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10 year old girl wearing matching flower thumb sucking gloves

The Role of Thumb Guards in Maintaining Oral Care for Children

Explore the crucial role of thumb guards in maintaining oral care for children. Discover how they help promote dental health and prevent oral issues. Thumb guards are essential in children's oral care as they prevent thumb sucking, a habit that can lead to dental misalignment and other oral health issues. Introduction Good oral health for children is vital. It really[...]
dentist examining boys teeth close up

New Year’s Resolutions for Kids’ Dental Health

Discover the best New Year’s resolutions for your child's dental health. Learn how to keep their smiles bright and healthy in the coming year. As a parent, it's crucial to set your kids' dental health resolutions for the New Year to ensure their smiles stay bright and healthy. In this article, we'll explore some simple yet effective goals to keep[...]
Girl Sleeping While Sucking Her Thumb

The Impact of Thumb Sucking on Early Childhood Dental Health

As parents and teachers, we are always amazed by how quickly our children grow and learn. From the first time they smiled without teeth to the first time they took a few shaky steps, every milestone is a reason to celebrate. One of these early stages of growth is thumb sucking, which seems like a harmless habit that many children[...]
Close-up of dentist's hand examining teeth of boy patient in dental clinic using dental tools - probe and mirror. Dentistry

Children’s Oral Health Statistics UK

This blog reports statistics on children's oral health in the United Kingdom and how children's dental health might impact their general health. Many parents are concerned about their child's oral health, and for good reason. While children are often attracted to sweet, sugary food and drinks, research has proven that these treats can cause long-term damage to teeth. And it[...]
two girls thumb sucking

Thumb Sucking Statistics (2022)

In this blog, Thumbsie® provide a detailed analysis of thumb sucking and highlight a range of key statistics from organisations such as the British Orthodontic Society, the American Dental Association, the Mayo Clinic and Colgate. If you're reading this, the chances are that you're concerned about your child's thumb sucking. You probably have lots of questions: Is thumb sucking bad?[...]
Childsmile, helping reduce inequalities in Oral Health

Childsmile, helping reduce inequalities in Oral Health

Childsmile is a National programme run throughout Scotland to reduce inequalities in Oral Health and ensuring access to dental services for every child.  This is achieved by taking a universal and targeted approach through 3 elements: Childsmile Toothbrushing Childsmile Flouride Varnish Childsmile Community and Practice Childsmile Toothbrushing This is both a universal and targeted approach that provides all children with[...]
School children supporting National Smile month

Securing healthier smiles with Thumbsie®

The nation’s biggest and best campaign to promote great oral hygiene and a healthy smile is back! But this year is a little different. The Oral Health Foundation is proud to be joining forces with Thumbsie® to help children across the country achieve great oral health. We know that the importance of children’s teeth cannot be understated. Establishing a good[...]
Picture of overbite

What is an overbite and how is it corrected?

As every dentist will tell you, thumb sucking can cause dental problems, especially when adult teeth grow in. Developing an overbite is one of the risks associated with prolonged or vigorous thumb sucking.  But what is an overbite and what problems does it create? We’ve all had an entire lifetime to become accustomed to the way our teeth feel every[...]
A Healthy Smile for Life

A Healthy Smile for Life

While a healthy smile for life may sound a bit cliché, it is very achievable. Many parents have negative memories of dental treatment and want to ensure their children don’t need to experience fillings, never mind tooth extraction Growing Smiles offer us some tips and advice for a healthy mouth, healthy teeth and a healthy smile. Children who suck their[...]
Ditch the dummy

Ditch the Dummy

Dummies have their place. Similarly, to thumb sucking, they are useful to soothe newborn babies, reduce pain, stabalise heart rates and organise movements. There is some evidence to suggest they reduce the risk of SIDS in the first months of life. During the first year babies muscle movement explode in their strength and complexity. They gradually become more precise and[...]
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