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Finger Sucking

How to stop children from finger sucking

Finger sucking is such an emotive subject and one that I can guarantee you everyone has an opinion on whether they have a child who sucks their fingers or not, even if they are not a parent themselves they will have an opinion.

I met a mum the other day that said I wouldn’t let my daughter suck her fingers, she would have done if I had let her! I don’t think that any of us really have a choice if a child wishes to suck their digits.

But is it worth all the heartache trying to get them to stop what is such a natural instinct for a child to do? Yes because according to the experts more than 60% of the UK’s 10-year-old digit suckers have serious bite problems that require lengthy and can be very costly orthodontic treatment.

But how do you get a child to stop finger sucking?

Many kids just quit finger sucking themselves, some due to peer pressure at school, some find other ways to comfort themselves but for those who are finding it difficult Thumbsie® can really help your child. We have designed a finger guard that fits over the fingers like a glove and then is secured around the wrist with Velcro. They are comfy to wear so your child can continue with their every day activities, as it’s important that they don’t feel restricted.

Finger Guards

Help your child to stop finger sucking with our fabric finger guards. Buy Now

There are some great fabrics to choose from to make the whole experience fun. We have many fun fabrics to choose from If there is some specific fabric that will really help them to stop finger sucking then do get in touch as we can try to source it for them, after all if a child wants to stop sucking their fingers then we must do all we can to help.

Its important if we are going to stop children putting fingers in the mouth that they get the right size of finger glove. The glove fits over two of the middle fingers so either the middle and the fore finger or the middle and the ring finger. To get the right size please ensure you measure their fingers and then choose one of the five sizes available.

It’s worth giving some thought as to why do children suck their fingers. Think about the times when your child sucks. Often it is when they are tired, in front of the television, in the car or when going to bed. But other children find comfort in sucking their fingers when they are worried or nervous about something. It’s important therefore to make giving up finger sucking as positive experience as possible.

Reduce the chances of infection

A finger sucker will help a virus get into the moist parts of the face (eyes, mouth, nose) which it needs to do to infect a person. A Thumbsie® can make giving up quick and easy, reducing the chances of infection. Buy Now

Does rewarding help a finger sucker?

Again I know that many people have views on whether earning stickers work but there has been lots of research to say that it does so that’s why we offer Thumbsie® reward charts and stickers suitable for a three week period, you can read more here. About others views on stickers working. Our advice is to keep the reward system simple. How about a sticker if they wear their finger guards to bed, in the car, put them back on again after the bath, replace their finger guards after washing their hands, wear them to school etc. Make the stickers achievable and the prizes worth winning to keep them motivated, you stand a better chance of them quitting if they are protecting their fingers day and night and the habit will be broken quicker.

Once your child or toddler has given up sucking their fingers we offer a success certificate to say well done as this is a huge achievement for them.

I had a recent review on Google from a proud mum of a finger sucker she said “Couldn’t be happier, my 7 year old sucked his fingers from 7 months old and with 4 weeks with the ‘Thumbsie’ on (all day & night) he hasn’t sucked his fingers since. Thank you so much x”

Megan Robertson

We do hope that you give Thumbsie® finger guards a try for your finger sucker.


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Problems with Thumb Sucking

You may be concerned if it is harmful, at what age should they stop or what could be the long-term effects if they don’t stop.

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