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Why Buy From Thumbsie®?

Maybe you have decided that a thumb or finger guard is the way forward and you have researched the options. If you have chosen to buy a fabric guard you might be asking “why buy from Thumbsie®?”

We want children to succeed. We want it to be as fun as possible for them. Multi-award winning Thumbsie® is dedicated to helping children to stop thumb and finger sucking and associated problems. We don’t do anything else!

When we started making fabric thumb sucking guards there were no other options in the UK and we wanted to design a product with the child in mind. We wanted them to be comfy to wear, fun and above all something that the child would want to wear. We believe that this is the first step to stopping the habit. The feedback that we’ve had since starting out tells us that we have achieved this.

So why buy from Thumbsie®?

We have ensured that the fabric thumb and finger guards are comfy to wear and have taken feedback from parents’ on board adapting the design over the past ten years:

  • Free UK First Class delivery on orders of 3 more or on all of our bundles
  • Thumbsie® thumb and finger guards do not cover too much of the actual hand making everyday activities possible.
  • There are five different sizes ensuring a good fit, we offer a bespoke service too if your child needs a larger size or some adaptations made.
  • Thought has been given to the length of the seam between the thumb and finger to try and ensure that it comes down far enough that the child shouldn’t be able to slip it off but not too far down that it cuts in and is uncomfortable.
  • The way the Velcro® is sewn ensures that it won’t get caught on other fabrics and other items of clothing.
  • Time is spent researching and looking for the right fabrics. It’s great to hear that children (even older children) think the designs are “cool” enough for school or that they are their favourite animal.
  • We use cotton so that they still look great after being washed. We try to chose darker fabrics too so that they don’t have to be washed as often.
  • We are doing our bit to help with environment by using less packaging or biodegradable packing and mailing bags. Walking when we can to post your orders. Our book, Thumbs up for Ted’s Thumbsie, is produced by a carbon balanced printing company who work with the World Land Trust to ensure all emissions are offset. In the Spring 2022 we gave away 750 wild flower seed bombs to help bring the bees back.
  • We’ve successfully been helping children for over ten years.

It takes time to make as each fabric guard as they are sewn, turned inside out, ironed, sewn, Velcro® added and the web seam sewn. All of this is done to make them as comfortable as possible for the child but does mean they can’t be rushed.

Reward charts are offered to encourage children to stop thumb and finger sucking, we have also written a book Thumbs Up For Ted’s Thumbsie. This is about a little boy who wants to stop thumb sucking before he starts school so that he can join in all the fun activities, written by one of my closest friends its available to accompany your Thumbsies® and to read to your child. Our Stop Thumb Sucking Bundles are a great choice as they consist of everything you need to stop including thumb guards, book, reward charts and a cotton bag, and you can save money.

Once children have given up sucking there’s a success certificate that is happily given free of charge to say “well done”.

We feel very passionate about helping children in a kind and positive way and really appreciate when we hear from happy parents that Thumbsie® has helped their child stop thumb sucking. It’s lovely to know that we have helped, one mum wrote:

You given my child her voice back.

Thumbsies® has helped many children to stop thumb and finger sucking in a positive way.

Thumbsie Ltd has reached the finals in several National Award, and have won many including Great British Entrepreneur 2023WINNER in Maker & Creator Entrepreneur of the Year,  winner of Innovation of the Year at the Dental Industry Awards and winner of Best Consumer Business in the Best Business Women Awards 2019, Silver winner in Made in the UK in the Best Business Women Awards 2020 and silver winner of Innovation of the Year at the Made For Mums Awards 2021. Which makes us all very proud and helps spread the word so that other families can help their children.

Thumbsie® wins Innovation of the Year at the Dental Industry Awards

We are proud to have won Innovation of the Year in the National Dental Industry Awards, Best Business Women Awards for Best Consumer Business 2019 and Best Product in Family Network National Awards 2020.
Dental Industry Awards Innovation of the Year Winner Best Consumer Business Winner TFNlogoWinner2020
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Multi-award winning Thumbsie® was created from a real need when Jo Bates’s, founder Thumbsie Ltd, third daughter Isabel needed help to stop thumb sucking!

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