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How to choose the correct thumb guard for your child

Choosing the correct Thumbsie® can be difficult. Our “how to” guide will help you make the perfect thumb guard choice.

At Thumbsie®, we are proud to provide a wide range of thumb guard choices in different sizes and materials. While choice can be a great thing, we know it can also be overwhelming!

So, how to choose the perfect thumb guard? Read our handy guide to find out more.

  1. Involve your child

First and foremost, your child needs to be happy with their Thumbsie®. It needs to be comfortable, the right fit and fun to look at. Don’t be afraid to include your child in the decision-making process. In our experience, children often know exactly what they want – and what they don’t want! If a child likes the fabric of their Thumbsie®, and it fits well, they will be more likely to keep wearing it and finally kick their thumb sucking habit.

Thumbsies® are designed to be fashionable and eye-catching. We often hear from parents who say that other children are envious of their child’s Thumbsie®. The cooler, the better as far as we’re concerned.

Don’t believe us? Read a few of our Google reviews to find out more:

“We chose her Thumbsies together and she was very excited for them to arrive. I felt sceptical but she loved wearing them”

“the choice of patterns helps to promote my daughter wearing it” 

  1. Measure, measure, measure

To ensure the success of a Thumbsie®, it is crucial to get the right fit.

The better the fit, the more likely it is to achieve the ultimate result: ending thumb sucking.

As our guide shows, the most important thing is to measure the length from the tip of the thumb to the bend in the wrist. This will ensure a snug fitting Thumbsie®. Our thumb guards come in five different sizes, ranging from Extra Small to Extra Large. Thumbsies® are secured by Velcro around the wrist, making them adjustable and able to fit all sized wrists. They are also designed to fit either left or right hands.

And remember, snug is better. You may be tempted to go for a slighter larger size, assuming your child will “grow into it.” However, it is much better to get the size that fits right now. This will ensure a better fit and avoid a sneaky thumb suck or two if the Thumbsie® slips off!

  1. Incentivise correct use

You may think that as long as your child is happy with their Thumbsie® fabric, and the fit is good, then the job is done – but unfortunately, this is not quite true. Many children still need to be incentivised to ensure they use their Thumbsie® correctly.

One way of doing this is through our reward chart. It is easy to use, and you can add in your own tasks, set your own goals and choose the rewards. If a child feels they are incentivised and rewarded for their work, then results tend to speed up. Sign up to our newsletter when you checkout for more tips and advise.

  1. Learn with Ted

As well as choosing a thumb guard, why not choose our inspirational Thumbs Up for Ted’s Thumbsie book too?

Ted’s story is a fantastic teaching aid which can be used alongside a Thumbsie®. By choosing to read this book with your child, the use of a Thumbsie® becomes normalised and fun. We know that children enjoy reading books about characters they can identify with, and Ted’s journey acts as an inspirational tale on how successful a Thumbsie® can be. Ted overcomes his thumb sucking habit, and with his help so can your child.



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