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Thumbsie® launch a bespoke service on fabric guards

We have a vast array of fabrics available online and in five different sizes however, this will never cater for everyone need as we are all different. We have launched our bespoke service to ensure that we can satisfy all children’s requests, as we know children can be strong willed,  and also help the adult suckers to stop thumb and finger sucking.

Children Bespoke Service

So we know what its like, a toddler can have a melt down if you give them the wrong cup to drink juice from, even if yesterday that was their favourite colour! If you child has visited the Thumbsie® website and looked at all of the fabrics but we do not have their favourite colour or animal or superhero then please do get in touch. We may not have that particular fabric on our website as we feel it might not suit all children but if it suits your child then we will do our best to find it, buy it and make it for you. This is why we charge a little more and ask you to have patience whilst we make it.

Liberty fabric thumb guards

Bespoke Liberty Fabric custom-made guards

Sometime schools have strict uniform rules and whilst they are happy for the child to wear the Thumbsie® thumb or finger guards to school they might like them to match the school colours so we offer a School Bundle too.



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