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Jo wins leading Health & Wellbeing award

Huge congrats to our founder, Jo Bates, who has been recognised by a leading awards organisation for her vital contribution to health and wellbeing!

In August, Jo, who founded Thumbsie® a decade ago, was named Health & Wellbeing Businesswoman of the Year by the 2023 Women in Business Awards.

Jo was also a finalist in the Retail & Ecommerce category.

For Jo, being a parent that understands the needs of families has always been the core reason for developing and growing Thumbsie® as a business.

And there is nothing more important to families than good health. Thumbsies are designed to be a kind and positive solution to thumb sucking, and the evidence speaks for itself. Thousands of families’ lives have been changed for the better by using a Thumbsie®.

Speaking after she received her award, Jo said: “At it’s very heart, Thumbsie® is a health and wellbeing product. We want families to know that there is a positive and fun way to stop thumb sucking and to avoid the damage to teeth, digits and confidence that excessive thumb sucking can cause.”

“Using a Thumbsie® can improve both physical health, by protecting against tooth and jaw misalignment caused by thumb sucking, but also mental health, as it can help to restore a child’s self-esteem and confidence as they learn to kick their long-term habit.”

“It is always brilliant to win an award. But, as a parent who has been there and seen the harm thumb sucking can cause, I am especially delighted to be recognised for the health and wellbeing benefits of Thumbsie.”

While most often associated with helping children quit thumb sucking, Thumbsies® are actually multi-purpose. Increasing numbers of families are turning to us to help stop their child’s skin picking and hair pulling.

Both conditions involve compulsive use of fingers and thumbs to cause physical harm – broken skin and damaged hair.

Jo said: “Thumbsie® started out as a product to help children break their thumb sucking habits, and that is still what we are best known for. But a Thumbsie can also be used to help stop other compulsive behaviours like hair pulling and skin picking. I am always so pleased when I hear from happy parents who tell me that a Thumbsie® has helped their child stop picking at their lovely skin or pulling out their hair. Health is so important and knowing that Thumbsie® has helped put a smile back on so many faces is a truly wonderful feeling.”

This is the latest in many awards won by Jo and Thumbsie® over the last decade. You can view a full list here.


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