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A Fairy Outfit and Wellies

Children, in my experience, have a very strong opinion about what they will and won’t wear.  On a January day trip to a local bird sanctuary, my daughter, who was 2 at the time, insisted on wearing her fairy outfit on top of her duffle coat, and twinned it (as that fashion cliché goes) with her wellies and a wand.  There was nothing that could have persuaded her to wear anything else, and forbidding the addition of the fairy outfit would have caused more grief than the trip was worth.

As we all know, negotiating with a child in order to win an argument, is simply a matter of picking the most important battles, unless of course you have an angel child who does everything that you suggest or ask (lucky you).  If you have been battling thumb sucking,  there is no doubt that your energy resources will be seriously depleted from that struggle.  It can take some families months or even years to help their child to give up thumb sucking, until they find Thumbsie ®.  Thumbsie ® is a fun and highly effective solution for stopping finger or thumb sucking.  Part of that fun is enabling your child to choose the Thumbsie ® fabric that they want to wear, involving them in the process and obtaining their buy-in.

Thumbsie ® has a huge range of fabrics to choose from and are aware of all the latest trends and fads, so have a great knack of knowing what young children like to wear.  So, whether your child is into dinosaurs, footballs, unicorns or llamas, they can choose the fabric that they feel proud of wearing – and of course, if they choose their own Thumbsie ® fabric, they are far more likely to wear it.

Wide range of fabrics

But if you can't find what your child has their heart set on we offer a bespoke service Buy Now

Thumbsie ® recommends buying 3 Thumb Guards so that there is always one to wash, one to wear and one for night time.  Your child can choose 3 different fabrics which is ideal if they can’t decide between owls, pandas or flamingos.  If your child has a particular preference for a certain fabric, Thumbsie ® also offer to make a thumb or finger guard from that material.  Just recently, a customer supplied us with some gorgeous Liberty fabric in order to produce bespoke Thumbsies® for her 4 year old daughter, which we were delighted to do.

Liberty fabric thumb guards

Bespoke thumb guards in Liberty fabric

So, even if you have a child who knows their own mind and fashion taste, there is bound to be something that they will love in the Thumbsie® range of fabrics. And for the really discerning pre-school fashion connoisseurs, we can create a collection of Thumbsie®, to wear on different days, from a fabric of their choice?


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