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Thumb Sucking

Is a thumb sucking guard needed?

A thumb guard to stop thumb sucking can work incredibly well and help prevent long-term issues.

Many parents are concerned with their child’s thumb sucking. But they are unsure how to deal with this problem. One solution is a thumb sucking guard which protects a child’s thumb and helps to stop this frustrating habit.

Despite the proven track record of thumb guards, mums and dads are often unsure if it is right for their child. Is a thumb guard needed? Read on to find out what thumb guards are and how they help stop thumb sucking.

Causes and side effects of thumb sucking

Research has shown that thumb sucking often starts in the womb. For many babies, it provides comfort and security and can continue for the first few years of life. Stressors such as a new school or new house can sometimes trigger the habit. Children often find thumb sucking reassuring and it gives them a sense of security. Thumb sucking can also indicate that a child is hungry and ready for a nice meal!

Thumb sucking is a common reflex among toddlers and young children, and most stop by the age of four or five. However, others continue for much longer; between the ages of seven and eleven, one in every eight children in the UK are believed to suck their thumbs.

Sadly, with long-term thumb sucking a number of issues can emerge – both medical and psychological. Dental organisations, including the British Orthodontic Society say that persistent thumb sucking can lead to problems with jaw and tooth development such as an overbite and general misalignment. It is also much easier for germs to spread when a child is constantly placing their hands in grass or mud and then into their mouth.

Psychological effects can include social anxiety and embarrassment. Unfortunately, we all know that peer pressure can be especially prominent among children and teens.

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Thumb guards

So, what can be done? Common methods for helping a child stop thumb sucking are encouragement, a rewards system or even the intervention of a medical professional such as a dentist. Often, it can be really helpful to get to the bottom of what is causing your child’s anxiety. Have you just moved house, or have they changed school, for example? Show that you are supportive, rather than angry, and want to help them break this habit.

Unfortunately, sometimes the habit can be deep rooted, and it becomes clear that more help is needed.

At Thumbsie®, we believe we have found an alternative, child-friendly and highly effective solution. We produce a thumb guard which helps to easily break the thumb sucking habit and ensure that long term dental problems are avoided.

thumb sucking guard is a fabric protector which fits over a child’s thumb like a glove and helps prevent thumb sucking. The great thing about our Thumbsie® thumb guards is that children can wear them while continuing to play, draw or write. Parents are always pleased to know that Thumbsies® have a strong track record of stopping thumb sucking and have been endorsed by medical experts from around the world.

And it’s not just thumb guards that we offer. We also provide finger guards for children who struggle with a finger sucking habit, and we sell thumb stopping kits – known as bundles – which come with a reward chart, book and stylish cotton bag.

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Orthodontic thumb guards

While many thousands of children have tried a Thumbsie®– and found it successful – this is not the case for every child.

In the most extreme cases, additional dental treatment may be needed. One option is a fixed palatal tongue crib. This is when a small metal appliance is placed inside the mouth and attached to the upper molars.

This treatment is typically reserved for children who have teeth and jaw abnormalities due to persistent thumb sucking. The tongue crib blocks the front roof of the mouth and makes it impossible to suck a thumb or fingers as it stops any sense of suction. Tongue cribs are usually removed after a number of months, depending on circumstances.

So, are thumb guards effective? The short answer is yes! And it’s not just us who think so. You can read a range of success stories here.

The key thing to remember is that with a careful balance of encouragement, support, rewards – and that all-important Thumbsie® – your child can overcome thumb sucking, avoid damaging side effects and preserve their beautiful smile.


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