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Finger Sucking

Children can have many bad habits and finger sucking can be one of the habits that you are concerned about and would like your child to stop.

Finger sucking and thumb sucking can effect children’s teeth and palate. Read more about what three dental experts have to say about prolonged digit sucking why they recommend Thumbsies® thumb and finger guards.

Many babies and children suck on their fingers during the first few years of their lives. Digit sucking can provide them a sense of security and happiness; it can be a source of a comfort to them. Some kids suck their fingers, hands, or their entire fists in addition to, or instead of their thumbs.

Finger sucking is a completely natural instinct and generally harmless for a child. According to medical reports most children will stop sucking their fingers naturally. However if not stopped it can cause harm to the teeth. Persistent and aggressive finger sucking can cause problems, including dental issues (such as an overbite and cross bite), speech problems, misshapen and narrowing of the palate and finger infections. Read more about what three dental experts have to say about prolonged digit sucking why they recommend Thumbsies® thumb and finger guards.

Thumbsie® is not just for thumbs it can help finger suckers too. Jo Bates, founder of Thumbsie® had found that finger and thumb sucking is quite an emotive subject amongst parents and everyone has their own personal view. You must do what you think is right for your child. If you have been advised by your dentist or orthodontist that this habit is harming your child’s teeth then may be its time to get a Thumbsie® fabric finger guard to help them stop.

What can I do to encourage my child to stop finger sucking?

  1. Use positive reinforcement –  Encourage your child with positive feedback to stop finger-sucking. Praise your child or offer small rewards, like an extra bedtime story or a trip to the park, when they avoid finger-sucking. Set achievable goals, such as no finger-sucking an hour before bed. You can also use stickers to mark successful days on a calendar.
  2. Identify triggers – Figure out what prompts your child to suck their fingers. If stress is a trigger, find ways to comfort your child with a hug, kind words, or a stuffed animal to squeeze instead.
  3. Offer gentle reminders – Use positive reinforcement with your child to stop finger-sucking. If your child does it unconsciously, remind them to stop without scolding or criticising them. You can also try distracting your child with a toy or activity to keep their hands busy.

Remember that every child is unique and may respond differently to different strategies. Be patient and consistent, and consult your child’s healthcare provider if you are concerned with the effects their finger sucking has and persists beyond age 4 or 5. Your child can successfully kick the finger sucking habit with your support and guidance!

Fabric Finger Guards

Finger guards fit over two fingers, either the middle and index fingers or the middle and ring finger. It is designed to remind the child not to suck their fingers, and for best results should be worn day and night. All guards are made from cotton or polycotton so are easily washable by hand or in the washing machine at a low temperature, and they are secured around the wrist by an adjustable Velcro® strap. We offer a wide range of different fabric prints and colours, so we hope that you are able to find the right one to suit your little finger sucker.

Our fabric finger guards are suitable for children aged between 3 – 12 who need extra support to help them to stop finger sucking. The fabric finger guards come in five different sizes, so make sure you take a look at our measuring guide before ordering to ensure you get the right fit.

Dinosaur Thumbsie® Finger Guard
Dinosaur Thumbsie® Finger Guard
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We recommend that you purchase three guards per hand that they suck, to ensure that you always have a clean one available to wear, and we have some great discounted Stop Finger Sucking Bundles for you where you can choose your own fabrics and we offer free UK delivery on these bundles.

For other websites to read other people’s opinions on how to stop finger sucking, you could try reading the article on ChildrensMD.

If you need your questions answered as to whether fabric guards work for the prevention of finger sucking you can read more on our FAQ page or our recent blog on success stories from Thumbsie .

Multi-award winning Thumbsie® was created from a real need when Jo Bates’s, founder Thumbsie Ltd, third daughter Isabel needed help to stop thumb sucking!

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