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About us

How I Stopped My Toddler Thumb Sucking

My name is Jo, I am a mother of three daughters and founder of Thumbsie Ltd. Thumbsie® was created from a real need that presented itself when Isabel, my third daughter, tried to give up thumb sucking over 9 years ago.

We took Isabel’s dummy away at the age of 3 and thought that she would be fine and no longer need to suck, just as her sisters had done – but unfortunately she started to thumb suck instead and it became a real habit!

We had considered all the other products out there: nasty tasting nail polish, plasters and even the expensive plastic thumb guards but none of them appealed.

I created a fabric thumb sucking glove from some fabric that Isabel chose. This was the only thing that worked for Isabel and our lives have all been happier since.

Within three weeks she had managed to stop thumb sucking during the day and two weeks later was ready to go to bed without wearing them. Let’s hope that like Isabel, they help more children.

I felt that if I was having problems finding a kind, positive solution than maybe other parents were too so I launched Thumbsie® dedicated to helping children to stop thumb and finger sucking in a positive way.

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