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Thumb Sucking

Thumb stopping kits

Thumb sucking can be a tricky habit to break. Unfortunately, some children find it harder to break than others, which is why thumb stopping kits are so important.

Sometimes the best approach is a holistic one. Thumb guards? Absolutely! But they need to be used alongside strategies such as a reward system, positive reinforcement and communication.

That is where a thumb stopping kit comes in.

At Thumbsie®, our approach is based on reward and celebration. As much as we may wish we could just ask our children to stop thumb sucking – and for it to immediately happen – we know life isn’t that easy. Breaking a thumb sucking habit takes time and encouragement.

One way to do this is by setting up a rewards system for your child. You can set your own goals and tasks, and then reward them with stickers on their Thumbsie® reward chart. There are over 150 stickers to choose from!

Another positive way of motivating your child to stop thumb sucking is through sharing stories. Children are inspired by tales about their friends and peers, and our special book “Thumbs up for Ted’s Thumbsie” is a fun way of doing just that. The book is suitable for 2 to 6-year-olds (and their parents!) and can help to instigate important conversations about breaking the thumb sucking habit.

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Our Thumbsie bundles

Our thumb stopping kits, which we call bundles, are both cost-effective and easy to personalise.

The kits include three or six Thumbsies® (with the fabrics and size chosen by your child), our “Thumbs up for Ted’s Thumbsie” book, a reward chart and a stylish cotton bag to store your Thumbsies® in. On top of that, we provide free first-class postage.

We recommend three Thumbsies® for each thumb your child sucks because it is important, for best results, that they wear their thumb guard all the time (both day and night). By having three you will always have a clean one to pop on.

Once your child has successfully quit thumb sucking, we’ll also provide a free “Success Certificate” – the ultimate reward for all their hard work!

All our bundles can be tailored to fit your child’s circumstances. Perhaps they suck both thumbs and so need more Thumbsies®. Or maybe they already own a copy of our book. Either way, you can alter the bundle for your specific needs.

And it doesn’t stop there. We also offer a special unicorn bundle, complete with unicorn and rainbow Thumbsies®. And we provide a school bundle with more neutral colours and fabrics, for those children who aren’t able to wear their “fun” Thumbsie®at school. There are five of these Thumbsies® – one for every day of the school week.

Helping a child break any habit is not easy, and thumb sucking is no exception. But with determination, encouragement and a thumb stopping kit which meets all your child’s needs, you’ll find it easier than you think.


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