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Thumb Sucking

Give Up Giving Up and Resolve to Quit – Give up Thumb Sucking

Christmas is a time when lots of people spend time more time with their families and start to notice the little quirks and foibles that helps to make them who they are…. and occasionally a bit irritating.

An aunt with a tickly cough, a brother who tells awful jokes, a husband with a restless leg who sets the cutlery jangling from beneath the table….and of course a child who can’t stop the habit of sucking his or her thumb.

Give up Thumb Sucking

New Year is a great time to resolve to do something new or tackle a problem that you have been putting off for some time.  The gyms will be packed with people trying to get fit or lose the Christmas tummy, some will tackle dry January whilst others will try to help their child give up sucking their thumb.  Who will be the most successful?  By the time that the gym has lost it’s new customers and others have gone back to the odd glass of Sauvignon Blanc, your child could have stopped sucking his or her thumb forever.   


Thumbsie®, the fun way to stop thumb sucking Buy now

It only takes (on average) three weeks to stop a habit and with the help of a Thumbsie® a child could stop sucking his or her thumb.  The Thumbsie® is a fun fabric thumb guard which is worn like a glove, over the thumb and secured with velcro around the wrist.  A wide range of fabrics designed to appeal to children are available so that your child can choose their own thumb guard pattern.  A custom made guard in a fabric of the child’s choice gives them a sense of ownership over a problem which many children feel is out of their control.

 “She has been wearing her Thumbsie® thumb guards for ten days now and my husband and I are blown away with how successful they have been. I never thought it could be this easy. She hasn’t sucked her thumb since putting one on, despite being a prolific thumb sucker since she was 5 weeks old – she is now 5!”

One very happy customer

Thumbsie® also supply reward charts and stickers which allows the whole family to plot progress and celebrate success.  Fun books, available on the site, offer a relaxed opportunity to talk about an often intractable problem without it becoming contentious or stressful.

January could be the month that you and your child overcome the stressful problem of thumb sucking once and for all.  With the gentle help of a Thumbsie®, lots of encouragement and reward and a determination to perhaps tackle an issue which has been difficult for your family for some time, the year could be a much happier year for you and your child.

Click here to see the range of colours and patterns that Thumbsie® offers – there’s even a design to match School uniform!


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