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Thumbsie® recognised by British Made Awards  

By Jo Bates, founder of Thumbsie®

As some of you may know, I founded Thumbsie® 10 years ago, and it has been a thrilling journey. It all started at my daughter’s school gates. I knew that thumb sucking had become a problem for her, and I came to realise that there was a market out there for a fun, cost-effective and successful product that would stop thumb sucking. So, I started Thumbsie.

Sometimes I still find it hard to believe how much success we have achieved. But all of that is because of you: our customers.

I was reflecting on all the achievements just recently, when I found out Thumbsie® had won an award at the prestigious British Made Awards. We’ve won Best Children’s Health Solution Manufacturer (South). Why is this so important? Let me tell you.

Over these ten years, we have built a lovely community of children, mums, dads and others – grandmas and grandpas too. But I’ve also been lucky to build a wonderful Thumbsie® team of seamstresses and fabric cutters, all of whom are parents and based in the UK. We really are British Made!

We simply couldn’t do what we do without this wonderful team. And I’m pleased to say that they love what they do. One of our seamstresses, Laura, says “I have never seen anything like Thumbsie before, so it’s fun to be working on something so innovative!”

While fabric cutter, Victoria, says “For me working for Thumbsie allowed me to craft but with a real sense of purpose. Helping to produce a fun product that can really make a difference is both important and rewarding to me.

For those who don’t know, a Thumbsie® is a fabric thumb guard which helps prevent thumb and finger sucking by being placed gently over the affected digits. It is available in five different sizes and many, many designs! The Thumbsie® glove should be worn day and night until the habit is broken.

I’m pleased to say this is by no means the first award Thumbsie® have won. In fact, we’ve made a real habit of it over the years. You can see a full list here of our various awards.

Dinosaur Thumbsie® Thumb Guard
Dinosaur Thumbsie® Thumb Guard
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A bit more about the British Made Awards:

This is the third year for the British Made Awards, which are designed to celebrate the manufacturing industry in Britain. We were the birthplace of the industrial revolution after all!

The awards focus on promoting all things to do with British manufacturing, including emerging technologies.

And they employ a strict merit-based criteria to determine winners, to ensure that those selected have demonstrated excellence in product development, manufacturing processes, client service, and growth strategies. The awards are organised by SME News.


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