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Thumb Sucking

What is a Thumb Sucking Guard?

If your child sucks their thumb or finger you might have tried lots of different ways to help them to give up.  The habit is a stubborn one, and one that can cause dental and oral problems if it persists.  The Thumbsie® thumb guard is a highly effective, gentle solution to giving up sucking….see our happy customer reviews to find out more.

But what is a Thumb Sucking Guard?

Our thumb sucking guards are handmade fabric ‘gloves’ that fit over the thumb like a glove to create a physical barrier to stop children being able to put their thumb in their mouth.  The thumb guards work for either right or left hands, or both for a thumb sucker who suck two thumbs!  We also handmake finger guards for children who suck one or more finger; they work in the same way.  A strong Velcro fastening around the wrist keeps the guard in place.

Reduce the chances of infection

A thumb sucker will help a virus get into the moist parts of the face (eyes, mouth, nose) which it needs to do to infect a person. A Thumbsie® can make giving up quick and easy, reducing the chances of infection. Buy Now

The glove comes in 5 different sizes, and we supply a simple measuring guide, telling you which guard size to buy so that your child is comfortable wearing it.  It is important that the thumb sucking guards are worn at all times, so it’s vital that they are comfortable. We also recommend that a thumb sucker trying to give up sucking have 3 guards so that they have one for the day time, one for night time and one to wash to maintain hygiene.  We find that children who wear their Thumbsie® consistently give up quickly and easily.

The Thumbsie® thumb guard comes in a great range of child friendly fun fabrics from unicorns to diggers, so there is something for every taste.  Children love choosing their favourite fabric and really involving themselves in their journey to giving up.

Breaking the thumb sucking habit

We want children to have fun whilst trying to break the thumb sucking habit. Over time Thumbsie® can help a child break the thumb sucking habit. Buy Now

A Thumbsie® thumb guard allows your child complete freedom of movement and doesn’t stop them doing any of the things that they love doing (except sucking their thumb!).  They can paint, climb, cook, read, complete a jigsaw or colour – the glove is comfortable, flexible and unobtrusive.

The Thumbsie® thumb guard is a proven, gentle and effective way to give up sucking.  We pride ourselves on offering a solution, not just a product. Our website is full of ideas and tips from other parents to help your child to stop sucking.  You can even buy a story book to help you along the way and children are given a free success certificate once they have given up.  Give Thumbsie® a try today and be as delighted as this customer!

Cannot recommend this product highly enough, a friend told me about Thumbsie’s back in October and within 6 weeks both my 6 year old and 8 year old have managed to crack the habit, quite unbelievable especially with the 6 year old as she sucked thumb day AND night. Thumbsie you worked a treat, thank you!



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