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Thumb Sucking

Bundles of Joy for Thumb or Finger Suckers

If you are lucky enough to be at home over school holiday, you may experience two things:

One – you have more time with your children….which means…

Two – you notice that persistent sucking habit more than usual.

Have you decided (once again) that the thumb or finger sucking has to stop?  Are you ready for a new approach that will finally succeed?  Would you like to make this the last holiday that you are fighting the thumb sucking battle.

Thumb Sucking Thumbsie® Book Bundle – both thumbs *Highly recommended
Stop Thumb Sucking Bundle
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Thumbsie® is the fast, gentle and effective way to give up sucking, without the unhappiness that can accompany this difficult process.  Thumbsie® is all about fun, reward and success. So we have put together a cost saving ‘Thumbsie® bundle’ which offers the complete Thumbsie® package that will help your child to give up sucking quickly and easily.

thumb guard reward chart

Thumbsie® Reward Charts

The bundle includes, 3 or 6 (depending if they suck both thumbs) Thumbsie®thumb guards , with their own bag, a Reward Chart to track progress and our new book, ‘Thumbs Up for Ted’s Thumbsie’ which tells the story of a boy who is desperate to give up sucking before he starts school…..and of course his Thumbsie helps him to do just that.

The bundle has led to the best results for former suckers in 3 ways:

  • Buying 3 Thumbsies® is highly recommended for each thumb or hand they suck because it is important, for best results, that your child wears their thumb guard all the time (both day and night). Having 3 simply means there is at least one spare to wash to maintain a hygiene during the giving up process.
  • The Reward Chart allows you to track progress which really encourages children to stop sucking because it is a very visual record of success which you can all share in.
  • Reading our story ‘Thumbs Up for Ted’s Thumbsie’ along with/or to your child/ren helps them to see how easy and painless giving up thumb or finger sucking can be. The heartwarming story shows how transformative and empowering giving up sucking can be….and how they can do it too!

You can choose a Thumb Sucking Bundle (with or without the book)  for 1 or 2 thumbs and follow our measuring guide to order the correct size.  We offer free post and packing on all of our Buncles. With a Thumbsie® bundle of joy, sucking will soon be a thing of the past.


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