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Thumb Sucking

Thumbsie® helps pupils in Saudi Arabia curb thumb sucking habits

We are a very small primary school in Saudi Arabia. 4 children (out of 17!) have either used or are still using the Thumbsie® thumb guards to help curb their thumb sucking habits. Our children have encouraged each other and parents have shared top tips to ensure good progress is made quickly.

We cannot reccommend the Thumbsie® enough and I hope the short testominals from the parents of the pupils in the Saudi Arabia school below go some way to helping others.

Charlotte – aged 4

At the age of 4 months we got the first hint of the determined little girl we had been blessed with when she repeatedly rejected her dummy in favour of her thumb. We had a few unsuccessful attempts to get her to stop from age 3 but by the time she was 4 the dentist told us she really needed to stop as her bite was starting to be affected, her front teeth stuck out and were gappy.

Thumbsies® were recommended by a friend but when looked I was pretty sceptical. Surely she would just take it off? However, she had taken on board what the dentist said so she chose her own material (wanted skulls and crossbones) and loved them from the second they arrived and the sticker chart was a huge help. It took just 2 weeks for the day time sucking stop, I left it on at night for 6 but the habit was well and truly broken by then. She started something of a trend in her small school and there are now 4 fully rehabilitated thumb suckers at Taif Primary School KSA!



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Seb – aged 5

My son Sebastian is 5 years old and he had sucked his thumb from birth. He was a prolific thumb sucker and we never thought we’d ever be able to break his thumb sucking habits. We had previously tried the nail biting solution on his thumb and it didn’t work. We heard about the Thumbsie® through friends of ours who had tried it. I was sceptical at first as I thought it would just irritate him and he’d refuse to wear it, but he loved it! He loved all the different patterns and he wore it with no fuss whatsoever from day One. It didn’t get in the way of any of his daily life and it seemed as though he barely knew it was there. He wore it day and night for a month but I think the habit was broken much earlier than that. We just kept it on to be really sure.

We have come across lots of baby/child products in our time as parents of 2 children but this is undoubtedly one of the best products we have come across. Thumb sucking is a notoriously hard habit to break, but the Thumbsie® made it a complete non-event. I would highly recommend it to any parent. Seb seen here wearing Shark Thumbsie® thumb guard.

Libby and Etienne Smith

Florence – aged 6

Flo has sucked her thumb since she was 10 months old. During her toddler years we saw it as cute and an easy way of pacifying her as we didn’t have to worry about carrying a dummy! She is the youngest of four siblings and the only one to have sucked her thumb. Now aged six, and having lost her baby teeth, it is becoming more apparent that sucking her thumb is causing her front teeth to pull outwards leaving a significant overbite.

It was only at school one day that I noticed another child wearing a Thumbsie®. Having spoken to the child’s parent who explained how it worked and where to get one I decided I would get one for Flo. Flo was keen at first as it was novelty but soon realised that not being able to suck her thumb felt strange and was something she did not like. We have persevered with it and I have to say Flo now understands why she has to wear one and will happily wear it to bed. She enjoys the bright colours and the fact that she has two to choose from. She chose her own designs on the website. Any initiative to help children to stop sucking their thumb in my opinion is a good one, and I cannot recommend the Thumbsie® enough.

Millie – aged 8

Amelia had sucked her fingers and then thumb from the day she was born. As she approached her 8th Birthday and with ‘big teeth’ in situ, her teeth became crooked as a result of her thumb sucking. Her top middle front tooth was protruding and the one next to it poking backwards.

We heard about the Thumbsie® from Claire and she had ultimate success with her 4 year old. Amelia was keen to give it a try as she was aware her teeth looked wrong. I purchased 2 Thumbsie’s, she started wearing them day and night initially and has only sucked her thumb for about 30 seconds 3 times since then. After about 6 weeks she stopped wearing one during the day but carried on with the night time wearing for about 6 months. Ultimately the Thumbsie® became the comfort as she said it was cosy. Her teeth have begun to go back into place and she is no longer a thumb sucker.
Highly recommend to anyone. So simple yet so effective.
Thank you. Catherine Hayward.

Millie is wearing our most popular Owl Thumbsie® thumb guard. For more fabric ideas shop here.

We really appreciate the parents of these four children in Saudi for taking the time to write these testimonials and so pleased that Thumbsie® helped pupils in Saudi Arabia curb thumb sucking habits.

These children loved the designs on the Thumbsie® website but if your child wants a particular fabric then we have launched a bespoke service.

We also help children to stop sucking their fingers with our popular finger guards.


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