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Rewarding Behaviour

Everybody loves a treat, whether it’s a piece of cake after a run, an extra hour in bed or a glass of wine on a Friday night. We all like to be appreciated and receive recognition for our efforts….in short, to be rewarded.

Giving up thumb, or finger sucking for a child who might have done so since birth, is no mean feat.  Those of you who have been trying to help your child to give up sucking for a long period of time (possibly years!) will know how important the reward process is. You might have tried offering days out, gifts or treats in the hope that the promise of reward for positive behaviour would be powerful enough to stop the sucking.

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Dutch neuroscientists have proved that positive feedback registers more strongly for younger children as they find it easier to follow.  It takes more analysis to work out what was done wrong and correct it, than just repeating what you have done before.

Thumbsie ® is all about rewarding positive behaviour.  We love to hear success stories, and more often than not, a child who has given up sucking speedily and successfully has used a reward chart in their efforts too.

A positive reinforcement behaviour or reward chart acts as a visual cue for children who are trying to change their behaviour and a reminder of what they should be doing if they want to earn a reward.  Your child can use the stickers to map progress and show the rest of the household and all its visitors how well they are getting on.

Jo Bates, founder and owner of Thumsbie® said, “Our reward charts really encourage children to wear their Thumbsies®, we suggest you start with little steps so you can start to reward almost immediately”.

How to use a reward chart

A reward chart helps with setting smaller targets along the journey to stopping sucking forever, breaking down a goal that might feel impossible at first.  The chart is flexible and will allow each family to set their own targets and goals, allowing for smaller reward milestones. It also provides a vehicle for parents to demonstrate consistent behaviour (the key to any effective reinforcement), always rewarding positive behaviour in the same way and ignoring any sucking (should there be any).

Reward charts come in a pack of three with bright, colourful stickers and can be bought as part of Thumbsie® Thumb Sucking Bundles, along with our book, Thumbs up for Ted’s Thumbsie.


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