to use anything punitive and she loved the rewards and unicorn designs! 2 months on... no sucking at all. Thank you for such a great invention!
Emma Rollin
15:58 16 Oct 19
Easy for my 8yo to put on by himself and the fabric design means he wants to wear it.
Helen Beeston
18:19 06 Sep 19
I purchased a thumb guard and a finger guard and I was very happy with the customer service I received. My enquiries were answered very quickly and it was an easy and pleasant transaction. I was very happy with the quality of the guards when they arrived and my daughter using the thumb guard has stopped sucking her thumb and her two front teeth that were protruding appeared to have moved back into a better position. So in summary, I am a very happy and satisfied customer.
Maia Morris
10:48 05 Sep 19
Great product, would thoroughly recommend! My daughter loves wearing it and immediately stopped sucking her thumb after 7 years. We combined the Thumbsie with a few enticing rewards and she has currently not sucked her thumb for over month.
Nicole Williams
23:35 02 Sep 19
My daughter loves the gloves and they have really helped her cut down on her finger sucking habit. They are beautifully made. We also had them shipped to Australia with no problems and turned up quickly.
Alistair Trail
09:12 02 Sep 19
Fantastic product, good quality and worked really well. My 5 year old daughter loved wearing it and after 2 weeks had stopped sucking her thumb completely
Light Locations
07:08 31 Aug 19
Amazing idea to stop thumb sucking! My daughter loved wearing hers, she even started a trend at school with non thumb suckers (!) She stopped in a week after 8 years of sucking! Brilliant, wish I had found you years before! Thank you.
Siobhan Adams
13:50 16 Aug 19
This product is fantastic! It was so easy to order and my son loved choosing from the wide range of fabrics. It was a very easy way to stop his thumb-sucking.
Deborah Rhodes
18:44 11 Aug 19
Great product, has designs for older children (such as mine). Prompt delivery. Advice given as to size, so great customer service. Would recommend. This product works.
Nicola Crawford
08:43 10 Aug 19
An excellent product that has finally stopped my daughter sucking her thumb! We have tried all sorts of products to aid her in doing so due to issues with her speech and teeth and we have done so thanks to the thumbsie! We now only use at night. Excellent variety of designs on fabric. The fabric did wear but still perfectly useable. A really great product and a lovely company. I would thoroughly recommend.
kokoula xenia
07:36 06 Aug 19
I ordered thumb and finger guards for both children. My 4 yo has stopped finger sucking while awake but still sucks in their sleep. They wear the finger guard on their own free will at night. My 1 yo sometimes has a sore and bleeding thumb from sucking. We only use the thumb guard to give the thumb a little time to heal. When they ´re ready to kick the habit I will definitely order some more thumb guards! The guards alone do not stop them from sucking but they can be a great help in the process of kicking the habit. The measurement guide was very helpful and the quality is great!
Lucy Crosby
14:20 04 Aug 19
Great idea. My 5year old daughter was very motivated by this and stopped sucking her thumb instantly once she started wearing this at night. A very simple idea for a permanent solution.
Helen Wright
09:03 03 Aug 19
A ‘thumbs up’ from me: it works!Lovely design, quick delivery and excellent customer service. 👍🏼
Kevin Pankhurst
11:36 02 Aug 19
Worked amazingly well...very successful
Marianne Sladowsky
22:49 01 Aug 19
It really works! your child has to be ready to try it but if they are its a simple and painless way of giving up the thumb.
Kevin Dyer
20:27 01 Aug 19
This has effectively cured our youngest of sucking her thumb. Her smile is so much better as her teeth now meet so much better and we were being warned by the dentist. Such a low cost but such an effective thing. Thumbs up to the thumsie!!!
Richard Eccles
13:44 01 Aug 19
Worked within two weeks so very satisfied with the product.
mizzr 75
12:50 01 Aug 19
Good for children who are keen to quit. Lovely patterns.
Anna Pacitti
20:33 31 Jul 19
We bought some thumbsies for your 3 and a half year old after sowing the seeds of stopping sucking her thumb and she was really keen to get started. I was prepared for several nights of resistance and then more of disturbed sleep, since she had sucked her thumb for sleep since 10 weeks old, but I was pleasantly surprised. We introduced the Thumbsies via the Thumbsie book, which was really helpful. Night one it did take some time for her to fall asleep (1h45), with one wake up that needed support. The next night she fell asleep much more quickly (35 mins) with another brief wake-up. And thereafter she was falling asleep in her usual time frame and sleeping through again. I was very surprised and pleased. And with 3 prints to choose from, she is very happy to pop them on each night. Definitely pleased to have chosen it as our method to stop thumb sucking, feeling much kinder than the dentist recommended plastic splint.
Alan Davidson
17:24 31 Jul 19
Good quality. Fast delivery. I ordered two more immediately to keep at my own home for when my granddaughter visits.
Matt Jackson
20:13 15 Jul 19
Worked better than I expected. When combined with nail biting solution during the day, we've more or less cut out our son's finger sucking
Paul Houston
20:17 14 Jul 19
It works!
Alen Oblak
07:04 12 Jul 19
I'm so happy that we bought thumbsie. In less than a week, our one-year-old girl completely stopped with finger sucking. Incredible. I regret that we did not buy it earlier. The thumbsie was slightly too big for her finger, but due to the strap you can use it even for smaller fingers. In our case it did not completely fit the finger, but it served its purpose. I suggest the company to design also a model for smaller kids. It is really a perfect solution for preventing thumb sucking. Thank you Thumbsie!
Donna Lock
13:14 08 Jul 19
The design is simple and effective, easy to keep clean and use again and again. Our daughter (4 year old) initially didn't like to wear them to bed and it was a struggle to get them on her. A bit of thinking outside the box and getting teddy to wear the third one and hey presto a few months on we no longer need to wear them every night. Her teeth are already showing signs of improvement. She will actually tell us now if she feels she needs to wear them as a just in case deterrent (but teddy always has to wear his).I did initially feel these were quite expensive for the items, but now I think they were the best investment ever and I would have paid triple the amount for the results that have been achieved.
Colin Marklew
09:45 08 Jul 19
Fantastic service, good quality product and it really works!
Catherine Rix
21:09 07 Jul 19
This really works! Six year old daughter stopped sucking her thumb in a matter of days. Lovely choice of patterns meant she was happy to give it a try - would highly recommend. Great product and great service!
Anwen Harris
18:17 07 Jul 19
Good for night time use. Seems a nicer alternative to the yucky tasting stuff you paint onto the thumb.
Niamh Anderson
14:10 07 Jul 19
My daughter has been using a Thumbsie to help encourage her to stop sucking her thumb for 2 months now. Initially she used them during the day and at night but now she only wears one at night. It has worked brilliantly. She was able to write, cut her meals etc whilst wearing the Thumbise so she could have it on all day. I am sure we could take it off at night now she has done 8 weeks without once sucking her thumb but just want to give her another few weeks for the habit to really break. I have recommended Thumbsies to lots of friends because they have really helped us support her through this habit-breaking phase. Thank you!
09:17 07 Jul 19
great idea , is working, thanks a lot
22:00 05 Jul 19
Great product. Really helped our 2.5yr old son to stop sucking his finger at night.
Nicolas DUPRET
20:24 05 Jul 19
Nice product, it worked very quickly !
Dave Cullen
15:50 05 Jul 19
Bought one for our 4 year old. Well made, fast delivery and friendly communications. It's made the transition to no thumb sucking much smoother than I could have imagined. Highly recommended.
Genevieve Farrance
15:15 05 Jul 19
The thumbsie was an idea for a child I childmind during the week. The product is great. He has a dinosaur print and an elephant print thumbsie and is now interacting much better during the day. He doesnt remove the thumbsie and can play whilst wearing it. Great product and they look really good. Delivery was prompt. I would highly recommend.
Stephen Brown
15:56 04 May 19
We bought some thumbsies for my son. He choose the patterns, loving the great choice. They worked a charm. Very good product, highly recommend!
Charlotte Cooper
09:16 01 May 19
My 12 yr old has been told that he needs braces but he needs to stop the finger sucking first. These finger guards have been great - he wears it when he's watching telly and it just helps remind him not to suck his fingers. Great for a child who really wants to stop but doesn't have the willpower on their own. We had our guards custom made to fit his bigger hands and the service was fast and they are of a lovely quality. Recommended by my orthodontist too.
Emma Jamie
20:28 28 Feb 19
I have a 6 year old that has been sucking her thumb since she was 3 weeks old. It is part of her. I have tried various methods to help her to stop, but given up on all of them. I let her have a look at the thumbsie web site, and being a girl who loves to choose her own things - she was keen to choose a couple of thumbsies and try. I thought it would be another half hearted attempt. We watched the videos showing the dental damage that can be caused, and off we went. She wore her thumbsie that first night. We had a difficult first couple of weeks, with tears at bed time and not going to sleep as easily, but the thumbsie never came off and we got through it. She took it to school every day, we got the teachers involved, and her friends. It has been a month now, and I have only seen her with her thumb in her mouth once. Bedtime is not a problem, and she even watches TV without the thumbsie now. I am ashamed to say I never thought it would be so easy! We combined it with sticker charts every morning, and a few chocolate treats over the first 2 weeks. She is so proud of herself and still finds the thumbsie and wears it at night. I am so proud of her, and still can't believe we have done it! Thank you, it really is a fabulous product. I never bother to find the time to write reviews, but feel I must for this!! I think the talking about it before hand, build up and taking time before actually buying them made a difference. She really wanted to give it a go by the time we actually bought one.
Kim Henderson
12:14 05 Jan 19
Oliva has sucked her thumb since her first scan. She has used it for a comforter when tired or times of anxiety and it was starting to show issues with her teeth. A pattern of behaviour which we knew needed to be addressed but had not been successful before with other options. Having found the thumbsie site and purchased several thumbsie's my daughter and I made a deal. If olivia stopped sucking her thumb I would give up chocolate for life. We both have survived 46days. A massive achievement for my little lady whom we are so proud of. Christmas saw Olivia remove the thumbsie confidently during the day and is now only used during the night. A fantastic thing is the thumbsie would recommend it to anybody.
Old Account - Sara Wyles
20:58 04 Jan 19
Highly recommend. I bought two thumbsies for my daughter and after 10 years of trying to stop her sucking her thumb after just two weeks of using the thumbsies she has stopped!!! Thank you!!
Jo Fuller
12:17 21 Dec 18
We bought two thumbsies for our chronic thumbsucking daughter. I can't recommend them highly enough. DD absolutely fine wearing them and it helped her kick the habit when nothing else had.My only regret is I didn't find out about them sooner. I wish the dentist had recommended the Thumbsie instead of her revolting advice to "pull a smelly sock over her hand and tie it to her wrist at night". Thumbsies actually work and they preserve dignity and avoid shame for your young child when breaking a very difficult and damaging habit. Thank you Thumbsie makers, we are very grateful!
Jacqueline Yarwood
05:38 25 Nov 18
Bought 3 Thumbsie’s to use with my 3 year old little boy as his thumb was getting so sore with all the sucking. He wore them during the day and really enjoyed choosing which design to wear. After 2-3 months he said he didn’t want to wear them anymore and he’d be a big boy. And he was! He no longer sucks his thumb during the day but we aren’t going to tackle nighttime just yet 😀Great product and brilliant customer servjces too. Would definitely recommend.
Josie Nash
11:47 09 Nov 18
Fantastic product! Simple to navigate website and great service. We bought thumbsies in an extra small for our hard-core thumb sucking 2 year old after a visit to the dentist revealed she was developing an open bite due to thumb sucking. The first week we weren't sure they'd work, as she was simply sucking through the guards, but we stuck with it! fast forward 4 weeks and we no longer use thumbsies during the day as we've totally stopped day time sucking. She's so much more engaged with people, and where we always thought she was shy or quiet it turns out was a case if why interact when you can put a thumb in your mouth! What a difference. We're still working on night time sucking, but I'm sure it'll come.As a side note on price... I feel that they're a little pricey when you're buying 2 or more pairs, BUT I think that adds to the parents perseverance, knowing that you've spent quite a bit of money on them makes you more invested in the process and wanting a positive outcome. I think had I not spent what I did, I may well have given up with them during the first week. It's as much about our input as the child's.
Ceri Anne Wright
15:37 03 Nov 18
Perfect purchase to help my little girl stop sucking her thumb in a fun and clever way.
Jenny Holmes
19:42 01 Nov 18
I bought 3 Thumbsies for my 7 year old son. They have been amazing. While he hasn't completely stopped sucking this thumb yet, they have significantly reduced the amount of time he spends sucks his thumb in a way that our constant nagging hasn't! While we have not yet "got there" with stopping thumb sucking. We have made amazing progress! Thank you
Marie T-C
18:34 01 Nov 18
I bought a couple of Thumbsies for my daughter a few weeks ago. They arrived promptly. They fit perfectly and are made of good quality attractive fabrics with sturdy seems. The Thumbsie is really making a difference and because the design is appealing she even voluntarily wears it whilst watching tv.
Caroline Wilkinson
17:16 01 Nov 18
We bought these in September for our 6 year old who was a nighttime thimbsucker. Not any more! These worked a treat. I won't say he was delighted to wear them but he went with it and wore them for a few weeks. After that no more thumb sucking. Brilliant product. I would recommend this highly to any parent looking for a way to help their little one settle without thumb sucking.
09:18 11 Sep 18
I would give this more than 5 stars if I could!!! Easily stopped my 3 year old from sucking his thumb (even at night) really quickly! So happy with the quick results, thank you so much!!! Highly recommended to anyone who is trying to break the thumb sucking habit!
Chambers Family
19:58 03 Sep 18
Our daughter has sucked her thumb from being a baby, but told us she wanted to stop before she started school, so I googled and found Thumbsies and thought we would give them a try. She picked the unicorn design and we started using them on the first day of the school holidays, she has not sucked her thumb for 6 weeks, which is amazing, and she hasn't worn the thumbsies for 2 weeks. Initially getting her to go to sleep was tricky as she couldn't self sooth, however I laid with her in bed and counted sheep instead, first night I got to 200, but each night it got less and after 2 weeks she could go to sleep by herself. I initially bought 4 as she sucked both thumbs, but that wasn't sufficient as the day time ones got fairly dirty, so I ordered 4 more. She took them off to eat and to use the bathroom, but other than that she was happy to wear them as she thought they were cool. I would definitely recommend this product, we used them in conjunction with the reward chart.
Sar Lewis
20:13 06 Aug 18
Absolutely made up with the thumbsie! My 4 year old picked 2 different designs that she liked which we could rotate when washing. I think letting her choose her own really helped the process. The very 1st day they arrived she was excited to put it on. Took a while longer than normal to get to sleep for the 1st few nights because she didn’t know how to comfort herself, but still took less than half an hour each night. I let her wear it to school, which her teachers supported, and she was so excited to show it off. Other than her wanting to take it off to eat, she didn’t take it off once and was very quick to ask for it back on after she had finished her food. Two successful weeks later I forgot to put it on after her bath and realised she had gone to sleep quite happily without sucking her thumb.....and we haven’t looked back since! She is now 2 weeks on from no longer needing thumbsie and hasn’t sucked her thumb once from day 1 of putting it on. Initially I felt like it was a lot of money buying 2 for a bit of a gamble as to whether it would work, but they were worth every penny and I would recommend them to anyone!
Kate Ross
20:10 30 Jul 18
These are great. Colourful, washable and unique so that my daughter feels special wearing them. Highly recommended.
Vania Stankova
14:00 30 Jul 18
Really happy with it. Helps my daughter of sucking her finger during a night time . Thank you very much. I do recommend this product
Lowri Howatson
12:00 21 Jul 18
Amazing! The Thumbsie is magic! My 7 year old daughter loved sucking her thumb day and night and after stumbling across the Thumbsie on the internet I decided to give it a try. I was convinced it wouldn't work as I feel like we've tried everything else on offer. After only 2 weeks of wearing one all day and night she has now completly stopped. I just wish we had discovered the thumbsie sooner.
Petra Chicken
17:35 12 Jul 18
Great product. Easy to use and worked a treat. I would recommend using it day and night. We used it during the day at the start which didn’t stop them sucking their fingers but once we had it on 24/7 within three weeks they no longer sucked their fingers.
Sarah Kelly
12:52 13 Jun 18
This is a great product, it really helped my daughter to stop thumb sucking, especially good for nighttime when the pesky thumb would automatically find its way back in. I’m so relieved she has stopped and fingers crossed there is no long term damage. Thank you very much xx
Julia Hurst
16:54 31 May 18
Amazing! Sceptical at first as thought the novelty may wear off after a week or so. My 5 year old son was a hard core thumb sucker, both thumbs day and night! From the first day he wore his gloves he never sucked him thumb again! He wore them solidly for one month then was able to say goodbye to them. The gloves alongside the sticker chart are a fab combination.The only slight issue was due to the Velcro loosing it’s stick and coming away off one set of gloves after a week or two, however due to the amount he was wearing them I suspect this may be tricky to prevent.
Sarah Heasman
15:05 31 May 18
My daughter has been sucking her thumb since she was 3 months old and the thumbsie's were brilliant in helping her to stop. The fact that she was involved in choosing them meant that she wanted to wear them each night which was great and I would definitely recommend them.
Louisa Boothby
10:22 02 Apr 18
We have an 8 year old son who wouldn't stop sucking his thumb and after numerous methods (even putting chilli on his thumb!) we thought we'd just have to wait for him to grow out of it. The Thumbsie worked a treat; we bought 3 of them and after 2 weeks he stopped sucking his thumb - this included at night when he didn't have his thumbsie on!! Great simple product.
Ruth Taylor
23:25 22 Mar 18
Very pleased with the thumbsie, I’ve tried everything with my son(who so 8), and this is the first idea where he’s really come on board with the plan and so far so good-thanks!
Nicola Milner
16:57 22 Mar 18
After years of trying to get my 11 year old daughter to stop sucking her thumb, these thumbsies managed it in two weeks! I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you.
Sarah Proulx Calfee
14:10 22 Mar 18
My son LOVES his thumbsie. He picked out the pattern (sharks) and has stopped sucking his fingers. Now, he wears his "night night glove" for fun. Thanks for such a great invention!
Gary Smith
09:35 19 Feb 18
My 9 year old son had struggled with thumb sucking (obviously not in front of his mates) to the point of it affecting his teeth and sores on his thumb. He asked for help and on a friends recommendations we bought him a thumbsie. He loved the fact it was in army camouflaged and thankfully he has now stopped the habit and his thumb sores have cleared up.
Louise Wilson
13:37 05 Feb 18
My 4 year old daughter has been a finger sucker since the day she could turn her head as a baby and find her fingers. I found Thumbsie by chance on the internet and I am so pleased I did. I was a little sceptical at first that they would work but they were a great SUCCESS! My daughter loved choosing which fabric she wanted and then couldn't wait for them to arrive. She stopped sucking her finger within 5 days! That was three months ago and she still hasn't sucked her fingers since. A great product and would definitely recommend. Thanks Thumbsie! x
Kinga Szabó
20:11 03 Feb 18
I am most surprised, but the two Thumbsies I bought did stop my daughter`s to sucking her thumb. She did started to such her thumbs in the womb and was very relied on this habit when she got tired, upset or watching TV. The variety of fabrics made her excited and she did enjoyed to choose her favourite one. I think this played a big part to the success. I also told her I only will buy them if she will promise me to wearing them. We only use them at night and she doesn`t wanted her friends to see it, even if we had a friend who we know also wearing them......She doesn`t want to wear them lately and I don`t think she sucks her thumb anymore. I do try to make her put it on, but not to worried. She is just about to loose her first tooth - and this was my motivation - to get to this point by the time her new tooth comes through to avoid the damage....And her dentist seemed to be keen to get to here too. I have to admit, I had no other concern, I was very happy that she had a form of calming herself. I think she she found other way to deal with anxiety and she seems to be able to go to sleep without this.....Thanks. This is the only way to achieve this as for me forcing her to stop wouldn`t be an option.
Elaine Gaughran
01:00 17 Dec 17
My daughter (5 years old) stopped sucking her thumb within 2 months. She was delighted with the pretty patterns. Her teacher made a fuss. It was a very positive experience and I was very happy with the product.•••
Nicole Tyrrell
20:23 15 Dec 17
Good quality material, well-stitched and soft. Daughter has taken to the concept and loves the cute name.
Vicki Morganti
20:10 14 Dec 17
I have to be honest, I didn't think this would work, my daughter is 8 and we were worried about her teeth due to thumb sucking and thought we would give this a try as everything else had failed - even other cheaper thumb guards online. However it has been just over two months now and she feels she no longer needs the thumb guard to stop her sucking her thumb. She has forgotten to wear it once or twice and didn't even put her thumb in her mouth. This worked from the start and was comfortable for her to wear. She loved the choice of designs and feels disappointed that she feels she no longer needs it, as she wanted to buy another one! Can't recommend highly enough, lovely quality, great designs and the charts really helped.
David Robinson
18:33 14 Dec 17
Really works for bedtime.
Rachel Grummett
16:11 14 Dec 17
Great idea we have tried everything from plasters, woolly gloves, bribery and that horrible nail biting liquid all to no avail ! The thumbsie is a great preventative during the day and at night and the bright design has ensure my child wants to wear it. Its slowly improving as a result.
Elda Breuer
21:25 28 Nov 17
Best trick for my daughter. She kept the thumbsie on for 1 week all day , then another week nights only. After that she didn't suck her thumb anymore. She stopped sucking the thumb for the first time in 7 years. We bought the thumbsies together with best friend , they called each other the thumbsie sisters . The reward system help too . She knew that after having the first 5 lines filled with starts she would get a Lego as a present.
Leigh-Anne Bojarski
09:45 12 Nov 17
Great product that helped our daughter, who is 2.5 years, stop sucking her fingers within 1-2 weeks of use (which she has been doing practically since birth). Before finding the glove, she was only still finger sucking during sleeping but that made it the hardest time to give up as not fully aware of the habit so we were out of ideas and unfortunately already seeing the change to her teeth. We were so happy to find something like this that she could help choose and feel good about the change - rather than a bad tasting liquid or other alternative. Thank you Thumbsie, we would recommend to anyone!
Rachel Cleverly
23:04 07 Nov 17
Absolutely the winning answer! My daughter loved her Thumbsies, such fun fabrics and a good comfortable fit. She had no problem wearing them and loved showing everyone. The chart is great too, we worked out the rewards and put the stickers on each day and within 5 weeks she's done it! No more sucking her thumb! I couldn't recommend it enough. I will definitely be buying them for my son next!
Eleanor Harrison
21:37 07 Nov 17
Quick service, lots of choice and the kids are happy to wear them. Would recommend.
Clare Morgan
10:12 07 Nov 17
Ed Cottrill
22:29 06 Nov 17
Great product and fast delivery. Highly recommended. Thanks!
Emma Wolski
20:47 05 Nov 17
The pink panda thumbsie we bought for our 5 year old daughter worked really well. The bedtime finger sucking was the last thing to conquer and we feared this would be a mountain to climb. However, she was really pleased with her glove, wore it willingly and we are shocked at how quickly this has enabled her to give up a lifetime habit of sucking her two fingers. She did temporarily develop a habit of snorting / clearing her throat often, to clear the saliva in her throat, which was different from before when she had been sucking her fingers often, but within a couple of weeks this passed too. All done. Very happy!
kate harvey
16:52 05 Nov 17
Fantastic product, my 7 year old daughter loved choosing the fabric and after 3 weeks of use at bedtime, she no longer sucks her thumb! Thank you!
Helen Thomson
16:43 05 Nov 17
This product has had a big impact on my son's thumb sucking. He wears it every night to bed and it's really reduced his sucking when he's sleepy even when he's not wearing it. Haven't cracked it yet but we're well on the way. He chose the superhero thumbsie!
Michelle Beasley
14:41 05 Nov 17
Excellent service and quick delivery. My daughter aged 7 hasn't suckered her thumb in weeks.
Carl wright
21:20 12 Oct 17
This is one of the best products I have come across in my time as a parent. I only wish we'd discovered it sooner!! Our eldest daughter sucked her thumb from being a baby and I didn't ever think we could get her to stop the habit was so bad. She just constantly had her thumb in her mouth which started to affect her front teeth growing outwards. We knew she needed to stop and ASAP but every other thing we tried had failed. Then we stumbled across the Thumbsie on google and it was a life saver. From the very beginning of the process our daughter was excited to choose the designs she wanted, to wear it and to stop sucking her thumb. We couldn't believe the success we had in 3 weeks. She does not suck her thumb at all now and we've all been amazed and how different she is. This is a fantastic product that I can highly recommend to anyone with this problem. I even told our dentist about who said she will tell other parents about it!
amanda wicks
15:25 07 Sep 17
Wow, wow, wow is the only words I can use yo describe how brilliant these are! My daughter used to suck her thumb all the time and we tried all different ways to stop it, then I came across thumbsies .....they changed our lives! Within 10 days my daughter stopped sucking her thumbs and hasn't worn her thumbsies for the last 3 nights and hasn't sucked her thumb either!! I will be recommending these to all of my family and friends! Even better that she got to choose what pattern she wanted on them!Thank you so much!
Laura Stevens
13:49 11 Jul 17
Very impressed with thumbsies. They are made with care and the designs appeal. Our son enjoys wearing his, and they have helped him stop the habit most of the time (though he does slip when he is ill or tired!). I get lots of other parents asking me about them. Only issue is that ours are wearing holes in from the play of an adventurous little boy!
Jo Raisbeck
16:36 29 Jun 17
Anna Mawhinney
09:34 29 Jun 17
Excellent quality material and well made. Perhaps a little pricey as you need to buy at least two and the discount offered is fairly small.Lots of great information on the website too and good service.
Lyndsay Lynch
07:57 29 Jun 17
Ollie age 6 is an avid thumb sucker He is on his 2 nd thumbie and it has had a great effect He no longer sucks during the day but still has a sneaky suck during the night The teachers at school have notice his concentration has Improved at school also !
Fiona Davies
21:28 28 Jun 17
My 3 year old and 5 year old daughters both sucked their thumbs, so I bought 2 thumbsies in an attempt to crack the habit at the same time. After 3 days my 3 year old stopped completely and she no longer needed to wear it, but my older daughter started to suck her other thumb instead! She is now 6, nearly 7 and we have recently bought 2 further thumbsies to finally try and stop the habit as her adult teeth are starting to push outwards. She now wears 2 at night and 2 during the day. She wants to give up and I think we are now making progress. I just wish we'd tried sooner rather than waiting until she was 5. The concept is great, however if the child wants to suck their thumb, they can slip it off and access the thumb easily. Luckily my 6 year old really wants to stop now, which is a bonus.
Victoria Critchley
13:05 28 Jun 17
Thumbsies are great - my kid loved the design (it even made the other kids jealous). And they were effective. It meant she had a fun and non-punitive way to break the habit. And it was fast! really recommend them highly! Thanks very much.
Helen Forman
13:05 28 Jun 17
We bought 4 thumbsies for my daughter after the dentist told us how badly thumb-sucking can affect her teeth at her age - she's 9. She really wanted to stop sucking her thumb but found it so comforting. When she realised it really had to stop she cried - it was like saying goodbye to part of her childhood! The thumbsies helped a lot because they are so cool-looking and I think they helped make the new chapter visible, real and exciting to her. She was keen to show them to her friends and they liked them too, so no problems wearing them at school. 6 weeks on, she never sucks her thumb in the day any more. Thumb sucking at night has been harder, but a combination of the thumbsies and 'Stop and Grow' nasty-tasting paint has meant that we are well on the way.
Suzanne Shepherd
13:04 28 Jun 17
Fantastic idea. My 8yr old son loved the Camo-print material and has used his thumbsie every night. Fast, efficient delivery too.
Bhavna Bhanderi
15:06 12 Jun 17
Lovely service and prompt deliver, the items were as described on the website, and it actually works! my daughter sucks her thumb a lot less now, thank you!
Kris Tobiasson
20:56 11 Jun 17
We bought a pair of thumbsy's a few months back for our five year old daughter and they have worked well. They didn't originally stop her from sucking her thumb as she was able to wiggle her thumb out and suck it at night and then she would put it back on in the morning to cover her tracks, but I caught her once and so we then made modifications to extend the material over the fingers and now she doesn't suck her thumb when she has the thumbsys on..
Steve Meakin
14:11 11 Jun 17
The Thumbsie has worked very well for our daughter, in conjunction with the reward chart she stopped sucking her thumb after 3 weeks both during the day and at bed time and it's now 3 months later and she shows no signs of returning to her old habits. A great device can't recommend enough.
Tony Williams
06:48 11 Jun 17
The Thumbsie thumb guard is nicely made and much better looking than the plastic and rubber alternatives. My child picked the fabric they liked best, which meant they were happier to wear it.Does it work? As well as any similar product. It's more of a prompt to break a habit than a physical barrier as it's easy for a child to take off if they want to. My child is definitely sucking her thumb a lot less.
Daniel Beck
20:33 10 Jun 17
Genuinely this is a great product. Our 4 year old has stopped sucking his thumb entirely using the thumbsie. We did a start chart (one star for keeping it on all night) for 10 days at the beginning and he continued wearing it for a few weeks. Solved the habitual sucking on the way to sleep and in the middle of the night. Kids can remove it if they want (hence the star chart) so we put in a bit of work to help him understand it was time to stop.
Carol Deans
16:00 10 Jun 17
Oh my goodness. Amazing. It worked and worked so quickly. I highly recommend. I've tried so many things to get my 9 year old daughter to stop sucking her thumb (even bribery!). She was sucking it all the time - day and night, when she was concentrating, bored, anytime. She often didn't even realise she was doing it! She even had her arm in plaster for 8 weeks and went back to sucking her thumb once the plaster came off. She chose her own thumbsies and after 3 days she had stopped and she hasn't sucked it since - not even at night/when asleep. If I hadn't seen it for myself, I don't think I would have believed it - but it's really true. The range of designs was great, good quality and quick delivery too.
Jennifer Sullivan
08:40 10 Jun 17
The Thumbsie has been an instant success in our House! My 8 year old daughter needed to stop sucking her thumb after she had her braces fitted. We tried lots of different methods but this is the only one that worked. I still can't believe how quickly it worked! The website is very user friendly & my daughter was able to choose her own "cool" designs. She is very comfortable wearing it, even in front of her friends. We live in Austria & it took less than a week to receive our orders. I would highly recommend this product!
Archana Thangavel
05:56 10 Jun 17
My daughter (2yrs) had the habit of thumb sucking for more than 18 months. I have tried many methods to stop her habit. Like applying neem oil and other bitter taste solutions that are available in the market to stop thumb sucking habit. I felt those methods were very cruel and it didn't help.My daughter used to cry a lot. Then I used to cover her hand using socks. She used to remove it off easily because she was not able to use her fingers when she used to play. She felt very uncomfortable. 2 months back, when I visited the doctor, I was advised to stop her thumb sucking habit somehow because her teeth alignment got changed. I didn't know how to stop this habit. I came across Thumbsie through google. I made my daughter to pick her favourite design. She asked for the strawberry design. I bought it straightaway. Thousand thanks to Thumbsie. My daughter came out of thumb sucking habit very quickly. I feel extremely happy. I love all of Thumbsie designs. They are so attractive. All kids favourite designs. My daughter loves wearing Thumbsie. She was so comfortable since she can use all her fingers easily after wearing Thumbsie. She plays happily. Good that we can choose our size. They fit perfectly if you go by the measurements given. Many of my friends asked about what my daughter was wearing and they appciated the brilliant idea to stop thumb sucking. I have referred Thumbsie to all my friends. This is the thing that you should purchase if you have thumb sucking kids. I highly recommend 👍🏻.
Elena Dey
15:48 01 Jun 17
Thank you very much!! What a lovely thumbsie! My daughter has now stopped sucking her thumb.
Sarah Leakey
21:53 31 May 17
Despite measuring i wish i got a larger size
Ingrid Calviello
22:45 29 May 17
Purchased two Thumbsies, one for each of my four year old twins who only sucked their thumbs at night. Mission accomplished by the second night of wear! Not only did they cease the habit in two days they also dropped their daytime nap at the same time, which I am convinced is due to them sleeping better at night. They wore the thumb guards every night for a month, but didn't once attempt to suck their thumbs. They were both ready and keen to drop the habit but without the Thumbsie they would, almost certainly, still be sucking their thumbs now.
Frankie Brown
17:22 29 May 17
My daughter, aged 6, had a gap of three teeth for nine months, they just weren't growing down. So, after a small bit of scare-mongering, she decided she wanted to try and stop sucking her thumb. I explained it wouldn't be easy and that it would be difficult to get to sleep, but she was determined. She picked out the prints and stayed with it. After one week it got easier and six weeks on she stopped wearing her Thumbsies to bed - success! Now, three months after she started she has a tooth growing back! Love this product. Definitely works for committed children.
Helen Thompson
09:10 27 May 17
Purchased x3 thumbsies for my son, he was excited to receive them and wore a thumbsie from night one without complaint or question, and has literally not sucked his thumb since that first night. Why did I not know about these sooner??!! superb product!
Esther Laslett
06:37 26 May 17
We bought thumbsies to help our six year old daughter stop sucking her thumb. She was a devoted thumb sucker and we were concerned as the dentist said her teeth had been pushed forwards from this habit to the worst extent he'd seen in his career! We'd tried a few methods to get her to stop, but none worked. One day she decided herself that she would try and we looked online for aids. Being motivated herself really helped, but as we browsed the internet for methods, she was immediately grabbed by the 'Thumbsie'. She loved the idea that she could pick her own fabrics and that she would get a 'Success Certificate' once she stopped the habit, and such an approach helped keep her motivation strong. All interaction with 'Thumbsie' has been brilliant: immediate responses to questions and our order arrived the very next day! I would certainly recommend this site.
Emma Freeman
10:50 25 May 17
The thumbsie did a great job in breaking the habit. Great invention. Thanks
Clare Malone
03:01 25 May 17
Fantastic way to assist your child to stop sucking their thumb. Easy to order from the website and really quick delivery. Very happy customer.
Michelle Curtis
20:27 24 May 17
I ordered two thumbsies for my two and a half year old son in February. They are amazing and after two weeks he had forgotten his thumb sucking habit altogether. We kept him wearing one for a few more weeks just to be sure and then removed it in the day and finally after six weeks removed it at night. He has not sucked his thumb since and his teeth are already moving back to a better line. He loved his thumbsies and would ask for the shark or car pattern each day depending on his mood. Great product and would recommend to anyone especially for this age as my son was very happy to accept this as a norm.
Sukrti Nagpal
19:30 24 May 17
The website is really easy to use and the thumbsie arrived quickly. My son has sucked his thumb to sleep since he was 8 weeks old. (Now 3 years old!) Within days my son stopped sucking his thumb at night. We kept it on for about 6 weeks in total and he has done really well. He loved choosing his own design. I am really pleased with how well these worked and would recommend these to anyone who is looking to help their child stop sucking their thumb!
Laura Gowers
12:38 24 May 17
Great product, stopped my son sucking his thumb very quickly!
James ewbank
12:12 24 May 17
Sarah Reynolds
11:24 24 May 17
Brilliant - solved a 6 year old finger sucking and a 3 year thumb. With a lot of bribery using the thumbsie chart and the thumbsies - we did it!!! Thank you - may have saved me a fortune on orthodontic treatment!!
Vickie Cole
11:19 24 May 17
The thumbsie I ordered was chosen by my son so he knew why he was having one. He liked the fact it was army so he is happy to wear it. It washes well. The only thing we find is because it's got a Velcro strap he can take it off when he wants his thumb!
Nikki Browning
20:13 23 May 17
My daughter really was keen to give up sucking her thumb but felt very attached to it as she had done it pretty much since birth! Once her thumbsie had arrived she was very excited to try it out. On the first night she was a bit upset and couldn't settle herself very easily. After one late night she was determined to carry on and within a week to ten days she no longer sucked her thumb!!
Sham Patel
00:04 12 May 17
Яна Марчук
14:22 07 May 17
I don't have much hope when I purchased Thumbsie but after wearing it for some time I can say that my 4 years old daughter start to pay attention to thumb sucking issue. It is deffinately allow to gain some control over this habbit. I hope one day in nearest future we will be thumb-suck-free)
Louise Knipe
09:58 02 May 17
Great idea! we have struggled with finger sucking for a while without knowing what to do. This product has been ace.
Meg Robertson
08:42 02 May 17
Couldn't be happier, my 7 year old sucked his fingers from 7mths old and with 4 weeks with the 'thumbsie' on (all day & night) he hasn't sucked his fingers since.. Thank you so much x
Karina Williams
20:49 25 Apr 17
What a wonderful product! Has cured my 8 year old from sucking her thumb in her sleep, would definitely recommend it!
Elsbeth Roelofs
11:19 19 Apr 17
The thumbsie is a gentle way to prevent our daughter from thumb sucking. And easy to take along in your bag for the holidays.
Mary Brown
12:28 16 Apr 17
My daughter is trying very hard to stop sucking her thumb and have found that the thumbsie does deter her although she still takes the thumbsie off when tired, this is definately worth a try if the child is determined. The thumbsie was delivered very quickly and service was excellent.
Emily Rait
20:12 13 Apr 17
My daughter loves her Thumbsie, she was very excited to choose the fabric and even more excited when it arrived in the post. My only regret is that I did not order one for the other thumb!
Justin Rowles
19:23 13 Apr 17
Very nicely made. Darling daughter is still sucking her thumb when they aren't on, so you have to be scrupulous about replacing them after bath/swimming/gardening/whatever.
Jessica Paauw
10:59 13 Apr 17
We purchased the Thumbsie to stop a 5.5 year thumb sucking habit that was very firmly entrenched. We loved the product for its attractive designs that appealed to our daughter, the comfort of fabric versus plastic versions, the ease to wash, and because it felt like a gentle yet effective option to help our daughter through what was a very difficult transition. Of course it was the strength of our daughter to give up this habit, but it was with the support of a thoughtful and well-designed product - and with some tears, a lot of encouragement and a few special rewards, within a week the habit was gone.
Caroline Eady
10:29 13 Apr 17
I wish i had started with the Thumbsie earlier. Our son is 6 and we got our thumbsie a few months ago when ge first got it he would take it off (very easy to hear with the velcro :)) now he puts it on and keeps it on. He sucks his thumb only at night but have to really clamp down on it as he has lost his first two teeth our dentist had said it wouldnt be too much of an issue when he was younger but would be if he carried on once his baby teeth came out. He choose the camouflage thumbsie and found it hard to begin with as it was such a habit, now he reminds us to put it on, we will certainly keep using it for the foreseeable future. I would definately recommend this product and definately from an earlier age the longer you leave it the harder it is trying to get them to keep it on. Brilliant product and so simply to use, love it
Rachel Moriarty
09:18 13 Apr 17
After an 8 year battle my daughter has pretty much stopped sucking her thumb. I'd advise buying 2 so you can keep them in different places or have a spare. The reward chart also worked well.
Edwina Subritzky
09:12 13 Apr 17
Fantastic product! We had tried several other ways to get our 9yo son to stop sucking him thumb, without success. He wore the thumbsie when watching TV and all night. We had the habit broken in around 2 weeks. So happy, thank you.
Kellie Ahl
14:44 07 Apr 17
We purchased two Tumbsies for my daughter (aged 7) and within two days she had stopped sucking her thumb! Yes she had said she was ready (after a visit to the dentist) but she didn't know how she as going to stop. The pretty Thumbsies helped act as a reminder. She did take longer to settle to sleep for a week or so but other than that no issues! We are gobsmacked as she loved sucking her thumb! We highly recommend them.
Anca Alexandra
19:18 30 Mar 17
Smart solution! My 6-month old had very sore thumbs from continuous sucking; Thumbsie worked really well, it covers the thumb while allowing the baby to continue to suck the thumb and also use the other fingers freely.
Vicky Ford
14:25 07 Mar 17
Bought a few of these for my 3 year old daughter a few months ago to help her stop sucking her fingers, which she mainly did at night. She loved choosing the fabrics and putting them on, and within a few days she had stopped sucking them at night! She has also stopped in the daytime despite not wearing the finger guards. Highly recommended!
Morrican Horne
19:10 06 Mar 17
The thumbsie we ordered arrived quickly and looked very pretty. My daughter loved the fabric and was easily persuaded to wear it every night. Amazingly, she stopped sucking her thumb after wearing it for one week! (And she had sucked her thumb from birth and is 6 years old). The chars and stickers really helped too. Thank you!
Belinda Smith
12:14 02 Mar 17
Really worked for my daughter. She only sucks her thumb at night and the Thumbsie is just enough to deter her without being uncomfortable to wear. I contacted Jo through Facebook as I needed the order to be delivered urgently and she was so helpful. Very fast replies, great advice and speedy delivery. Highly recommended all round.
Ceane Towers
08:38 02 Mar 17
My daughter was a constant night and day thumb sucker, and her twin had the advantage to be the leader as Jannali was listening but sucking and become an introvert, while the twin Khya become the extravert. Now there is double the voices in the home just after 4 weeks of using the glove and the reward chart and reading the book which was also good as Janna could relate and she felt she was not alone, she is completely not a thumb sucker, she said "she has forgotten what her thumb tastes like". She is dancing more, talking more, doing better in all the areas of her life, esp expressing more of her feelings and ideas and we are caring for her new teeth that will be due to come through in a couple of years, and they will be straight. She is 5 and doing well. She loved the fact that she knew the post from England was coming through, it was about Xmas time so it took a few weeks, however I prepared her in that time. We have not looked back, and the company has won awards for their medical products, and the clinical products else where are rigid and basically not welcoming for a child. Jannali got to choose her material design and it was measured to fit. Thank you because it's opening my daughter up to the world and she is now open and free.
Pamela Maloney
21:21 01 Mar 17
Absolutely fantastic, well worth every penny! Delivery was quick and we were amazed how effective they were - they have stopped a 5 year old whose thumb sucking was constant. Thank you
Nadine Coleshill
17:26 01 Mar 17
Brilliant! Great service AND my daughter no longer sucks get thumbs at night after more than five years...only took a few days and she totally buys i to the concept and is keen to put the Thumbsies on. Went for the superhero print which she loves. Def recommend.
Vee Walsh
15:55 01 Mar 17
I bought a Thumbsie for my 6 year old daughter in a last ditch attempt to stop her thumb sucking. The designs are fun and make it more fun for her to wear. She wears it at night mainly and we keep a spare one in the car, car journeys are a trigger for thumb sucking! We have only had the product for a month and my daughters thumb sucking has reduced significantly. We are pleased with the product and would highly recommend it.
Jane MacLean
13:58 01 Mar 17
Delighted with service and quality of product. Has been having a positive impact so far so good.
Kathryn Wycoff Gross
12:34 01 Mar 17
I bought this product for my 7-year-old daughter, a VERY stubborn thumb sucker. She's reached a point where she wants to give up her thumb, but still has trouble breaking the habit, and the thumbsies help her at school. They are rather elegantly designed in that they fit smoothly over her thumb but leave her fingers free, so she can still write and do other school work without interference. Plus, she thinks it looks a bit "cool." It's helped her keep off her thumb at school, and as a result she's had less teasing from other kids and the teacher seems quite pleased as well. I will say that she still takes it off for a suck when she is at home, feeling tired, or a bit blue, so this hasn't been a magic bullet for us. But it has helped my daughter make progress, and after years of trying just about everything else without success I am impressed with that result. I would advise buying several thumbsies because they get very dirty over the course of the day and need to be washed after each use, and sometimes we have trouble keeping track of them, so it helps to have several on hand to make sure we can find at least one clean one each morning.
Clare Creagh
21:11 15 Feb 17
Our daughter Ava (10) had great success with her Thumbsie, and the Santa version was perfect for Xmas holidays. I did think they were quite expensive but they've been worth every penny. Very useful for those times watching tv etc when you might absentmindedly suck your thumb. Thanks again, would definitely recommend.
Iain Laughland
22:27 06 Feb 17
Nathan Denison
09:58 03 Feb 17
After a couple of abortive attempts at weening our five year old off her thumb with foul tasting liquids (which she devoured with a gusto) and plasters (which took longer to apply than she took to rip off) we tried the thumbsies. I was particularly sceptical however from the moment they arrived my daughter was delighted to sport them as a pseudo fashion accessory and made no attempt to remove them. The acid test was overnight and I can honestly say that she went straight off still proudly wearing her thumbsie. We dispensed with them after around three weeks and have never looked back. We selected three thumbsies (they will need washing!) and made an effort to get our daughter’s approval pre-purchase so when they arrived she was excited to receive them and was proud to wear them. Highly recommended!
Samantha Eastwood
20:25 01 Feb 17
Purchased 4 thumb guards Initially I bought the wrong size - but Jo sorted this for me with no problems. They were easy to return and the new ones arrived promptly. The thumb guards are good quality and fit well. A few dentists I know have commented what a good idea they are to help stop thumb sucking.
Catherine Hewitt
13:57 01 Feb 17
Really well made, arrived in the time given and my son loved being able to choose the fabric himself. His habit is proving hard to break so we are still using the thumbsies (he has started to suckling the other thumb instead so worth getting a few!!).
Karen Willis
11:30 01 Feb 17
Excellent value well made
Sandra Bouki
10:39 23 Jan 17
I can't praise enough Thumbsie as it helped our almost nine year old daughter stop sucking her thumb in just two weeks! Such a simple idea but it really helped break the habit completely, much easier than we expected. My daughter loved the different prints and colours and she is now very proud of herself, as we are for her!
Natasha Barnes
11:07 01 Dec 16
Literally the best thing I've ever brought. Got this for my daughter who was obsessed with sucking her thumb and it only took a couple of days for her to completely stop. Thank you so much xxxx
Cath Spinks
19:50 08 Nov 16
A very big thank you to thumbsie!After 5 and 1/2 years of my daughter constantly thumb sucking, I tried thumbsie.After 2 weeks she stopped wearing the thumbsie by day with no erge to suck her thumb and after 4 weeks of thumbsie she no longer wears it at night and no longer sucks her thumb.Great product!
Gary Foxcroft
08:26 19 Oct 16
Fantastic product. Thoroughly recommended!
Laura Gale
15:02 18 Oct 16
Made to fit!! I have 3 children who have sucked fingers/thumb since being in the womb (Sonographer actually showed us at scan!). After trying many other ways to stop them I found thumbsie. My 7yr old stopped completely in 3 Weeks&no longer requires guard. My eldest only needs at night now & the youngest wears at school. They are comfortable, practical, can be washed, pretty. Very happy with the success of them!
Nic Pattman
06:55 14 Oct 16
My 7 year old had been trying to stop sucking her thumb for a few years without much success. The problem we found was bedtime, she has always sucked her thumb to get to sleep! She chose the fabrics for her thumbsies and when they arrived was very keen to wear them. They had an impact straight away and within 2weeks had stopped sucking her thumb completely. This was 2 months ago (since we started) and she no longer needs the thumbsie at all (although she does like to wear it sometimes!) a huge thank you to thumbsies, I couldn't recommend them more!
Eleanor Mountain
11:54 13 Oct 16
A simple and excellent idea - well made, delivered quickly and doing the job (with two completely addicted thumb suckers)...truly fantastic. Comfortable, easy to use, and working!
Miriam Silver
00:47 13 Oct 16
I was impressed with the Thumbsie, it was nicely made, fitted well and the service was good. My daughter used to suck her thumb every night and if stressed or tired in the day time, but she hasn't sucked her thumb since we bought it. And the print is really nice, and made it like a special glover her sister was jealous of, rather than something embarrassing. Thumbsie is way better than those horrible plastic thumb guards. I'm glad we gave it a go.
Peggy Shaw
20:28 12 Oct 16
We had been battling the thumb sucking for a couple of years, with no joy! We've tried everything...books, didn't work, plastic thumb guard but they are uncomfortable, stop & grow but that doesn't work at night, nagging didn't work. I came across this simple solution and thought I'd give it a go. My daughter chose her design & thought it looked pretty cool. We used the star chart to encourage wearing the thumbsie at danger times, at home watching telly, car journeys, tiredness. She now doesn't suck her thumb in the day, ever. And we no longer use it in the day. She is still wearing it to sleep, but we are almost there 🙂 it been about 7wks. Thumbsie is comfortable to wear & is a kind reminder not to suck her thumb and it s the only thing that has worked. We recommended to our friend who is having just as much progress. 🙂
Amber Steele
21:49 03 Oct 16
What an absolutely incredible product! My daughter had been sucking her thumb every day since she was 1 year old and we thought it was going to be nearly impossible to get her to stop at the age of 8 - but the thumbsie made it possible. She stopped within a month. She loved that she could choose the fabric and she loved that it was comfortable to wear. When she stopped sucking her thumb they sent her a certificate of achievement. Brilliant all around service, quality and product.
Steven Arisz
10:38 02 Oct 16
The Thumbsies made a real difference for my 6 year old daughter. We tried everything. Plasters, bad tasting stuff. Nothing really worked. During the summer holiday we tried Thumbsies and it worked. She likes to wear them because they look nice and are printed with her favorite animal, horses. During daytime she has lost the need for sucking her thumb entirely and even when she goes to bed she can resist it. But when we leave her to fall a sleep, she secretly removes one Thumbsie to briefly suck her thumb and pacify herself. The Thumbsies are too easy to remove. If I can make one improvement suggestion it would be good to fit them with a buckle which cannot be undone by the child itself. The main thing is: they work! We are not there yet but certainly getting there!We showed the Thumbsies to our dentist and he was very enthusiastic. He took some pictures and I showed him the website. He has a lot more children in his practice who can be benefited by the Thumbsies.
martin leedham
18:11 26 Sep 16
such a simple idea but very clever. thumbsie combined with my 7yr olds dentists dire warning to finally end the thumb sucking. it was easy to sell the idea due to an attractive website and the custom made designs. once it arrived my son liked it and was happy to wear it. due to his thumb sucking being mostly when asleep he wore it at night. after three weeks we sadly lost our thumbsie on a flight back from holiday, however by then it had worked. another four weeks later still no thumb sucking, teeth overbite hopefully improving and hard callous on thumb has gone! thank-you.
Nicola Pickup
18:51 25 Sep 16
Delighted with my Thumbsie! My 8 year old stopped sucking her thumb after just a few weeks, wish I'd found it years ago. Easy and simple, brilliant!
Julie Macauley
06:32 25 Sep 16
My grand daughter had sucked her thumb for seven years but reduced it in the last few years to just as she fell asleep/during sleep. I found these on-line after showing her a video on tube by a dentist showing the damage to teeth and jaw bones which really motivated her to stop. She chose two designs and I bought the star charts pack- yes, I could have created my own quite easily. Briar was very proud of having a thumbsie, showed loads of people and told everyone how she was giving up! She never attempted to take the thumbsie off at night even though she could have. She loved the star chart and showed her Mummy and Daddy who were monitoring the situation daily and us every week on Skype (we are in France and she is in the UK) We agreed suitable rewards with Mummy and Daddy. Everyone was happy. She has not sucked her thumb since and has a beautiful set of nails which Mummy manicures and paints for her each week. A great success all made simple, pain free and possible due to the thumbsie. Very happy, child, parents, grandparents and dentist. Thank you.
Kevin Morley
20:20 22 Sep 16
Osvaldo Mellini
16:37 22 Sep 16
Grazie Mille abbiamo trovato il Vostro prodotto molto utile, la mia piccola Jole lo sta utilizzando tutte le notti e si sta abituando anche di giorno a non ciucciare il dito.Grazie
L A Fox
22:31 21 Sep 16
I brought a thumbsie for my 7yr old daughter who was a prolific thumb sucker day and night. Once SHE AGREED THAT SHE WANTED TO STOP (due to concerns about her front teeth) then the guard was to help her remember she didn't want to suck her thumb. The reward sticker chart worked a treat and she had cracked it within 1-2wks. I believe the key is that they decide they want to stop.
Joanne Page
20:33 21 Sep 16
We bought thumbsies for our 3 year old daughter to wear in bed at night. She'd already given up sucking her thumb during the day but needed some extra help to stop her sucking it while falling asleep.She loved the designs and decided to wear them on both hands in case she just swapped to sucking the other thumb. The first couple of nights she found it difficult to fall asleep without being able to suck her thumb but she kept them on and once she was asleep she was fine.Five weeks later after wearing them every night she announced that she didn't need them any more. Her thumb hasn't been near her mouth since. Ordering, receiving and using the thumbsies was completely hassle free. We really hadn't expected to break the habit with such little fuss.
Chris Hurley
18:52 21 Sep 16
Great service
Ava's action
16:56 21 Sep 16
What a great product and idea! Order 2 of the thumbsie's to help my daughter to stop sucking her middle 2 fingers. At 4 1/2years we thought it was about time but had no idea how to go about it. She was excited to receive them in the post and we also ordered her a reward chart. The first night was difficult but the glove done the job. she was a little more restless than normal but we expected that. For the next few days she put it on herself when watching TV or in the car (prime time for finger sucking! ) and to our disbelief 3 months later she has never sucked her fingers again! After 1 week the thumbsie was a fun toy to put on her teddies.We know she would not have done this without this product. Would highly recommend.
Maddy Charlton
16:48 21 Sep 16
Fantastic!! My 7 year old has completely stopped sucking his thumb after only 2 weeks of using the thumbsies. Cannot recommend enough!!! Worth every penny!
Pia Williams
12:54 21 Sep 16
My 7 year old was really excited about the idea of not sucking her thumb to sleep anymore. (She felt too babyish I think)We bought a hynotising cd for stopping thumb and finger sucking, and bought these thumb guards at the same time. When she saw the pretty patterns she got even more excited and within two weeks she didn't even need them anymore. Best money I've spent!
André Sousa
13:06 29 Jun 16
I ordered Thumbsie for my 4-year-old daughter. At that time, she was a truly addicted toddler, struggling very much to deal with the frustration of not being able to lose the bad habit. Teeth, mouth and thumb were suffering quite as much as her. After Thumbsie arrived she loved the idea of wearing it. And that was the last time she ever sucked her thumb. It's been just over a month since and the truth is she doesn't even wear it anymore. Mission is accomplished! Oh, and btw, the Reward Chart also helped us big time. Thank you very much for your service! We will always appreciate it! Cheers!
Nicola Knott
20:58 19 Apr 16
Thumbsies are amazing! My daughter loves hers so much and she hasn't sucked her thumb at all while she's wearing them. They were so easy to order via the website, come in a range of gorgeous fabrics and are very well made. It's still early days for us but my daughter has made great progress so far and I'm feeling very positive that thanks to her Thumbsies, she will be able to give up thumb sucking completely.
Kerry Garforth
09:03 07 Nov 15
Thumbsie is excellent. My daughter had sucked her thumb from birth and when she was 5 and a half we decided that it was time to try to get her to stop before her second teeth started to come through. We came across thumbs as a friends son had used it with success. My daughter loved choosing the material for her 2 thumbsies and loved using the reward charts. The hardest part for my daughter was at night trying to go to sleep. She just didn't know what to do with her hands as for the last 5 years one hand had been in her mouth and the other holding either doggy or bunny and stroking her nose. It took just over 4 weeks for her to stop successfully and we haven't looked back since. She loved getting her certificate to say she had stopped, in fact it is still up now 3 months later. Thank you Thumbsie for such a great product, good luck in the future. Kerry.
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