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Thumb Sucking

How to Give Up the Thumbsucking Habit Successfully

Breaking a long-term habit can be incredibly difficult. And this can be especially true for children. Whether it is nail-biting, hair-twirling or even nose-picking, habits can become a big part of a child’s life.

Perhaps the most widely known habit is thumb sucking. Even some adults struggle to break this habit, not just children.

So, what is thumb sucking and how can it be stopped? Thumb sucking is a natural reflex which often starts in the womb. For many children it is a source of comfort and security. Many children will stop sucking their thumbs naturally around the age of four or five, but for others it will become a more long-term problem.

  1. Identify

The first step in breaking a thumb sucking habit is identifying why your child sucks their thumb. Children often turn to thumb sucking when they are feeling anxious or unsure about something, often a big change in life like a new school or new sibling. It is also quite usual for children to suck their thumbs at specific times of day – to get to sleep for example.

In some cases, a child will suck their thumb out of boredom or simply out of routine. It becomes “what they do”, a part of their everyday life.

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  1. Encourage

When you have identified why, and at what times, your child sucks their thumbs, you can start to think about breaking the habit. Encouragement is key. Although it can be very frustrating to see your child thumb sucking, it is important not to lose your temper. Show them that you are here to support them, you are not angry, and you want to break the habit together.

It is also hugely important to take things slowly. If your child has developed a thumb sucking habit over a long period of time, then it is unlikely they will stop immediately. It is always helpful to set small goals and to reward your child when those goals are reached. All children thrive when they are praised and encouraged.

Breaking the thumb sucking habit

We want children to have fun whilst trying to break the thumb sucking habit. Over time Thumbsie® can help a child break the thumb sucking habit. Buy Now
  1. Intervene

A number of interventions can be used. Some people recommend applying foul-tasting liquid to nails or applying plasters over the specific thumb or fingers. Another commonly used method is finding a distraction for the hands – a favourite cuddly toy or a stress toy, for example.

But, at Thumbsie, we believe we have the very best solution.

Thumbsies® are thumb and finger guards which are specifically designed to help children stop thumb sucking. They are placed on the appropriate digit and act as a reminder not to suck.

Thumbsies® have been on the market for over a decade. And, to put it simply: they work. We have hundreds of positive reviews from happy parents on Google Reviews, where we have an incredible 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Hear from a happy parent

This testimonial is from a very happy parent who purchased fabric thumb guards.

“She has been wearing her fabric thumb guards for ten days now and my husband and I are blown away with how successful they have been. I never thought it could be this easy. She hasn’t sucked her thumb since putting one on, despite being a prolific thumb sucker since she was 5 weeks old – she is now 5! The transformation has been wonderful to watch, she is much more engaged in family life and seems much happier and more up for trying new things. We have a different child!”

We have also been recognised countless times by the health and wellbeing industry as an innovative and effective product.

When it comes to avoiding dental harm, we are so proud of our official accreditation from the Oral Health Foundation, in addition to dentists from around the globe.

Thumbsies® fit over a thumb or fingers like a glove and are secured around the wrist using Velcro. Thumbsies®come in five different sizes, and we offer a measuring guide to ensure the perfect fit.

The product covers the thumb and acts as a constant reminder when they put their thumb in their mouth. The finger guards fit over the middle two fingers, either the middle and ring finger or the middle and index finger.

Anything else to remember?

Thumbsies® are meant to be fun. We have a wide range of designs, covering everything from sport to animals and from robots to flowers. They can be worn throughout the day and night – for work, rest and play. We also provide a range of cool accessories, including our sticker reward chart, which helps to encourage children to break the thumb sucking habit, and also our special Thumbs Up for Ted’s Thumbsie book.


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